Monday, 5 August 2013

What a lovely surprise!

Hello Everyone I do hope you are all fine and well.  I wanted to dash off a quick post to you all today before I go to a meeting this evening. Monday didn't start that well for me , I walked to work and got drenched to the skin so not a good beginning to the week at all - where has the sun gone?  I hope you have all faired better than I did today.

Last night I wanted to start my granddaughter's cushion for her birthday - I always try and make at least one gift for the children - it is usually knitted but this year I wanted to give her something different. As you know from yesterday's post, I had changed my mind about the type of cushion and had decided to make one whole cushion with her name on rather than little cushions joined up with her initials on each one. 

Anyway I had a bit of a faff last night and stayed up far too late, considering I had work this morning.  I had cut out the letters for her name and chosen some of the fabrics I know she likes and started to get them ready.  Now last week when I was out shopping in Hobbycraft I had asked the lady there for some heat'n'bond and she directed me to this box of freezer paper. 


I must confess that I do get totally confused with all these backing materials but the splurge on the box did say that it was for applique so I assumed she might be right.   I started to cut out the letters and then stuck them on to the fabric.  When I peeled off the freezer paper I realised that there wasn't any glue left on the fabric and therefore it wouldn't stick onto the main fabric.  I eventually found some heat'n'bond in my cupboard and started again - but I was getting really tired by now and worried about oversleeping this morning.  I did what I could and then left it.

I left work a little early today as I have a meeting to go to tonight so will be working quite late.  When I got home I set to and was determined to finish the cushion off.  My lovely husband was out so I was able to work undisturbed.  I did finish the cushion but, as with a lot of my stuff, I am not that happy with it.
If I was to do this again I would choose other fabrics to give a better contrast, although to be fair I was working with the  colours chosen by my granddaughter.  Would love to know what you all think lovely Readers.  I also felt that the name didn't stand out as much as I would have liked - I am in a real moany mood today lovely Readers.  See what you think, would love some feedback if  you have time.

When my husband arrived home I wasn't in the best of spirits but I guess this is because I was tired and  rushing everything as usual.  He made me a coffee and settled me down for a while saying that a box had arrived for me.  I wasn't expecting anything and opened it up.
Well lovely Folks what a wonderful surprise - the sun came out, birds began to sing - what do you think it was?

My lovely gift from Daisy had arrived!  I had completely forgotten about it and was so touched by the lovely gifts and message from Daisy - thank you Daisy, you have really made my day.
I had some wonderful yarn which will come in very handy for gifts, a fabulous crochet hook.  I am over the moon with this as it looks so comfortable and easy on the hand.

Daisy had also sent the most lovely bag which I really adore.  She had made this bag herself and it is fabulous, have a look at just how nice this is. 
It has a dear little pocket on the front for all my bits and pieces as well as one inside.  It looks so classy and I am taking it out with me tonight to my meeting to show off.
So lovely Folks what started as a miserable wet Monday has now turned into a sunny day even though it is still raining and I have to go back to work, I am now smiling and happy thanks to the lovely Daisy. 
I hope you are having a good day.  I need to sign off now as it is back to work for me but I shall be speaking to everyone again soon.  I have booked a holiday for tomorrow and am going to a sewing class in Liberty Bell so shall speak to you later tomorrow evening.  Have a wonderful day/evening and once again a big special thank you to Daisy.
Don't forget about my giveaways Folks - all you need to do is to decide on a name for the little bunny I made a few days ago.
It has been so lovely to spend a little time with you and I hope to see you tomorrow. Take care, lots of love, Dorothy :-)xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Dear Dorothy, you really put me to shame. You work (I am retired) and have time to craft and blog.
    First a name for Miss Bunny. Miss Brynhildr Austrasis, a fine Lady deserves a good name. She looks like she could handle herself in a squabble.
    How fab is that bag? My favourite colour combo, green and pink. I would love a frock in those colours. I must check out Daisy.
    Your finished cushion for Lauren is lovely, girls and their pink. And, I am sure she will adore it despite your concerns.
    I am working on a Vintage knitted Bolero, in pink, with sequins, for MaeRose.
    She makes me smile when I give her a gift of clothing. Takes whatever it is out, tosses it to one side and investigates the bottom of the bag in case something really interesting is at the bottom.
    Hope the meeting goes well.
    Cally x

    1. Hi Cally it is so lovely to hear from you, trying to figure out how we can get in touch, would be lovely to have a chat, have a great day tomorrow.
      Lots of love

  2. I think your bunny should be named Rose, as she's in a red and pink outfit :)
    I like your cushion... I like the different patterns of the fabrics.

    1. Hi Mel thank you for popping over, your blog is fab just popped over to see it, will be visiting again. Nice to see you in Chester. Love your owls they are so cute

  3. Hello to you!
    I am just loving your cushion- it is beautifully made! I think your granddaughter will adore it.
    And I'm so glad your day turned out better!
    Have a wonderful week,
    Sarah x

    1. Thank you Sarah, you have a good week too.

  4. Sorry to hear you had a blue Monday to start with and yes that parcel is enough to make anyone feel a great deal better. Feeling rather green about that gorgeous bag!! I love your cushion and wouldn't change a thing. Your granddaughter is going to love it!! The more I'm thinking about the bunny the more I'm thinking Ms Mollie! Hope your meeting went well and you have a wonderful Tuesday xoxo

  5. Well I just love the pillow you made for your Grandaughter and I am sure she will love it too. What a lovely package of goodies to brighten up your mood, perfect timing. I do hope you have a better day today.

  6. Hi Dorothy. The pillow is incredible - I love it and I bet she will too!

    Thank you for the heart felt comment on my "boots" post.

    How about Dottie Rose for the bunny?

  7. If she was my bunny, i would call her Amelia Cordelia because she is so very ladylike.
    Love the bag from Daisy, isn't she clever?

  8. so pleasd my giveaway brightened up your day...makes it all worthwhile!
    I love your Bunny and I would call her "May"
    Bestest to you today
    Daisy J x

  9. What a lovely surprise!
    Glad for you!