Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Postman called

Hello Everyone I do hope you have had a lovely day or night, depending on where you are in our world.  It has been a very hot day here but I have been in work since early this morning so not had the chance to really enjoy it.  I was home a little earlier but needed to sort out emails from some of my new learners.  However I had a nice little delivery from the postman today which I am going to show you now.  Do come in and make yourself at home - coffee, tea, cake?  It is so lovely to see you again.  This is just a quick post tonight unfortunately as I have so much work to do I won't have much time to do anything else and I am determined to get into bed before 1am!  I am taking notice of your comments so a big thank you for those, it means a lot to me.
I have wanted a Sophie Tilley doll for ages and last time I tried to get one they had all been sold out.  However, going back on to her website I found she had a new stock in so mega excitement as it arrived today.  It came in a cute little box with some lovely fabric printed ready to cut out for her dress and hairband - what fun!

Everything was there that I needed to make up my little cutie - already thinking of a name for her.  I did mention before that art is definitely not my best talent so my lovely husband is going to have a go at it for me as he is very, very talented.
Sophie is also opening her workshop in September so it will be incredible to go and meet her personally and see her other work.  Hopefully she will allow some photography so that I can share it all with you all lovely Folks.
It comes with very clear instructions - all in colour which is wonderful.
It even came with a template to practise painting the sweet little face she has.  Sophie assured me that this would help and I am sure it will.  My husband already has had a look and says it should be quite easy - so paint hunting tomorrow is one of his jobs.
I just love the little dress which is so nicely printed on some gorgeous fabric - very silky and glam.  Would love a dress in this pattern myself - what about you lovely Folks?
Now, what about the birthday cushion.  I have had a think about it today and also read your lovely comments, thanks so much for these as they are really appreciated.  Following your advice I have decided to go with the main colour in orange and the inner part brown.
Thinking about the design I had bought a pattern on Ebay and decided that I could use this to make it a special cushion.  I am not going to use the letters to make up the name (like I did with Lauren's cushion) as you suggested.  The design I am going to use is one of Jacqui Clive's designs which are very simple but I hope will be stunningly effective (I hope!).
The pack included a template for a largish heart so I can do this in the brown to be overlaid on the orange.  Within the heart I can put some little fancies which hopefully be make the cushion very unique and special to the birthday girl.
Below is a photograph of what it could look like when finished but I am not going to use the patchwork effect but just use the brown with some of the orange on it.  I haven't decided fully yet on the design but need to be quick as it has to be completed over the weekend if possible.
Well lovely Folks that is it for tonight, sorry it is so short. I have had a lot to do today and tomorrow is going to be absolutely mega busy.  I hope your have found something of interest in my post and will hopefully leave a comment if you wish, I do adore hearing from you all.  Have  a great day tomorrow wherever you are, have lots of smiles and love from your dear ones.  Hopefully I will speak to you all very soon.  Lots of love as always, Dorothy :-)xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Dorthy that doll is adorable...I think i need one now!
    thanks for the link off to check it out...shhhh don't tell the other half yet!!

    daisy j xx

    Ps just bought one v excited...xxxx

  2. What a beautiful doll. Can't wait to see the face. Jo x

  3. I'm really looking forward to seeing that gorgeous little doll come to life Dorothy!
    And the 'Dorothy-touch' heart cushion will be lovely too, I'm sure!
    I hope life doesn't get any busier for you Dorothy or you'll be meeting yourself coming back!!!
    Have fun!
    Love, Joy xo

  4. What a very gorgeous doll I think I NEED one do thanks for sharing. Love the idea of the cushion I think it will turn out lovely like everything you make. Wishing you a ighy more relaxing week xoxo

  5. That little dolly is so beautiful, I can't wait to see yours, I know it will be equally lovely..and I agree, a dress in that pretty fabric would be very special indeed.
    Marianne x

  6. Looks like a bit of fun for you.

  7. I would love a doll like that but like you my art is not up to much. Would your other half paint mine ;0)
    Can't wait to see the cushion.

  8. Great minds think alike, I've got that very same doll kit! Haven't attempted yours but looking forward to seeing your end result. Stunning I'm sure!!
    Really love how you have a pattern but change it to make it your own - well done :-)
    Thank you for your constant support you give me. You really are a great friend as well as a very talented lady.

  9. Love that adorable little doll, and I think yours will be just as lovely! The heart cushion is gorgeous.....I love anything with hearts sewn into or onto it! Wishing you a happy and relaxing weekend, Dorothy.
    Helen x