Thursday, 10 October 2013

A new chill in the air

Hello Everyone how are you all doing.  Do come in out of the cold - take your coat off and have a drink.  It is so lovely to see  you all this chilly dark night.  I hope you have all had a pretty great week and found some time for yourself.  I have had a particularly busy week so far at work and was hoping to get a post to you on Tuesday but was home quite late so didn't manage it.  I cannot believe how the weather has changed from being balmy to this chilly wind but then it is October.  Hope you are all having a better time of it.

I picked up one of my favourite magazines at the start of the week and had a quick read in bed.  I love this book as there is always loads of information about the vintage fairs and new trends in homewares which are always interesting to read about.  I love the big roaring fire on the front, wish I was sitting in front of one now with all of you lovely Folks with me, enjoying tea and cake.

One piece caught my eye about a man who had visited the lovely Isle of Harris and noticed that their famous tweed was usually only used for clothes and not other things.  He is now having beautiful cushions and throws made which is great news for the island.  I visited here a few years ago and stayed in a cottage for a week.  It was a wonderful experience and I went around some of the places where the tweed is made - often the crofters made the tweed themselves in the crofts and I met quite a few really interesting people - they are such lovely folks (just like you!).  After reading this clip I had a search around the cupboards and guess what I found??????

It was tucked at the back of the cupboard which patiently waiting for me to rediscover it again after all this time.  I can remember buying this piece from a lovely lady whose croft overlooked a tiny little loch.  Her small workshop was magical with tweed everywhere, I just had to buy a piece although I wasn't so much into sewing as I am now, more of a knitter then.  She had an old fashioned loom in the shed which she used to produce the cloth - it was a magical time and I hope one day to return.  If you ever get chance to go please do, you won't regret it. 

Now I will have to make something wonderful with this tweed this space.  I loved the idea below of using an old frame and putting all the little bits and pieces into it.  I was thinking of doing this with all my brooches so am on the lookout for something fabulous to display them in.

Well how am I getting on with my Christmas gift fest!  I have completed the second bag which is going to one of the lovely ladies in our coffee shop who all look after me every day.  I am using the teapot design as I think it will hopefully tickle their sense of humour.  Last night at sewing class Rachel showed me how to make some simple diary covers so I am going to hopefully use the fabric over to cover a diary for each of them to go into the bag.  I just love putting them together - what do you think of this one?

This is the back of it.

This is the front - went a bit overboard with the beading but I just love doing this part.

The zip was a little better but not perfect by any means - however it is passable.  On to number three now.  I love the fabric below, it is another piece that I bought from Rachel for £1 - such a bargain.

This is the back of the third one.  The flower was just a dream to put on with the butterflies, I can't wait to get going on the beading for this one.  I can't decide which lady to give each one to so I am going to ask them to choose or should I do a lucky dip - what do you think Folks?

This is going to be the front.  This one is quite a sophisticated design, which one do you like? 

Well lovely Folks I must love you and leave you all for now.  Good new on the Sophie Tilley bobbins as they are all completed so I am going to start getting the giveaway ready this coming weekend - watch this space.  One little bobbin is leaving as she is winging her way to a lovely dear friend of mine for her birthday gift.  I will be posting again in the next day or two.  Do have a wonderful Friday and keep warm if you are somewhere chilly.  I really love being with you all - you make a real difference to my life.  Speak soon, lots of love to you all, Dorothy:-)xxxxxxxxxxxx





  1. Your last bag is my favourite I think. The darker colour just does it for me.
    I am about to start the knitted pumpkin with the yarn I bought from the lovely Hannah (Homebaked). I am a tad worried about knitting on 4 needles with such an irregular yarn, fingers crossed.
    Going to Alexander Palace tomorrow, yippee.

  2. I've been to Harris too. A magical place. Brought back several balls of wool that they use to make into tweed. Have found that perfect project yet.... but I will. Have a great weekend. Jacqui x

  3. A lovely post Dorothy! My husband went to Harris on a mountain biking holiday a few years back and he said it was absolutely stunning, I have never been, but it would like to. I am starting on Christmas makes too! Yours are looking lovely, you make such pretty bags and I am sure they will be well received.
    Marianne x

  4. The tweed was a lovely find, I do like the Harris Tweed logo, such great branding

  5. What a lovely story about Harris tweed Dorothy, and what lovely things you are making - always something here to tempt my taste buds and I'm not talking cake - you carry through such lovely projects m'dear, you should be proud of yourself, and I'm sure the receivers of your thoughtful gifts will be thrilled!
    Warm hugs, Joy xoxo