Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Making a start

Hi Everyone I hope you are all well and happy.  This is a bit of a late post as I have not long got in from my sewing class.  As you know I have been struggling for ideas of what to do with my vintage tea towels and I wanted to thank you for the wonderful suggestions which have really helped me.  I really wanted to make a start on the bag tonight as time is moving on but as you will see it didn't all go to plan.

The birthday girl loves the colour orange and beige but I must admit that these shades are not ones I use that much as you have probably guessed.  However I did buy this really fab little orange print ages ago when I was thinking about her project.  I think it is a lovely little piece and reminds of ones used in the 1960s.  I am thinking of doing her cushion with some of this fabric.  The silky fabric was from the Treacle Fair on Sunday and for the price I really wished I had picked up more as it is really gorgeous and so nice to work with.  Would make a great lining which I decided to use tonight.

You can see the four fabrics I had to work with below, I was getting more and more confused before I set off for my class.  I even woke up last night thinking about it Folks so things must be getting bad!

However, at the last moment, just as I stepped out of the front door I went back in and picked up the Cath Kidston tea towel which I bought recently as this is a cheeky print and has orange and yellows in. 

After speaking with Rachel our lovely teacher I decided to go with the CK print and line the bag with the silky fabric but use part of one of the tea towels (the calendar and the date).  I thought that this would work much better than trying to use the whole towel and it not looking right.
I cut out the calendar and lined it with some wadding after which I quilted it along the lines to make sure that everything was secure and would not move. 

Everything was going well Folks and I must say that I worked really hard tonight to try and get it finished but............when you rush things you make mistakes and what a big mistake I made.  I was trying to put it all together but realised that I hadn't measure accurately enough so things didn't fit together as they should. 

I was so disappointed with myself for rushing as usual.  But I knew that I would not be happy giving a gift which I wasn't happy with.  I didn't have time to take any photographs as I was ploughing on with the task but I will update you tomorrow hopefully.  Rachel is not having a class for a couple of weeks but we decided that I would continue with the bag and then finish it off with her help.  Hopefully it will be in time for the lovely lady's birthday.  Meanwhile I can be getting on with the cushion for her.

Well Everyone hope you don't mind me posting such a short chat with you all tonight.  I am really tired now as it is midnight and I have a very busy day tomorrow at work.  However, I really wanted to catch up with you tonight before going to bed - you are all such an inspiration to me and I love all your comments and ideas.

Have a great day tomorrow and make sure you find something to smile and laugh about. Take care of yourselves and speak very soon.  I have just realised that I haven't even asked if you would like a drink - sorry!  Lots of love to you all as always, Dorothy :-)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx






  1. You are a bad influence on me!!!
    I have ordered the "Pretty Patches" magazine and been looking at the "Clothkits";0)
    I am going to a class tomorrow to start on Patchwork.

  2. Hi Dorothy...Your fabrics are lovely and the little CK toadstool print is gorgeous, isn't it? Good luck in finishing your project...I'm sure it will be beautiful as your makes always are!
    Happy Thursday ♥
    Susan x

  3. Hi Dorothy, and thank you for your sweet message over at my place! I've just become your latest follower so I will get updates when you post.
    You have a lovely and informative blog here and I'll be back soon when I have more time to browse!
    Have a great weekend when it rolls around!
    Joy x

  4. Loving that Cath Kidston fabric. Hope your project comes together, I am sure it will. You always amaze me! xoxo

  5. Hi there Dorothy - thank you for your lovely comments which have led me straight back to you! Looking forward to reading more about your crafty makes x Jane