Thursday, 15 August 2013

Just a quick hello

Hi Everyone just wanted to say a quick hello to you all and to thank you all once again for taking part in my giveaway, another coming soon.  Do come in and made yourselves comfy while I pop the kettle on. 

Lesley and Coddyette the two lovely winners have both been in touch with me so I am packing up the goodies as we speak ready for posting tomorrow morning, hopefully they will receive them by the weekend.
I have been working today and it has been a long day, no time for crafting at all so I am feeling blue about this.  I had to nip into the big Marks and Spencer not far from where I live to pick up a few little gifts for my other grandchildren who I am visiting tomorrow for tea.  They are both older and I am also taking along the hand made gifts to give to my granddaughter, fingers crossed that she likes them. 

I did do a recheck on the price of the two tea towels that I used for her presents and I won them on Ebay for £1.04p each plus £1.20 for postage so the grand total of £3.38p for two new tea towels which made two unique gifts.  I did buy a few little bits and pieces for her to go in her bag which I will photograph tomorrow to show you.  I have only just got in so wanted to post this to you before having my tea.
I did notice a couple of things in Marks and Spencer which I wanted to show you.  This piece of fabric (or so I thought) was hanging on the wall as part of a display. 
It reminded me a little of the fabric which I used on the upper section of the big beach bag a little while ago at Liberty Bell.  See what you think.
I thought it was really sweet and after a closer inspection I realised that it was a duvet cover.  I asked the lady if they had anything else in this line but all they had was a picture for the wall.  Now lovely Readers it did cross my mind that I buy one and cut it up but, my sensible head told me off straight away as it was quite pricey - £29.99p for a double size which isn't too expensive I know but my sewing skills are not that good so I couldn't justify paying this for sewing.
I have to admit though that I did actually buy it for the bed as we do need some new ones - maybe when I get tired of it or it gets a little shabby..................Would love to know if any of you like it too?
The other little thing I noticed was this little cute cushion..............

Now she is rather lovely and has such a lot of nice detail on her.  Her price was nearly £20.00, not sure if you think that is expensive or not?  
However, she did remind me of a little cushion I made a couple of weeks ago from a tea towel if you remember.  Now mine is not as detailed or luxurious but I guess with some beads and bits and bobs she could be made to look even more glamorous. 
Well lovely Readers I hope you have had a glorious day or evening depending on where you are in the world.  Reading the newspapers today one can only be filled with sadness about the awful things going on in the world and the terrible loss of life.  I do bless each day for the life I have and pray for the souls who have to endure such awful times.  I think the world should be run by all of us crafters, we would soon put things right for everyone. 
I shall hopefully speak with you all tomorrow, do drop by when you can, you know that you are always more than welcome.  Thank you for stopping by today and speak very soon, lots of love, Dorothy :-)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. You must be so chuffed to see something so similar to something you made being sold in such a large chairs of stores!! Yours is every bit as good as theirs if not better :-)
    Look forward to see the bagful of bits for your granddaughter.
    Big hugs

  2. I agree Dorothy, craft rules! It is good to see that your crafting is as good as M&S, accolade indeed. Jo x

  3. Your doll is exactley the same...lets play spot the difference???

    You are ahead of the game !!

    Congrats to those winners...
    bestest d x

  4. Hi Dorothy,
    Just sent you a message by mistake! ~smile~ I thought I was commenting on this post. Oh well!

    Harvest Lane Cottage

  5. Your Doll cushion is just as good as the M&S one.
    Love the Duvet cover, I hope it matches your décor ;0)
    I bought a new cover last week and didn't give it a thought, oh dear. But then it is lovely and such a bargain (I love a bargain)

  6. Your doll is so much better dear. You are turning into a crafting goddess! xoxo