Sunday, 11 August 2013

Bits and Bobs

Hi Everyone, I do hope you are all doing fine and are happy.  This post is a little bit itty bitty as I am trying to sort out all the jobs that need to be finished sooner rather than later.  I know that I have been a little remiss with my knitting and crochet having been on a bit of a sewing fest.  I sadly haven't anything finished to show you today, something I don't like doing as I like to give you something interesting to look at and read (hopefully).  It is so lovely to see you all, pull up a chair and have a coffee and some cake.
I am not sure if you remember a while ago I made a little clothkits dress for my gorgeous granddaughter.  I have bought the kit very cheaply ages ago and must admit that I simply hated the colour, although a lot of people said that they thought the green shade was really pretty which goes to show that we are all individual. 
I had not done anything like this before and the buttonholes were a put off having not done them before.  I did struggle with these a little but the lovely Rachel in my sewing class and you lovely bloggers urged me on and it was completed.  I also lined it although this wasn't with the original kit.  I was pleased with the result and when my lovely daughter-in-law saw it she said that she would have chosen this dress in a shop.  It fitted her but I didn't take any photos and I know some of you asked me to show the dress on her when it was finished.
Here she is in the dress Folks.
Looking for her sweeties!
 It was so lovely to see my granddaughter in a dress I had actually made, even though it was in kit form. 
This weekend I also set to work on a project which was started weeks ago and I am ashamed that I didn't finish it a long time ago.  It is a gift for a very special lady and is all knitted up now.  You might remember the pattern she chose for a cover for her iPad.
I did some work on it yesterday and thankfully have completed all the knitting on it now, save for a tiny handle for the top which I am undecided about at this stage.  It is now ready to go into the washing machine for felting.  I am debating about how to make up the lining - I had thought of lining each separate piece once it is felted before sewing it all up or just measuring all the pieces and cutting out the fabric in readiness for sewing up. 
I usually sew up all the knitted pieces before felting that I feel that this makes it so much easier to handle and stronger, as well as giving a more professional finish.  However, the pattern suggests felting all the pieces unsewn and then sewing them together afterwards, fitting in all the pieces and cutting anything off that is too long.  I am a bit apprehensive about this as it is a special gift and I want it to be exactly right.  Any suggestions from you lovely felters out there would be most appreciated.
Also, just to show that I am not neglecting my crochet I have been working on some granny squares as well as I want to make myself a small crochet handbag.  I know I have loads of bags Folks but this one would be for me and it is something I have wanted for ages.  I know exactly how it will look and want to have some gorgeous pink leather type handles to set it off.
Finally, I had promised my lovely daughter-in-law that I would make a cover for her coffee maker ages ago.  She didn't mind if it was knitted, felted, crocheted or sewn - so plenty of scope there.  I had bought a kit a while ago with the colours I knew that she would like and although I had the measurements of the coffee maker I didn't really want to start until I actually saw it.  My daughter-in-law loved the fabric so we are going with the sewn one and I can log into the site where I bought the kit from for the pattern.  I must admit that this is a bit of a faff and I would rather have the pattern emailed or sent to me as I don't always have access to a computer if I am away.  I have bought the machine home with me so I can fiddle with the measurements as I am making it.
The kit does look rather nice though and I am looking forward to having a go at it.
However I do want to make another cover either knitted or felted for Christmas for her as she uses this a lot when she is entertaining.  I would really welcome any pointers towards some good Christmas patterns Folks if you see any.
Well Everyone a bit of a mixed bag today and apologies once again for not having anything completed.  Today I have been reading an article about the downfalls of being a perfectionist which I must admit I am.  After reading this I can see how fruitless it can be sometime and can recognise some of the things being said about perfectionists.  I see it all the time in my own work and must confess I find it difficult to accept praise even from the lovely comments I have had.  I had to try and address this and try and see it from the perspective that whatever we do in life, when we try our best then you can't ask for more.  Imperfection is often more beautiful than complete perfection so I thank you one and all as some of you have already pointed this out to me.
I shall speak to you shortly - I want to get the bag felted and make a start on the cover for the coffee maker so that I can give it to her next weekend.  My lovely grandson is staying over and will be picking out the names for the giveaways on Wednesday so good luck with this.  Have a wonderful Monday and look after yourselves.  I hope you enjoyed our chat and the tea and cakes.  Lots of love as always, Dorothy :-)xxxxxxxxxxxxx 


  1. Hi Dorothy. I have a crocheted coffee pot cover on my blog. It is really easy but effective and I did it for my dad's French partner last Christmas Oh LA LA! You could reach it by going to my ravelry button on my blog on the right and you will see it, click it and it will take you to the page. Your output is amazing, I just love it. never mind sweeties in the pocket, she looks a real sweetie in that dress. You must have felt really proud to see her wear it. Jo x

  2. Well done Dorothy, loved the photo of your Granddaughter in her frock.
    The materials for the coffee pot are fab, love the colours.
    I visited a newly opened Craft Shop in Retford, Notts on Friday.
    The proprietor was sitting making felt from fibre by wetting it and rubbing it on bubble wrap. She had an example she had made earlier. A beret type hat with beautiful flowers on the side.
    I enquired if she planned to have Workshops. Yes, she will, a whole variety of them. So I hope to be able to do something when I am House/Dog sitting that way in September.
    Cally x
    p.s. I am trying to make a Daffodil broach from beads. Could be my first post if I ever manage to start my new Blog ;0)

  3. Beautiful dress, well done! You make so many things so quickly! :) love, Tina xx

  4. A quick hello from italia! Love the dress on, she looks so lovely in it!! Well done Dorothy you should be super proud. That iPad case is going to be lovely, can't wait to see it!!! Sending you much love xoxo