Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Hello Again!

Hello all my lovely people, how are you all doing?  It has been a while since I caught up with you all - we have just returned from a lovely holiday with our little Peeps.  I must say that holidaying with our three was fabulous - tiring but so enjoyable.  The energy children have is fabulous and although I had plans of writing up some posts I am sorry to say that I failed miserably as each minute was spent with them all - lovely!  I hope you have all had some time away or are planning to do so, even just for a few days.  It really is a tonic.
We had a few days at home before setting off for the wonderful Isle of Anglesey for a mobile home in a lovely spot near Newborough Beach which has one of the largest areas of sand dunes found in Great Britain together with a wonderful forest containing 2,000 acres.  Much of the area is a nature reserve and is famous for kite flying.  As you can see it was just lovely.
On our way there on the Saturday we stopped off at one of our favourite places - Llanfairfechan - Pavilion Beach Hut which is right on the beach front.  The Peeps were all hungry and excited at going on holiday so the Beach Hut provided a little break for everyone.  They were closing early that day for a wedding and I must say that it is a fabulous venue on the right day as it was when we were there.  The photo doesn't show it but they put up loads of bunting and decorations.  We waited for the bride to arrive and she looked lovely.
Beach Pavillion Cafe
As you can see, the two girls were very interested in what was going on!  They were very disappointed that the bride wasn't wearing a veil, although she had beautiful flowers in her hair but both girls were not impressed - you can't be a real bride if you don't have a veil Grandma!
They were also very intrigued with the wedding cake as I was.  Rather an unusual design don't you think but I am sure it was delicious.  I am sorry about the photograph but didn't feel that I could just encroach on a private function.
We also spent some time in Caernarvon and went to the Castle there although the children really wanted to be on the beach every day so we tried to make sure they had their wish.
The fabulous tree house is part of the Plas Newydd National Trust House and it is a wonderful place to visit if you ever get chance.  The views over the Menai Straits are just spectacular.  The following two views are the wonderful work of Waterborough.
All the children just loved the tree house and you can just see them waving to me from the tiny windows.  They played in there for ages and it was a struggle to get them to come out for something to eat!
However, most of our days were spent on the glorious beach and they just loved being there.  I took loads to food and drink for them plus there was a fabulous family on the car park who provided some really good freshly cooked snacks and drinks, plus ice creams of course so none of us starved.  Staying on the beach until early evening was fabulous and I didn't want the days to end.
Some delicious snacks!
I was also on hairdressing duty every day although I don't think I did such a fabulous job but it was fun.
Sadly the time to come home arrived too quickly and Mum and Dad returned on Sunday to take them home.  We had a nice little party for them and too soon we were waving them all off.  Being such a silly Billy I got quite emotional and shed a few tears as I had enjoyed them being with us so much.  Hopefully we will be able to see them very soon.  Children grow up so quickly and I know that once they are older they may not want to spend time with their grandparents which is why we try to keep a special relationship with them.
When we arrived home I had an email from Blist's Hill asking if I was available to take part in the special events going on in remembrance of the start of World War 1.  BBC Midlands were filming three short clips spread over the evening to mark the occasion.  I readily agreed and was told I would have a new outfit for the occasion - wonderful.  I have never been in a film before so was unaware about how much time is spent hanging around but there were 24 volunteers in all so it was a lovely time to get to meet other people who do what I do at Blist's Hill.  I didn't take many photographs as obviously they wanted us to be in particular places and keep our mobiles out of the way.  It was quite different being there when everyone had gone home.
I must say that I wasn't too impressed with my outfit.  They top and skirt were way too big so had to be adjusted and the hat was too small!  It is not my best look but all they had so I had to just get on with it. 
The first clip was at 5.30 and I was chosen with another gentleman to walk arm in arm up the street whilst the presenter was talking - I haven't found that clip although they said it went out live to the news channels.  We then had to wait around until 6.30 when there was a clip of the manager walking down the street with the presenter talking about the event - we had to stand in groups by the shops and my back was to the camera all the time!  There was a long break until 10.30 but they team looking after us laid on lots of food and tea/coffee and we had masses of DVDs to watch - we plumped for Dad's Army as it seemed appropriate.  We were able to chat to everyone and have a walk around the grounds.  At 10.30 we got into position in the street and it was a clear crisp evening so excellent for filming.  The presenter talked to the oldest volunteer - Ron - who is so sprightly at 85 - about a diary that his family had found which had belonged to his grandmother's Son who sadly died during the War at only 23 years of age.  There was only one light which was then put out.  They had asked us to write a postcard each either from someone in the War or someone at home.  I chose to write to a brother called James.  We were then asked to read them out and I had a big lump in my throat even though they were all imaginary - Radio Shropshire recorded these.  The whole evening really helped me think about the terrible losses on all sides of young men in their prime - it was the War to end Wars - sadly that didn't come true. 
Yesterday I had to go to Llanwrst and found the most wonderful new shop there - lovely Folks if you get a chance do try to get there to see it.  It is filled with the work of local artisans and run by a fabulous gentleman called Craig Ryder who has such a passion and enthusiasm for the array of fabulous things he is showcasing.  He also sells some fantastic vintage items and I could have gladly bought tons of things home with me.  The shop is called Pentre Pethau/Vintage Village.  He also has a Facebook page and asked if you could pop over to see it.
I apologise for the lack of clarity of the photographs as it was getting late and the light was fading but please pop in if you are around North Wales, it really is worth a visit.
I must say that there was something for every type of artisan - soaps, crochet, knitting, craftwork, you name it, it was there.
I loved this gorgeous cot - it was only £40 and I thought it was so sweet.
I really had my eye on the bottom case in the photograph below - could see me storing lots of things in there.
I will have to go back soon Folks.
Well my lovelies - it was back to work today for a few hours just to ease myself in - the holidays have gone passed in a whizz but I am off tomorrow and hopefully will have a day out somewhere.  I need to catch up with everyone now and get back into a routine with my blog as I have really missed writing up my posts.  As you have noticed I have made absolutely nothing whilst the children have been here and am itching to get back into making once again.  I am hoping to start more regular posts and keep up to date with all your wonderful news.  Have a fabulous afternoon/day wherever you are in the world and keep safe and happy.  Love you all to bits.  Dorothyxxxxxxx


  1. Great photos. That wedding cake is certainly original. But, as you say, it was probably delicious. I know what you mean about filming. I was in a very short tv advert last year and it took hours to film. I'm not sure I would do it again. It was just one of those things I'm glad I experienced.

  2. What a great record of what appears to be a wonderful break.

  3. Dear Dorothy it sounds as if you had a fabulous holiday with your little peeps and all your photos are fab. We have been on holiday too and are back to normal routine this week. It comes as a bit of a shock doesn't it? It also sounds like you enjoyed your evening filming and on the radio how exciting for you.
    Take care Dorothy I'm sure you will soon catch up with your blogging
    Hugs Jackie x

  4. So lovely to see you back and read about what a wonderful time you have had. Take care, Louise

  5. Sounds like a wonderful break with lots of fun and loads of memory making, thanks for sharing and the lovely photos xcx

  6. I always love a catch-up! Great photos. I was amused by your grandchildren's view of what a bride should wear! xxxxx

  7. Lovely Dorothy how wonderful the holiday with your little Peeps sounds! They clearly absolutely loved it and you will have such great photos and memories to treasure. It must be lovely being a grandparent. My daughter had her first wedding dress fitting and has ordered a stunning traditional veil so I am extra pleased now-the little people at the wedding will definitely think she is a real bride!
    I was touched by your description of the filming you did at Blist's Hill-what a poignant experience it must have been. xx

  8. Well you've filled this post up with all sorts of goodness! Love the shots of your days at the beach, all the grandkids look like they're fully enjoying the sand & waves. The wedding cake in the window looks like it's not going to remain upright and all together for much longer!! I hope it survived till the official cutting. You sound like you've had a wonderful break with the grandkids, and are enjoying the summer fully Dorothy. The filming was rather interesting, and I'm glad you were asked to participate in it, what a great experience. Enjoy your weekend! Wendy x

  9. What an interesting and enjoyable post Dear Dorothy - you've certainly had a great time with your little peeps, and it's okay to shed a few tears when they leave - we grandmas are allowed to do that :) I love the daisies in the girls' hair, that's a lovely touch!
    The filming was a new experience for you then - your moments of fame that we are supposedly all entitled to, as 'they' say! What fun!
    I'm looking forward to seeing your next crafty projects when you've settled down again and have some time to yourself, and in the meantime am sending you much love,
    Joy xoxo

  10. Gosh what a wonderful holiday, it's so lovely to hear all of your stories and i'm not at all surprised that you shed a few farewell tears x
    You are famous lovely Dorothy ..... how exciting!
    love Jooles x x x

    P.S Thank you for your kind comment x

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  12. Hi Dorothy I hope you are ok I miss your lovely blog posts and hope you will be back really soon
    Jackie x

  13. HI Dorothy, me too, I haven't spotted you around for a while and I was thinking of you and hope you and yours are OK. Jo xxx

  14. What a lovely holiday!
    Blessings to you!
    I wanted you to know that I've changed my e-mail address.
    lauraofharvestlanecottage at

    It will be good to hear from you again.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  15. Where are you lovely? I've emailed too and had no response from you? Sending much love, Joy xoxo

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