Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Some fab magazines

Hi Lovely Folks how are you all this evening (or today depending on which part of our lovely universe you are in).  I have had a really busy day at work but got home with a little time to spare so wanted to have a chat with you this evening.  I hope your day has been happy and filled with love and laughter.  I will just pop the kettle on for you all for a drink and maybe a biscuit, piece of cake?
I think I mentioned in my last post that I had a couple of gifts to make for a special lady - she is the sister of my gorgeous daughter-in-law and the lady in question is 30 in September.  I bid on two tea towels on eBay.  When they are dated they are difficult to get hold of as a lot of people give them as gifts as I am doing.  These buyers are all probably making things with them as we speak.  I had a struggle to find these two tea towels as they are new (which I prefer) and they were from Britain thereby keeping down the cost of postage.  I think the two of them came to around £5.
I would like some advice on these lovely People as you are all so talented out there and will have loads of ideas.  I know the birthday girls wants a cushion and some sort of bag - she is a hairdresser by trade so a largish bag (similar to the last one I made) would hold some of her hairdressing tools.  The problem I have with the People's Friend towel is that the calendar is spread out all over the whole area which makes it difficult to do anything with.  I was disappointed with this aspect but needed to get it as time was running out.  The colours are perfect as she loves greens, reds and yellows but I am scratching my head as to how I can use it for either a cushion or a bag.  Any comments or ideas would be fantastic, I really am stuck here. 
The Lifeboat towel is more straightforward as you can see - it is very similar to the last tea towel I used for the bag.  I can cut out the calendar and make the front of the bag or the cushion, no problems here but what can I do with the other one????????   I will have to get my thinking cap on smartish.
In the same sale I was also lucky enough to win another Clothkits dress very similar to the green one I made.  I had to pay a little more for this one £7.50 but still a bargain as it is a little bigger and has the original lining, something which the other one didn't have.  I also like the colour this time as if you remember I hated the green one.  My daughter-in-law loved the green one and it did look lovely on the little sweetie. 
One of the lovely bloggers had said that they had made a pattern from their kit and I am going to do this so that I can practise making other dresses.  I really want to improve my skills with dresses as I would love to make more but am not that good yet - I need practise, practise and more practise.
I am going to start this as soon as I can once my sewing classes restart in early September.  I will do as much as I can but I know that I will struggle with the button holes (remember the last one was a near disaster).  I can't wait to get going on it though.  Will keep you posted on my progress.
I was reading the lovely Helen Philipps blog and she mentioned the new magazine pictured below.  I bought it today and like it.  Haven't had time to read it from cover to cover but flicked through it this evening whilst making tea.  There are some great projects in it including the gorgeous little bunnies which I so lust after on Helen's blog.
I just love these cuties.
I also love this cover and am tempted to try a smaller version.  Have never made a quilt before but would love to have a go at just one.  This ones looks particularly pretty and quite easy.  What do you think lovely Folks?
I just love the colours and textures.  Really makes me want to get sewing........
Now another magazine which I picked up today was the one below - Craft and Click.  As you know I do struggle with technology and am not happy with my photographs.  I know that sometimes I am taking pictures at the wrong time of the day which is naughty but I try to fit in my blog to my daily routine if I can and it can sometimes be tricky.  I know that you will all understand this as you are all busy people too and I am always amazed at what everyone produces and does in a day, I think you are all wonderful.
The magazine seems to be quite straightforward with some good websites and fantastic advice on it.  One thing I really want to be able to put all my pictures together in a collage of some sort as a lot of bloggers do but am not sure how to do this. 
I apologise upfront for the quality of the photographs below.  Am disappointed with the quality but have a lot to do tonight for work tomorrow so haven't had enough time - no excuse I know so sorry about this.  I like the look of a few of these blogs and might have a look at them - please let me know if you find them interesting.
Here are some of the blogs mentioned in the magazine.  The first one is my all time favourite - the lovely Lucy from Attic 24.  She and Helen Philipps were the first blogs I found and I have loved them both ever since.  Lucy really inspired me to have a go at crochet and I have learned so much from her - she is just wonderful and her blog is fabulous.  Do have a look if you haven't before but I guess that the majority of you will know her as she is quite famous in the blogging world.
I quite liked the look of this blog - feelingstitchy as there is a lot of great information plus tutorials so do have a little check - I haven't had time to read it properly yet but intend to tomorrow.
I also liked the look of Miss Ginger makes which looks like a very fun blog.
And last but not least, Lulu Loves which is all about family life and crochet so again one to have a look at.
Once again, so sorry for the quality of these photographs, I do feel ashamed as I have not done them justice.  A few lovely people have suggested cameras and I am presently having a look at different types - am hinting at Christmas already!
Finally, I had to do a little sewing so cut out and made up the little madam below.  She looks very pretty and dainty doesn't she.  Couldn't make up her friend or the animals as I had run out of stuffing so will have to get more tomorrow.  I hope you like her though.
Well lovely People I will have to love you all and leave you now.  I have loved having a chat with you all and hope you can leave a comment.  Any ideas about the towels would be most welcome as I am more than a little stuck and it is getting too late to search for another one.  I will hopefully see you all in a day or so.  Keep safe and be happy.  Thanks so much for dropping by, it just wouldn't be the same without you.  Lots of love as always, Dorothy :-)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Hi Dorothy
    I Googled tea towel bags and there are loads of images on there. That may give you an idea.
    There is also a PDF reversible pattern on Lily Blossom's Etsy shop, but I don't think that will really help in this case.

  2. That is a tough one I will have to go away and have a think about tat tea towel. I can normally see stuff like that but that is not coming to me at the moment. I think that little doll is so sweet. Love your blog as ever. Jo x

  3. Your calendar problem has been worrying me...perhaps you could cut out the months separately and applique or chop up for a patchwork? I am in love with your doll. Eco Ethel xx

  4. Hello lovely lady. I think the tea towels are a tricky one, but if it was me, I would only use the month and the year and the rest of the tea towel to make a cushion, with a pom pom edging around and maybe you could applique something else on to it, if you wish. The other option is to make an apron and use the boat tea towel to applique bits on to the apron, I think that might look sweet and it is also something that she will use regularly. Anyway, those are my thoughts. Love the sweet little doll, so very darling! Sending much love xoxo