Saturday, 17 August 2013

Finished at last!

Hello Lovely People how are you all out there?  I hope life is treating you well, do come in and have a chat and a coffee.  I'll just pop the kettle on.  Well Everyone what a couple of days I have had.  As you know we were visiting my lovely Son and his wife and our beautiful grandchildren as I had some gifts to give to my granddaughter.  I had been out and done a little shopping to fill her pen bag

I bought her pens, erasers and a new Cath Kidston purse which had little birds on which just fitted the style of the pen case.  I also put in a little handmade make up bag with some goodies in for her including a new brush, some nail varnish and lipstick.

She was genuinely pleased with all of it and seemed to love the bag and the cushions as well.  I was going to take some photographs but wasn't able to as, unfortunately, I was unwell yesterday so my husband packed all her gifts up for me before I had chance to.  I have no idea what happened except that my eyes became inflamed and one of them actually was that swollen it closed up today.  I have been looking as if I have been in a boxing ring lovely Folks.  I am not that pretty at the best of times but the last couple of days have not been my best.  However, all said and done we had a most wonderful time with the family and really enjoyed ourselves despite my affliction.
This all brings me back to the felted satchel.  Well this is a tale to tell you.  The knitting and felting had gone well and I was happy with them but, the sewing up afterwards was horrendous I have to say and the bag has fought me every inch of the way.  On Thursday evening I struggled on trying to piece it altogether with the lining but wasn't happy about it at all.  I think you probably got the gist of that as you were reading my blog!

I don't know why Folks but the bag just wouldn't work for me, I usually never worry about felting as it usually comes out ok in the end but this wasn't.  I had promised to make the bag for a wonderful friend who is the best sewer I know but who doesn't knit.  Obviously the pressure was on to try and make sure that the sewing part of the bag was reasonable but on Thursday night I was starting to pull my hair out.  It must have been on my mind as I couldn't sleep and didn't feel that good anyway so I got up around 3am and had another go at it.


I was actually out shopping at 5am in the all night supermarket and after walking around the store for a while I decided that I would go home and unpick all the sewing and take it back to basics.  There was nothing to lose as I couldn't give it to anyone in the condition it was in.  So back home I went and started.............
I then had the idea of cutting out the shape myself rather than relying on the way it had been knitted.  I made a cardboard template and cut the back and front to this, putting more of a curve to it than was in the pattern.  I also halved the long piece which fits around the whole of the bag as this seemed so thick and awkward to sew properly.  I then made myself and latte and a piece of toast and had another think about it.

A miracle had happened.  Maybe it was all those prayers sent up to heaven, maybe all the positive vibes from you lovely Bloggers out there but whatever it was, a big thank you.
It just seemed to fit together much easier.  It doesn't look like the one in the pattern but it is unique and hopefully my lovely friend will like it.  The iPad also fits in it very snugly whereas before it was rattling around in the bag a little more than I liked.
I put in a new lining with the little hearts and this time made up the inner part separately and then joined it altogether as you can see below.  It seems to have fitted ok, not the most professional but it is passable and does the job it was intended for.

It was so rewarding just sewing up the lining and finishing it off.  I hope to get it to my friend by early next week and hope she enjoys using it.  After promising myself that I would never ever make another one of these I know feel differently and would make more but using the second technique of cutting it to shape once it has been felted.  They would make nice little gifts for Christmas if someone is getting an iPad - who knows I might even make one for myself.
Finally Folks, my lovely husband treated me to some new tea towels as he does know how much I love them.  A lot of women like perfume, make up or clothes (I love all of these too) but you can't beat a good tea towel. 


I particularly like the new Cath Kidston design of the toadstools, so cute along with the red spotted fabric.  The other three are from Marks and Spencer and I will definitely use these for Christmassy things.  The festive period I am assured by many people is not that far away so get working lovely Folks.

Well I will finish now - my eye unfortunately is still sore and very swollen but the Pharmacist has assured me that it will respond to treatment so I am feeling a little sorry for myself at the moment.  However, next week we have our two delightful little granddaughters coming to stay so that will keep me very busy indeed.  I will keep in touch with you all as usual, do leave a comment if you wish, I always love to hear from you.  Let's know what you think about the felted bag - be honest now!

Have a wonderful Sunday wherever in the world you are, I hope you have peace, happiness and laughter, all at the same time.  Keep safe everyone and speak soon, lot of love, Dorothy :-)xxxxxxxxxx


  1. Sending big hugs your way to feel better soon. Doesn't seem fair for you to fall ill like that :-(
    Anyway I LOVE the bag!! Can't wait to see it and I really truly love my little parcel that arrived through the door. I can't to sit down and work out what project to use with my fabrics. I usually let the fabrics dictate the project for some reason and rarely buy them to suit the project lol.
    I hope you manage to carry on your sewing whilst the girls are down, I usually run out of steam at the end of the day looking after my two!!
    Ps - I think the little zipped bag you put it all in is fantastic - I actually thought it was shop bought!!

  2. Hope your eye feels better soon. I love the bag, I think it's fantastic! Love your new tea towels too and I agree the new CK mushroom print is really sweet.
    M x

  3. I do hope your eyes improve soon.
    The bag looks fab.
    As for the tea towels you have inspired me to do something with the ones I have collected over the years.

  4. Well the hearts say it all, I love the bag. Well done for sticking with it. I hope your eye gets better, looking at grandchildren will help I am sure. Jo x

  5. What lovely tea towels, Hope your eye gets better soon.