Sunday, 4 August 2013

Sorting out.....

Hello Folks how are you all on this Sunday?  I hope you are all happy and well, no doubt a lot of you may be on holiday so happy hols to you if you are.  It is so lovely to see you all again as always, do come in and pull up a chair.  Wouldn't it be nice if we had a fabulous summerhouse where we could all meet up for coffee and cake - maybe one day...........

Yesterday's post was an unusual one as I had to write up a lot about myself, something which doesn't come easy to me nor to anyone else I guess.  I do hope it wasn't too much of a boring read to you all.  I wanted to catch up with you today with a few bits and pieces. 

Yesterday we managed to get out for a few hours to a little country show not far from where we live.  It was only a small show but so relaxed and easy going - it was lovely to see the children running around on the big field having fun.  I have a really whopping great ice cream - gorgeous but naughty I know!

I was a little disappointed as there weren't many stalls there really - I am always interested in these and picking up little odds and ends.  I did take some photographs for you to see, just to give you a flavour of the show.  .

Being a country show there were lots of tractors of course - this one was an old 1957 model which was made in Coventry, must have some stories to tell about life then
This notice was on another old tractor - what a life this one has had - built in Canada, worked in Australia and now living in Wales.  I hope it is enjoying a relaxing retirement.


This car looks tiny compared with what we have today - I think it is late 1950s/early 1960s and I am sure that lots of families went on their holidays in this car - goodness knows where they put the luggage.  No seat belts or air conditioning on those days.  My husband told me that his Dad's early car had one set of controls for the heating and the windscreen wipers so you couldn't have both on at the same time!
The van below is exactly the same one we used to have our holidays in - there were four of us and we were with another family of four - goodness knows how we managed.  We took two large tents and all the sleeping and cooking things and packed into the van and off we went to Cornwall each year for two weeks.  We had a fantastic time and they were some of the best holidays I have ever had, I have such happy memories and have always had a deep love for Cornwall ever since.  It was always my dream to eventually live there, maybe one day.

Now our van didn't have the luxury of the top you can see on this one.  I couldn't figure it out when I was a child as we would see lots of these on the campsites.  I can remember my day saying that this was a bedroom where the people slept.  In my mind I thought it was like a bedroom at home fully equipped with a set of stairs to get up there.............What a wonderful imagination.
This lovely little chappie (the pony, not the man) did a grand job ferrying children around the field in a tiny cart.  The children were all loving it and giggling all the time.
There was also some good old fashioned threshing going on, I just loved the vintage costumes the girls were all wearing.
When we left the show we went for some lunch and I popped into a local thrift shop or charity shop as we call it and found some wonderful beauties.  Although I am not a royalist as you all know I do love anything with dates on so was over the moon to find this little cup and dish from the silver jubilee of King George V and Queen Mary who were (hope I am right here) the current Queen's grandparents.  These two are from 1935 and in nice condition.    
I also hit on this sweet little doily of some sort and am thinking of making a small make up bag with it.  It looks quite old - 1930/1940s maybe - what you do think Folks?
I also picked this kit up in Liverpool last week in Landbaby by designers called Coo and Co - everything comes printed on two lovely pieces of fabric so you have enough for two birds.  They also have moths as well which were just as gorgeous and I couldn't make up my mind. 
Lovely Readers they are for children over the age of eight but my sewing skills are around 4 years of age so I make no apologies for making them up!  Coo and Co have a really lovely website so do pop over and see them and read their blog.  I certainly will.
Here is the final tweetie - isn't he gorgeous - I just adore him and he is so friendly.
Now lovely Folks I had planned to make a cushion for my wonderful granddaughter who has recently had a birthday.  I wanted to personalise it for her so was going to use one of Lillyblossom's patterns which you can see below.  It is a fabulous pattern as it comes with all the alphabet ready to cut out as well as templates for the cushions themselves. 
Now I had it in my mind that it would look fabulous but..............
As you can see below, when I put all the letters for her name together it was going to make an awfully long cushion and I wasn't sure that it would really work.  What do you think?  I think the pattern would be absolutely wonderful for a shorter name but I think six letters was stretching it a bit too far. 
It was back to the drawing board.  I have now decided to use the letters anyway to put on one bigger cushion for her and I am also going to make two banners for my other little granddaughters with their names on - clear as mud I know but as I work through it hopefully it will all come together for you - and me!
For the big cushion I am going back to my old favourite which I have used before and when I placed the paper letters on the front they will just go on if I bend them around - but I will have to be very careful when doing this.  As you know straight lines and being equal is not something which comes natural to me but we shall see.
This will be the main fabric of the big cushion as she wanted something pink - it is going to be a very colourful one as you can see so I hope it all works and comes together.
Now before I finish for today (thank goodness you all shout) - I have started getting some things together for the giveaway and was going through the cupboards in my sewing room.  My goodness did I find lots of things I thought I had lost and I did get a bit distracted.  I am getting together two prizes which are starting to take shape and which I hope you will be glad to receive if you win.  I have more to put in and will update you each day giving you a final day before the cut off date.  All you have to do is to choose a name for the little bunny - she is getting excited now!
Here she is - waiting anxiously for your lovely names to come rolling in.
That is all for today Everyone, I hope you enjoyed our chat, I certainly did.  I hope you will all take part in the giveaway which will be next week sometime - I just want to get a couple more things together for the prizes.  Remember you have to give our little friend here a name - she is getting quite despondent about it all but I have told her all about you and how you are going to give her the most wonderful names.  Do leave a comment with a name and I shall put them all in a hat and get our little friend here to pick out two winners - all fine ladies have two names you know! 
Have a fabulous Monday and I hope to speak to you all very soon, it is back to the housework and maybe some sewing and knitting later if I am good!  Take care of yourself and come back soon.  Lots of love, Dorothy :-)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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