Tuesday, 13 August 2013

What a fiddly job!

Well hello Everyone I do hope you are all doing ok and are happy.  Do come in, you are all so welcome.  Have a seat and I will just put the kettle on.  I have been really enjoying reading all the gorgeous blogs out there and being amazed at the talent that is around everywhere in every country. 
I must admit I have been struggling with a couple of my urgent jobs to do.  I think I told you in the last blog that I had promised my lovely daughter-in-law a cover for her coffee maker and had borrowed hers to measure up properly.  The fabric had came in kit form and was a lovely old fashioned type of pattern for both the main piece and the lining. 
It wasn't as complicated as I first thought but it was a fiddle making sure that the overall cover fitted perfectly, which I don't think it does.  The overall sewing together was quite easy but I did miss some of the stitching on one of the side panels and had to redo it.  I wasn't happy with the final result but time is pressing with this so I did my usual trick of covering it up with something else.  You can see in the photograph below that I had used some lace flowers which are very pretty but I think I am going overboard with the flower theme here!
The cover does fit quite snuggly but I was a little disappointed that it didn't join together as much as I would have liked it but it is my first try so I have to live with it.  I only hope my daughter-in-law likes it.
I am not sure why I put these three flowers and beads on the front - getting carried away as usual - they look straight but in this photograph they do look a little wonky - not my best piece of work to date I feel but passable.  What I did do was to get an exact copy of it on paper so that I can make another one for her at Christmas time, thought this would be something a little different.  Any ideas or comments would be welcome.  The lovely Jo from Three Stories High passed on a really lovely crochet pattern for one which I am thinking of having a go at as it will extend my crochet skills a little more.
Now the other big job has been the satchel which needs to be finished as soon as I can as I am embarrassed at the length of time I have meandered along with this.  The knitting for me was easy peasy and you couldn't have an simpler pattern.  The felting bit, although very straightforward is not an exact science and you have to see what comes along.  Below is the front piece which has been felted and joined to the side edge.
Now I had a real job trying to sew the side edge to the main pocket, I mentioned in my last post that I always sew everything together and then felt it as it is much easier.  The pattern for this says that you must felt all the pieces on their own and then put them together once felted.  The sewing up is real hard work, particularly is you are OCD like me about things coming apart.  I always do extra stitches to make sure that things don't fall open up, usually very unnecessarily.  My fingers were really sore after this first piece of sewing.
I wanted a sturdy lining so went for this pretty tea towel which blended well with the colours of the bag - well I think so, would love to hear from you lovely People out there.
You can see from the photograph below how felting changes the shape of the knitting and can make it difficult to work with.

Below is the main pocket with the smaller pocket about to be pinned on and stitched.  It seems such a fiddly way of doing things but I do understand why it has to be sewn this way.
Below is the fabric sew into the pocket - it seemed too complicated to make a lining going from the shape of the bag so I decided to sew it onto each felted piece individually, probably making more work for myself but that is the way I have decided to do it.  Any hints or comments warmly welcomed Folks.

Unfortunately this is not the finished product below but I have just put it together loosely to show you how I hope it will all turn out in the end.  I am getting frustrated with it as I do lack patience and am not the neatest hand sewer in the world.  I did try to do some on the machine but broke my needle and realised that it is just too thick to sew this way so hand sewn it has to be.
Do you like the straps?  I just love them and they are from a wonderful company which I have used many times in the past.  Do have a look at their website, I have a lovely pair of pink handles just waiting for my new crochet bag - next job along the way.
Sorry it is such a short post tonight Folks but I am really busy today with things from work and household duties - I just wanted to remind you about the cut off date for the giveaways - 12 noon tomorrow - British time.  If you haven't already please send a name for the lovely Miss Bunny - my grandson will be doing the draw and I will post the names tomorrow - good luck everyone.

Well I have to love you and leave you all now - it has been wonderful seeing you all again, you brighten my day.  Do call in again and please leave any comments as I do love to hear from you all.  Speak tomorrow with the names of the winners.  Have a wonderful evening or day depending on where you are in the world.  Lots of love to you all, Dorothy, :-)xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. I was thinking about leather handles for a bag I have made, they look so smart. Love to enter your give away...She looks like Princess Pickles to me! Eco Ethel xx

  2. You certainly had your work cut out for you with this bag Dorothy. The only felted bags I have seen are, as you said, sewn together before felting.
    You have reminded me that I have a lovely little white knitted cotton bag waiting to be finished.
    I have finished off a beaded rose (red) for a friends Ruby Wedding and almost completed a beaded daffodil. I shall try to find the patience to complete that tomorrow. It is very fiddly and I have hand dexterity problems following a ruptured disc in my neck. As my youngest son always says "why is nothing ever simple?" ;0)
    Cally x

  3. The tea cosy is fab and thanks for the link. I will post a proper tutorial today for those who want to give it a go. I love that bag clasp company, such quality items. I saw the pink handles and swooned but couldn't quite think of the project for them so I am keen to take a look at what you make in the future. Jo x

  4. I'm so excited about the iPad case I just can't wait!! Bless you, didn't expect it to take quite so much time out of your very busy schedule!!! I'm sure 'L' will love her coffee pot cosy as well. You're just so good xxxx

  5. I love the coffee cosy, it is very sweet. I think the satchel is going to be amazing!!!! Where did you find the pattern for it?