Saturday, 24 August 2013

It is so good to be back

Hello Everyone and all, it is so lovely to be back with you all.  I have really missed you even though it has only been a few days but seems likes weeks to me.  I really wanted to get back in touch with you all to see how you were doing.  I hope life has been kind and that you have enjoyed yourselves.  Do come in and have a relax while I pop the kettle on and bring out the cake - freshly baked just for you!
Today we had a trip out to a Country Fair over in Cheshire which is not that far from where we live.  It was held in a place called Tabley which is a nice village near Knutsford.
The Fair was all about everything country and we were both desperate for a drink when we arrived - as usual I wanted my favourite - latte.  However the first sign which greeted us was one which I would normally avoid being a vegetarian - you can see why below!
We did manage to have a coffee and my lovely husband had a bite to eat whilst I had some cake (naughty but nice). 
There were lots of interesting things to see such as these little engines going around the ground, some of them giving rides to people (usually children) but sometimes small grownups.
My husband then decided that he wanted to look at the fishing, shooting, archery things whilst I was keen to see if there was any craft tents.  They had said in the advertising that there were crafts and I usually love these country events as you get to meet some lovely sewers, knitter and crochet people.  I chanced upon this lovely gentleman making some really nice wooden items and bought a little bird from him to hang in our tree outside.  You will see the photo of it later on.
He was a very quiet but charming gentleman who seemed very suited to the gentle art he was engaged in.  He reminded me of a Tibetan Monk for some reason, don't ask me why.
Not a very Welsh sounding name I have to say for someone who lives there.
As always there was plenty of older cars to see - it was quite a disappointing turnout as none of the vehicles had their histories with them and their owners weren't around for some reason.  This lovely car was up for sale but I wasn't tempted!
Should I have bought it do you think?????
For our American Friends here is one for you.  I am sorry but know nothing about the car but am sure you will have more of an idea than me.  The lady in the photograph is unknown to me - I was just about to take the picture when she moved over to look at the car.
The Fair also had it's share of animals - sheep dog trials, ferret racing and hamsters.  Lots of the children were very keen to see these events.
Lots of horse events of course.
Not sure if you can make out the photograph above and below - it was difficult to take a clear picture as they were moving really fast - the horse and rider were towing a young man on a skateboard.  They had to go through a set of hurdles and then were timed.  I had not seen this done before but am sure some of you may have - would love to hear if you have.  It was an exciting event and drew lots of interested people.
A huge section of the show was dedicated to the chain sawing competitions.  There were many people from Great Britain and some from other parts of the world.  The skill and expertise of these people is inspiring.  Some were set apart and building their own masterpieces whilst others were in a large ring and competing against the clock to produce something wonderful.
All of the pieces will be sold off on Monday at the close of the show.  It is a shame that we won't get to see them all.  Here are a selection from around the world.
The big disappointment for me Folks was that there was almost no crafts involved that I was really interested in - our sort of crafts.  There were a couple of stalls selling some handmade things but nothing to write home about I am afraid.  I had expected much more so, although it was an interesting day I was a little dismayed.
We came home around tea time and I hung out my new little bird in our back garden - he seems settled and is a real cutie.  Do you like him?
Yesterday on my way home I had called in Stoke on Trent to one of the many outlet shops which sells well known pottery and dishes.  This is a Sophie Conran jug which I am going to use as a vase.  I just love the colour and it appears (or so the newspapers say) that pink is going to be the colour for autumn girls so I am well ahead on this one.
I also picked up two of my favourite magazines - Country Living and Simply Crochet.  I haven't had time to read them yet but intend to snuggle up in bed tonight and have a good read of both of them.
When I got home I was also bursting to start some craft.  You may remember that some time ago I made a decision to try and use the stash that I already have at home rather than always buying new.  I had a look in the cupboard and found these two projects which I bought simply ages ago. 
Luckily there are two of them for my two little sweeties!  This is the yellow one and below is the pink one.  I can remember buying these about five years ago in a tiny shop up in the very north of Scotland when we were getting ready to catch the boat over to Orkney Isles. I fell in love with the dollies but didn't have any little girls to make them for at the time - I have now.
I also bought this little project (well I bought two of these as well Folks) last Christmas at Liberty Bell in Chester.  They are two pillows which hold a little dolly and all her clothes - you will understand more when you look at the photographs below.
Above and below is the wardrobe and the bed.
Below is the little princess dolly and her clothes.  I only hope that I can remember how to make them now!
Well lovely Readers, it is just delicious to be back with you all - I wanted to get started on these 'dolly' projects but must admit that I am tired tonight so will start them tomorrow.  I will speak to you all tomorrow again and give you an update on my progress.  Have a wonderful evening or day depending on where you are in the world.  Look after yourselves - please leave a comment if you are able as I just love to hear from you.  Thank you so much for dropping by and see you very soon, lots of love, Dorothy :-)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  1. I have just been given the latest Country Living Mag. My sister and I hope to go to the C L Christmas Show in Harrowgate. Not sure whether to treat ourselves to the VIP package, not having been before.
    Love the little dolls.