Monday, 26 August 2013

A full Sunday

Well hello to you, one and all.  I hope you had a glorious Sunday, I had wanted to speak with you all yesterday but ran out of time in my usual fashion.  I always try to cram 36 hours into 24 and for some reason it doesn't work - I wonder why!  Monday has dawned, very sunny here for a change and looks as if it is going to be a lovely day - for all our friends outside the UK, today is a Bank Holiday in Britain which means we have an extra day off work - whippee, although I have to say that there are also loads of people who have to work today which is such a shame.  Do come in and have a drink - tea or coffee, maybe some cake or even better, icecream?

Yesterday I set off early to travel to Macclesfield which is about 50 miles from where I live to attend the Treacle Fair which the lovely Hannapat introduced me to.  I have been once before and did write up a post about it.  I missed the fair last month and wanted to make sure that I didn't miss August.  It was a lovely drive up passing through the gorgeous town of Knutsford and the lovely Chelford.  I used to live not far from all these places and so much them all.   

There was a fabulous jazz band playing which got everyone tapping their feet and joining in the songs, music always makes such events so special.  There were loads and loads of food stalls which I must admit I am not that interested in as I am always keen to get to the craft and vintage stalls.
It was quite quiet when I arrived but there were soon masses of people milling around, happy and chatting with their families.  As usual there was lots to see but I had set myself a strict budget (I don't always stick to it though!)
They have a lovely Church in the Market Square which was open and most of the vintage and craft stalls are around this part of the town.  What is really good is that the Church grounds offers the community organisations the opportunity to set up their stalls and there is always something dynamic going on.  Yesterday it was centred around food and there appeared to be some competitions as well.  It would seem that the whole community within Macclesfield is involved in the fair which I find absolutely wonderful. 
One of the stalls which I visited last time was there again.  The lovely Verity Rose has just opened her website which is worth a visit.  She has the most delicious array of handsewn things which are so cute. 
I was tempted to buy a lot of things but was good Folks - however I did succumb to two new tea towels.  Oh no I can hear you all call, not more tea towels.  I must have enough to dry all the dishes in every household in the UK!  I couldn't resist them and plan to make something else out of them.  Sorry Verity, now what you imagined your tea towels would be doing.
I also bought a beautiful vintage tablecloth from the lovely Rachel's Boutique.  Do have a look at her website.
She had such a good selection of vintage sewing and craft things and I was tempted with many of them.  I must admit that when I first started collecting tablecloths and tray cloths many years ago it was just for the pure pleasure of looking at them and admiring the hours of work that had gone into them.  I am not an expert on embroidery at all but I do like to think that I have saved a little treasure which someone has spent many hours possibly sitting by the fire making, putting love into every stitch.  Quite a fanciful notion I know but it pleases me to think this.  I am so sentimental sometimes, getting worse as I get older I fear.
I also bought a nice little tin, love these as they are so good for buttons and other bits and pieces. 
I managed to pick up 2 metres of this really nice silky fabric which I intend to use on a birthday gift for a special lady very soon.  Will post details hopefully later this week when I get started on it.  Her birthday is on the 15th September when she will be 30 but I need to have it done before the 12th in order to get it to her on time so I must get my skates on.
The stall where I bought my tin is a really good one and I bought my basket there last time if you remember.  I stupidly forgot to ask the ladies for their names, they were very pleased that I was putting their stall on my blog.  Must find out their names for next time for you all.
My final purchase was two sweet little birds to go into my bird cage.  I don't like caged birds at all but love these and often leave the door open in case they want to have a fly around.  You can see the blue bird which I made a few weeks ago.  The two little robins on the lower part of the swing were from John Lewis last Christmas and I couldn't bear to put them away so kept them out.  Yesterday they had two more companions so hope they don't fight and argue as youngsters do.  I just love looking at them as they are so colourful and cute.  The stall I bought them from is a new one and has just opened in a new website which you might like to look at.  It is aptly called flittybird and has loads of nice stuff to look at.

When I got home I had to do a bit tidy up as always and then started on the princess cushion I wanted to make.  If you remember Folks I had set my self the task of making 2 cushions and 2 dolls - overload or what!
The princess cushion comes as a panel which I showed you yesterday.

It did take a bit of figuring out.  I had to cut out the princess doll and then attach her using Bondaweb to a firmer backing - not sure what it is but Sue from Liberty Bell sold it with the pack.  It is quite flexible and gives the doll much more texture and durability.

Then the dresses are cut out and again, Bondaweb attached and then put on to the green felt suggested by Sue.  I was amazed as this helps the cut out frocks to attach to the doll which is just magical.

Working out the cushion dimensions and the pocket where a little frustrating as I didn't want to just stuff the cushion but wanted to insert a proper pad so that it can be washed.  Children can be very grubby at times so I am always keen to have washable things for them.  I had a particular size in mind but had to cut out bits and pieces from my stash to fit.  Not sure that it all tones in quite as well as I would have wanted but I went with what I had - the most important thing to me was that the cushion was a fun thing for my little sweeties to play with.

I had to double check that the princess fitted into her bed and that enough room was left in the pocket for the clothes.


I used a pink spotted backing and some pink ribbon.  The style of the cushion is from my very favourite Lillyblossom which you all know about - her pattern is just so easy for me to work with.

A few years ago when one of my granddaughters was born I managed to find these tiny labels on Ebay - apparently they were from France where such things are very much used.  I have kept them until now and when she visited recently she was so pleased with them so I have put one into her cushion for her as well as her initial.  Remember there are two of these little lovelies so I don't want them to get their cushions mixed up - something which I know can cause arguments.......
Here is the finished cushion which I do hope you like.

Here is the lovely princess out of bed with one of her dresses and her crown on.

I have unfortunately run out of the green felt backing so need to buy some more when I am in Chester next week so that I can make the second one. 

I did love making it up - it was fun - and I think the second one will be much quicker to do as I know more about how to set up the bed and wardrobe.  Not rocket science but for me Folks it takes a bit of working.  I will have to use other fabrics as I have run out of the pink used here but will find something equally as pretty.

Well Everyone that is it for now - back to housework and more sewing hopefully a little later.  I do hope you have a wonderful day or evening depending on where you are.  I do love to hear from you so please leave a comment if you have time, it means such a lot to me.  Keep safe and be happy and I will hopefully speak to you tomorrow or the next day.  Lots of love as always, Dorothy :-)xxxxxxxxxxx



  1. My goodness Dorothy, do you ever sit still?
    I love the cushion idea and will have to find one for my little sweetheart.

  2. A very full Sunday! I just love that cushion what a great idea. My girlies would love those so I am sure your granddaughter will be thrilled. Busy with the garden here trying to make the most of the sunshine. Jo x

  3. D, what a very full and fun filled day you had...

    I have a sneaking suspicion that you do actually have a few more hours in your day than we do...or else how do you fit all those lovely projects in...????

    Love as always daisy...xx

    Ps That tin is simply to die for

  4. The cushion is so clever! I wouldn't have been able to resist those tea towels either. I'm glad you've had such a lovely bank holiday weekend. Lesley x

  5. What a gorgeous looking market and lovely purchases! Love your cushion you made too. I was unaware it was a bank holiday yesterday, my husband and I were both at work and the wee one was at school!
    M x

  6. What a lovely market and what amazing things to buy! Wish the was something like that near me. I think the cushion is such a clever idea and you've made it up so well you should be proud of yourself. I'm sure the two little lovelies in question will adore it :-)
    Till the next instalment........

  7. Your cushion is beautiful, Dorothy, it works so well and is a delightful gift. I enjoyed seeing your wonderful pictures of the Treacle much to choose from there!
    Enjoy your week and your happy crafty times.
    Helen x

  8. Helloo lovely Dorothy, it is so lovely to have seen the treacle market, especially seeing that I missed it. I am pleased you enjoyed your visit there, it is such a great market. I too love Rochel's lovely stall and always spend some money there, it so hard not to! I absolutely love seeing your gorgeous cushion you made, it is so so sweet and I know my little Es will so love it. What a wonderful idea and so beautifully executed too! I am back in the land of internet now, so a great deal of blog reading to catch up on. Sending you much love xoxo