Saturday, 28 September 2013

A change of plans

Hello Everyone how are you all today?  It has been a wonderfully sunny day here in North Wales, UK.  I hope you all have similar weather and were able to get out and about.  Do come in and make yourself comfortable while I pop the kettle on.  Would you like some cake?
I had plans for this weekend but fate was waiting once again and I had to change everything.  I was all prepared to go to Yarndale in Yorkshire this morning and had planned to set out very early and spend a glorious day there.  However there were difficulties here and I had to change my plans and stay home.  It couldn't be helped and I was so disappointed by we have to live with these things and get on with life.  I was thinking of going tomorrow but this won't be possible either so I will have to wait another year before going - never mind, in the big scheme of life missing an event is a really small thing anyway.  I do hope you all had a wonderful day and enjoyed yourselves. 
However lovely Readers I haven't been idle but made myself busy today with some sewing and making plans for projects that I need to start for Christmas and those WIP which are all waiting to be finished.
Firstly I set to work on a small cushion using some felt and simple embroidery and I mean simple lovely Folks.  I am keen to get started on some embroidery as I have been reading the wonderful tutorials and sewalongs and am so keen to have a go.  However, I am not that disciplined enough as I try to do too many things at one - something I have to pay attention to.  Anyway this was the picture I was going to work to - an autumn theme.  Sue from Liberty Bell kindly let me copy this one in preparation for the cushion.  Apologies about the shadow on this photograph, don't know what happened here!
I cut out out all the separate pieces onto freezer paper and then cut them out in the felt and wool cloth - enjoyed doing this, rather like playing as a child.  I fiddled around the with landscape and here is the greenery ready to take the house and tree.
I made a bit of a mess of the house as I forgot to cut out the black roof and then found that I had run out of the black felt!  I had to fiddle with the pieces and stick the chimney at the back but hopefully once it is sewn it won't look too bad.

I think the house looks as if it is slipping down the hill - oh dear!
I was getting a bit tired by now with all this concentrating so did a bit of housework and tidied around, marked a couple of assignments for the students and then returned to something I had started on Friday evening. 
I had some fabric and lining left over from the little dress I have nearly finished.  Remember it is the one with the nightmare buttonholes!  I still have to take the hem up and then it is done.  I wanted to make a small bag to go with it and cut this one out randomly and hoped that it all fitted together.  I hope it doesn't look too twee with the dress?  What do you think lovely Folks?
The lining went in well - I always like to finish a bag off with a good lining, it makes such a difference.
Well I was on a roll then and cut out a fabric box from some Christmas fabric which I bought last year and which was lying very forlornly at the back of the cupboard.  I love the sparkly one, do you?
Rachel had showed me how to make one this week at sewing class so I had a go at one today.  It came out really well and I am thinking of making quite a few of these to put gifts in for Christmas.  I think it will add a nice crafty touch.   This one is the small size and would hold quite a bit so three nesting ones would be rather lovely I think.
Here it is, finished and didn't take too long either - wonderful!
Now today I had to pop out to Chester for a short while for some shopping.  I stopped off at one of the charity shops which I haven't visited before and found some nice little bargains which pleased me so much.  Couldn't  believe that this Boden top was so cheap and in such good condition.  I want to make a bag out of this, love the colours and patterns on it.  Gorgeous.
I look at Boden all the time and have a few things myself (usually from the sale) but cannot remember this one at all.  Anyone know how old it is?  It is hard to find anything which is pure wool now as I am sure they are all snapped up by crafters!
I also found this lovely pink bag.  Pink is very much the in colour this year and this was nicely knitted with a sumptuous lining and pockets. It really looks as if it has never been used.  I love the handles and the pattern.
I originally bought it for the handles but on getting it home and having a closer look it is too nice to cut up.  Do you like it?
There were also some pretty pieces of fabric for £1 each which I bought to use for applique.  Loved the flowers on this piece, so blowsy and bright.  I can't wait to cut them out and use them on something - maybe a cushion cover?
I couldn't resist this one - it is so cute.  Will have lots of fun cutting these figures out to make something for the children - any ideas anyone?
Well lovely Folks, it has been a disappointing weekend again, but responsibilities here mean that I had to change plans.  I am pleased that I have filled the day with lots of little projects and some nice finds so all is not lost.  I hope your day went really well. Please leave any comments you have as it is so lovely to hear from you all.  Have a great day or night tomorrow depending on where you are in the world.  I will hopefully speak to you all very soon.  Lots of love as always, Dorothy :-)xxxxxxx


  1. Hi Dorothy
    I was planning to go to Yarndale too but couldn't. Due to a change in our circumstances, couldn't afford it. Sounds like you had a good day anyway, as did I. Love the sweater very much. What a bargain.
    Jacqui x

  2. Sorry to hear your plans went awry again Dorothy but you certainly didn't waste the day: I love your little house and surrounds - it's coming along so nicely - and everything else in your lovely post too, thank you!
    Warm hug,
    Joy x

  3. Dorothy I'm so sorry that you couldn't make it to yarndale yesterday. It's horrible when you can't do what you would like, but such is life and it seems like you've made the very best of a bad situation! I think your little embroidery project is going to be darling and loving all the fabric you've cut out to make that little house come to life, well done! I am so impressed with your thrifty finds and love that Biden best csrdi, the kinda of thing I would wear and not cut up. Sweet little bag too. Thank you for your email I will repond soon. I will be thinking of you today. Much love xoxo

  4. I would wear that tank top, it is lovely. It is about 5 years old because my friend has one and she wears with with brown trousers and a barbour style tweed jacket and I said she looked like a landgirl! She laughed too (which was good) We talked about yarndale but just felt it was a bit too far this year but we would like to go another year (we being all of us!) Hope you are all OK. Jo x

  5. Sounds like you make the best of your situation with all the lovely projects you worked on. I really like that little house and that sweater...very nice. Will be fun to see your project made with it. Hoping your weekend turns around. :-)

  6. Hi Dorothy, so sorry that your plans for the weekend didn't work out as you had hoped...but I admire your positive attitude! Your little appliqué/embroidery looks so lovely and your bag too. Also, you managed to get some great bargains too! Thank you for the lovely comments you leave at mine, they are always very much appreciated.
    Marianne xx

  7. Hello Dorothy! That cushion is going to be lovely, and very seasonal. I love the tank top too! Lesley x

  8. My dear Dorothy, Golly, I have missed so much here on your blog. Later, I am going to have to sit down with a cuppa and catch up. You have been making some fab things, looks like your crafty skills are coming on in leaps and bounds, you must be so very pleased. Funnily enough, I have and still wear that very same Boden tanktop! I think it is probably about 3 years old now. Well, I must get ready to go out, I have been awake since 6am, cutting out for my latest project. There are some benefits to living with a chronic snorer, though I'm not sure I will think it a benefit by mid-afternoon when I'm keeling over! Thanks so much for your wonderful comments of late. Some of the papier mache brooches will definitely be making it into my shop - eventually! Love to you, Hen xxx

  9. Hello Dorothy
    I'm sorry your weekend plans didn't work out as you'd hoped, but you made good use of the time after all. Loved seeing all the things you have been making (and finding) and the little house scene is coming on really well. Thank you so much for your lovely comments, I always enjoy hearing from you. I hope you have a happy weekend and a cheerful October.
    Helen x