Sunday, 1 September 2013

It is hard going!

Hello Everyone, I am back yet again.  I just wanted to let you know my progress so far - very slow I am afraid.  I don't know why it is that some projects just whizz along nicely whilst others (like this one) see to fight you at every step of the way.
As you know I made the last bag with the tea towel in my sewing class and did have a lot of help from the lovely Rachel.  I messed things up with the present bag by not measuring accurately which meant that I had to take it home unfinished and needing to have the magnetic fastenings put on it. I am that confident with these clasps so Rachel did the last lot for me.  However, after your lovely comments and support I made the decision tonight to put little elastic tags on with two buttons instead. 

It has been slow work tonight as I have a lot of my day work to prepare for tomorrow so had to do this first as well as all the other household chores which we all have to do.  I got the machine out and fiddled around with the top of the bag and have managed to insert the elastic and sew the bag flap onto the main body of the bag.  I did sew a piece of ribbon to cover the extra stitching and although I am not very happy with it, I am afraid it will have to stay put.


I would be grateful for all your comments but please don't ask me to take it all out will you or shall I burst into tears!
That is as far as I have got tonight, not much to show I am afraid so it is a quick post you will be glad to hear.  However, I did want to share a magazine called Homemaker I bought yesterday with you all.  You may have already got it but if you haven't there were quite a few interesting things in it. 
The magazine very much heralds the coming of the autumn season with some lovely pictures. I do love this beautiful wreath which would look stunning on a front door or inside the hall.  I am sure it would be quite easy to do if you took your time and used the photograph as a template.

I loved these cute little brooches and am looking forward to making one or two.  The ribbon comes from a firm called Crafty Ribbons and costs £2 per metre.  I think they look really cute, what about you?
 I think this mood board is super and wish I had one which looked like this - so colourful and inspiring.  I do have one in my tiny sewing room but is so small and I tend not to use it much which is a shame.
I had to include this photograph of the recipe for macaroons as I have a funny tale to tell you.  When my gorgeous little granddaughters recently came to stay, we had, as you know, a girls' day out in Chester.  One of our first ports of call was for a cake and a coffee (coffee for me, cake for them).  There are lots of nice little tea shops in Chester and a new one had just opened on the Rows.  The window was really colourful and inviting with a big display of very colourful macaroons.  They were excited and wanted some so in we went.

 I wasn't completely sure they would enjoy them but they insisted - what would Grandma know about anything!  The macaroons were very small, very colourful and very very expensive.  They spent a long time deciding which colour they were going to eat.  One picked the red one and other the green one - into their mouths they went - two minutes later a huge cry which everyone in the café heard - 'Grandma these are horrible!'.  The assistant rushed over to see what had happened and I had to reassure her that they just weren't to their taste.  I could see some of the diners smiling and laughing among themselves.  Needless to say we quickly had our drinks and left.  But, before we did we had to nip to the toilet and they were both in raptures - they had a pink toilet seat, their squeals could be heard all over the place.  We definitely didn't go back in the afternoon Folks.
Homemaker is already showing ideas for gifts for Christmas and I spotted these useful tins from Emma Bridgewater.  I have already pinpointed these as a gift for my lovely daughter-in-law who is the best cake maker I know - could knock Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood into a cocked hat.  She especially loves cake tins and Emma Bridgewater so these should do the trick.
Have already checked EB website but they are not on yet so if you like them just keep an eye out for them coming in soon.  They cost £30 which I presume is for the three - hope so!
There are three designers I have fallen in love with (well with their work, not them personally you understand).  I had not heard of Claire Maraldo before but her work is so cute and special.
Do have a look at her website - - there is not a lot on it at present but she is one to look out for.

The second lady, Jennifer Collier runs a gallery in Stafford which is about an hour and a half from me.  I had made arrangements last January to attend one of her courses but had to cancel as my husband was poorly.
I am definitely going to one this year though - the little bird box is one of the workshops I would love to do.  Jennifer works with all types of materials including paper, textiles and stitching and is so creative and talented. Can't wait to go to one of her Saturday classes soon. 
Finally, I think I have mentioned this lady before.  Her name is Sophie Tilley and she had a workshop not far from where my husband was born in North Wales.  Her work was featured in Mollie Makes and I have been waiting for ages for some of her kits to come up for sale.
She makes these wonderful dolls which I just adore.  I tried to buy one some months ago but they sold out overnight so I am thinking seriously of getting one of the kits before they sell out.  The only thing I am worried about is the painting of the face which just makes the doll.  I am hopeless, just hopeless at art and know I would make a complete mess of it.  However, my husband is a lovely artist so I have asked him if he would do the painting and of course he said yes, what a love.  Will keep you posted about this Folks.
Well Everyone, time is moving on swiftly.  I have a very early start at work tomorrow as I have tons to do so I need to be thinking about bed a little earlier tonight - although this probably won't happen.  I want to do a bit more work on the bag tomorrow and try and nearly finish it so I can crack on with the birthday cushion.
I do hope you all have a truly wonderful day tomorrow and the sun shines on you and your families.  Be safe, be happy and smile.  I hope you can leave a comment as I do love to hear from you, it makes such a difference.  Speak soon, much love to you as always, Dorothy:-)xxxxxxxxxx 


  1. I've no advice, but keep on keeping on! I'm always amazed at how much you accomplish. I keep telling myself I'm going to spend a day sewing, but school starts Tuesday. I'll busy teaching, cleaning, and mothering. ~smile~ It's good work for a great employer!

    Harvest Lane Cottage

  2. Hi Dorothy. You always get so much done, I'm amazed. Just keep on keeping on with your project. To be honest I feel like that about every product I make, possibly because its all self taught and I'm usually without help, but one thing I know is that perseverance pays off!! The bag is looking lovely! A great looking mag and thanks for sharing, I always enjoy hearing about books and magazines. Count me in when you're looking for courses with Jennifer Collier and those cake tins, well I wouldn't mind them myself, they are lovely! Happy Monday and week to you lovely Dorothy xoxo

  3. Ah Dorothy, I am cheering you on from Shropshire. Keep going. Jo x

  4. The bag is looking lovely! Keep at it! Thank you for sharing that magazine, it looks really lovely and so inspiring.
    Marianne xx