Tuesday, 17 September 2013

A funny few days

Hello Everyone how are things?  Do come in and make yourselves at home, it is so lovely to see you again.  After the disappointments of the weekend it has been a difficult few days really.  Things are really not back to normal at all so I have had to fit in work with other important duties so feeling a bit flat and out of sorts. 

I wish I could talk to you all and see how you manage things in your life.  I always set out to fill my life with as much as I can - trying to make things, work and keep the home together but can never seem to manage a good balance between the three.  Work is always full on at a hundred miles per hour, the home and loved ones need to be cared for and looked after and then there is craft and all the things I love.  I was reading my little journal today and I had written at the start of the year that I was going to have three projects on the go at all times - crochet, knitting and sewing.  But lovely Folks I can't seem to keep to this and this makes me downhearted sometimes.  I read lots of fabulous blogs and am amazed at the wonderful work you all do and wish I could stretch my time to fit in more - perhaps you can all help me out with some advice? 

I wanted to catch up with you all tonight just to say hello and share a few little titbits with you.  I went to my print class this evening although I wasn't going to go but didn't want to miss anything.  I can't take photos there at the moment - it is pretty intense and tonight we did some colour images - I said that I was the duffer in the class and tonight I certainly was, the sketches produced by everyone were wonderful and I know that mine was just awful!  But I am going to stay as it will stretch me and make me look at things differently and who knows I might even learn something new. 

Over the last few days I haven't done any craft but am going to do some sewing tomorrow so will post some pictures.  However I have found a little treasure which I want to share with you all.  I bought something the other evening from a website selling vintage things - for the life of me I can't remember which one it was but will be able to tell you on the next post.  I couldn't believe it when I saw it and had to have it.  I am not sure if some of our lovely American friends can help me out on the history of it.  Have a look and see.

It says US Army Air Force - Hankies - Mother (on the bottom).  It is quite delicate and difficult to see on the photograph but the website said that it was something which Servicemen in the Armed Forces bought and sent home as gifts to their Mothers during the second World War - perhaps you have seen one before?
If is it from that era it is in such lovely condition.  I don't think it is silk but there are few marks on it, in fact it is like new.  I do love it and wonder which Mother was the lucky recipient of this gift - hopefully her Son survived the conflict and came home safe and sound.
The lining is a wonderful pale yellow and is soft and silky.  I love the little flower details on it as well.  Lovely Folks if any of you have one or know of someone who has I would love to know a bit more about these hanky cases - it is adorable and I will treasure it. 
As you know I am a big fan of Nicki Trench having met her a couple of times at the Woolfest.  She is such an approachable and down to earth lady and I just wish I had asked for her autograph when I met her - I am such a celebrity name dropper Folks!  Anyway I have keen to get my hands on her latest book and it arrived today.  I haven't had time to read it though yet, something for later this evening but I took a couple of quick photographs in case you haven't had chance to see it yet.
Isn't this bag just lovely - I am really ready to start getting my teeth into a 'proper' piece of crochet other than granny squares.  This pattern looks fairly straightforward although as you know, I am not that confident with crochet patterns yet but would love to have a go at this.

I love the lining as well, it really finishes the whole bag off - would make a rather pretty gift for someone special.  I know my friend in work adores this colour green and I am thinking of it for her.  Do you like it?

What about these adorable little rascals - aren't they just something?  I could see little ones quickly falling in love with these.  The would make perfect stocking fillers for some special little people.
Another little Ebay find of mine arrived today.  What do you  think - so cute and I can use them on so many projects, I love them and think they are fun.
Finally Everyone - I found this little gem today in a shop called The Works which have many branches all over the Great Britain, not sure if they are abroad as well.  I had popped in to pick up some sketching pencils for my printing course and spied this little book on my way out.  I thought it was a great find for £2.99 - I fell in love with the scarf bag immediately.  I was thinking of the vintage tea towels I am always looking for and I also have a few vintage headscarves as well.  However, lovely Folks I am not sure if I could bear to cut these up. 
The bag does look rather fetching though doesn't it.  Look out for The Works as they had a few craft books in at really reasonable prices.
Well lovely Friends I must leave you now as time is getting on and I have a few jobs to do before going to bed.  I have loved chatting with you all, it is a real tonic for me.  I hope you call by again soon and leave a comment if you are able to.  I do love your comments, they mean a lot to me.  Have a wonderful day or night tomorrow depending on where you are in our beautiful world and take care of yourselves.  Hope to speak to you again very soon.  Lots of love to you all, Dorothy :-)xxxxxx


  1. Dear Dorothy, are you expecting too much of yourself - there are only so many hours in the day when we can be busy and in there somewhere we need to make time to relax and just 'be'.
    You are most likely learning a whole lot more and doing a lot better than you think with your print making course Dorothy and I'm sure you'll prove that to us one of these fine days.
    I can't help with any info about your lovely little treasure but what a sweet thing for the guys to do for their Mums!
    That is a lovely bag in the Nicki Trench book and I adore those little cats - I've done a heap of Amigurumi in the past so could quite fancy having a go at these although I don't have the book - just yet!!!
    I do hope the health of your 'dear one' has improved since the weekend. Take care of yourself and go gently Dorothy!
    Sending love, Joy xo

  2. What a dear sweet lady you are. I think we are all doing the juggling act and feeling a bit overwhelmed and at times discouraged. I love your blog and the beautiful interesting things you have on it. I love the Eiffel bag! It made me want to look into making some. Of course, one more thing to add to the want to do list. I will need eternity to accomplish my list!
    I think you are wonderful. Have a good week ahead,
    Your friend Alyssa

  3. Hi Dorothy
    Hang on in there. We all have times when things seem overwhelming and it's a real struggle to keep all the balls in the air. Even if you just go and sit quietly in your crafting space for a few minutes day, I find it helps. Love the hankie. i have seen them before but not one quite like that. I find them very moving. a lucky find .... Jacqui x

  4. Hello Dororthy, Your time will come. I love the look of that book as you know I love making things out of old things so silk scarves is a new idea for me. Love to you. Jo x

  5. Hello my love. Two great books and the hankie sachet, wow.
    Green is my favourite colour too, it mixes so well with other colours, think of Nature.

  6. Hello Dorothy. I know it is really hard to get the balance between work, life and play, and I don't think I ever will get it, but don't feel to disheartened by it all, I know I do, but somehow you should just focus on your printing course for now and get the most out of that, rather than to pack so much in, as the more you load on your plate the worse you will feel for not achieving it. The works do some wonderful things for so little and that book looks wonderful. I am sure there are many wonderful projects for you to swoon over. As for Niki's new book, I wasn't too sure, but maybe I should have another look after seeing your images here today, so thank you for sharing these with us, it always helps, I think. Wishing you a lovely week and here is my email: stiana.hubert4@gmail.com. Speak soon. Much love xoxo

  7. Oh Dorothy, I don't know how you manage to do as much as you do! I don't work, and I can't find the time to do the craft that I would like to! Thanks for the tip about the book, I love Nicki's books so I will look out for this one. Take care, Lesley x

  8. Sending you big hugs for this hard time I know you're going through. I hope you know that I always look forward to your blogs and it always amazes me what little finds you manage to get! You must put some little extracts on from the scarf book!