Wednesday, 11 September 2013

A change in the weather

Hello Everyone how are you?  I have been trying to get to the computer all week to catch up with you.  It has been a busy week in work so has been a bit on the tricky side.  I also started a new night course last night which was exciting but a bit daunting - a little more on that later.  Do come in and make yourselves comfy and I'll just pop the kettle on for us all.  For the first time this week I really noticed a chill in the air and the night drawing in.  I worked late on Monday evening and it was dark when I went home at 9pm - couldn't believe how quickly the day drew to a close.  We have had such a nice summer here in the UK it seems a little sad to see the light nights go - but onwards and upwards to the next season (my favourite one!).

I went to my first print making class last night and I must admit I was a little apprehensive as I was wondering what they would be looking for  in me.  The tutor was extremely friendly and kind but it was quite obvious from the word go that I was going to be the duffer of the class!  The lovely people who were on the course with me are jolly and highly talented artists, something I am not. There was a lot to cover in two hours and I didn't take any photographs as my hands were covered in ink, not a very good start.  Gregg, our tutor explained that the course would take us through all the different types of printing so that we can all use the print centre whenever we wish.  I am itching to get on to the fabric printing but guess I will have to be patient.  I promise I will try and get some photos next week.  I was tired out when I got home last night but really wanted to get  a post out to you all.  I was due to go to my sewing class this evening but had trouble with the car - which had to go into the garage, plus it was absolutely pouring down with rain.  I am going two nights next week instead.

I had a lovely surprise today Folks when a little box came - guess what it was - my yarn winder, can't wait to use it.  Have you got one of these?  I know that some of you had one as I read about them on your lovely blogs so thank you Guys for giving me the idea of getting one. 

I have been trying to do a little tidy each night in my sewing room as it is such a mess - just too much in here.  I did find a couple of little treasures for you to see.  Apologies if I have shown these before.  I found this little fairy on a second hand stall not long ago.  Just fell in touch with her, do you like her?

I also found this absolutely fascinating sewing bag.  The cross stitch is incredible and everything is hand sewn as you can see.  I like to think of someone sewing this on a long winter night, it is such a neat little thing with lots of lovely sewing treasures in it.  I love it.

Look at the workmanship or womanworkship!

Look at the fabulous construction of this bag, so useful.

Lots of lovely finds here.
When I got home tonight I really wanted to sew something - not been near the sewing machine since the weekend and feeling very out of touch, especially after reading all your wonderful blogs, you put me to shame!  I had found another Clothkits dress on Ebay and been lucky enough to win it. 

However, I wanted to see if I could make another one from the fabric I already had at home.  I had bought some Liberty Babycord from my sewing group for £5 and there is enough to make the dress and a bag.  The brown silky fabric was from the Treacle Fair in Macclesfield which I bought for £1.00, a real bargain as I have used quite a lot of this now and still have loads left.  I thought the brown went really nicely with the babycord.  Hope you agree.


I have been playing around with the pocket, haven't decided what to do with this yet.  I also want to add more decoration to the neck, maybe some tiny buttons or ribbon of some sort - what do you think lovely Folks?  Any ideas gratefully received.  I am a little concerned that this little dress may be a bit dull for my little ones as they do love bright colours and definitely know their own minds when it comes to clothes, young as they are.  I hope you don't think it is too grannyish?

This is as far as I have got tonight as time is moving on and I haven't sorted the dishes out yet.  Time seems to slip away and I get frustrated at not having enough time to get everything done - it is the same old gripe with me I'm afraid Folks.  I am a little unsure of the buttons again so am going to wait until I go to sewing class next week and get some help from the lovely Rachel.  Meanwhile I can be making the bag to the with the dress and finishing the other princess dolly pillow which needs to be done. 

Well lovely Readers I have to love you and leave you now - loads of other jobs to do, all boring but very necessary I'm afraid, I know that you will all understand as you have the same pressures as I do.  It has been so lovely talking with you all Folks, I do miss blogging after a day or so but always like to have something to show you or talk about.  I am hoping to get my Sophie Tilley doll finished soon in time for her studio opening to the public - hope to get some photos for you of the lovely Sophie herself if she is happy with this.

My lovely husband had a surprise gift for me tonight - a lovely vintage style box.  Some of our American cousins may recognise some of the advertisements on this tin - Kellogs Cornflakes.  I loved these as a child and can remember the free gifts that should to come with every box, it was always exciting - I am sure the children of today wouldn't be too fussed with the types of gifts given then.  I can remember plastic farm animals and you would try to collect the set, but, it would take ages as only one came in each box and the cereal would last for ages.  These tins are from a new series by Portmeirion Pottery which I love.  There are cereal bowls and dishes to collect, I think they are really cheerful and bright.  What do you think?  Now what shall I put in this tin?


Do have a most wonderful day tomorrow and take care, especially if you are out in the dark.  I will speak to you very soon everyone.  Thanks for dropping by again, it wouldn't be fun without you.  Lots of love as always, Dorothy :-)xxxxxxxxxxxxx













  1. Hello!

    Firstly, thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog regarding my poorly leg. You have no idea how much it cheered me on. I always love stopping by to see what you have been up to, you sound so energetic and seem to get so much done! I love the little dress you are making, it is beautiful. The cross stitch sewing bag is amazing, a real find and something to treasure. Your printing class sounds like it will be loads of fun. I hope you have a lovely day today.
    Take care,

  2. Hi Dorothy. Hope you are well, I like those autumn colours in the dress, they are not grannyish at all. Thanks for looking at my grown up pinafore, I really enjoyed making it hour by hour (rather than trying to rush to get it done in one night) and I really like it. You are so busy with work, I am surprised you get anything done. Jo x

  3. Hello lovely Dorothy. Your printing course sounds just what I want to do right now. I'm dying to learn how to print on to fabric, maybe you can teach me once you've learned!! I love all the bits in your sewing room especially the old cotton reels (my weakness!). I absolutely love that fabric for the dress and joints far from grannyish. How much did you get for £5? As I would love for you to buy me some if its cheaper than getting it direct? Very sweet tin and how lovely if your hubby to get it for you. Wishing you a happy week. Much love xoxo

  4. Lots of busy for you again Dorothy - love your little sewing bag and wool winder, plus all your project bits and pieces! The print making class sounds full on - and I suppose would take a lot of concentration which I would find very difficult after a day at work - I don't know how you do all you do! Well done all round Dorothy and I hope your weekend is relaxing!
    Love, Joy xx

  5. Oh your printing class sounds great! I'm sure you will really enjoy it and learn a lot. I have been seeing a few yarn winders on blogs recently, I am tempted too I must admit... Love that liberty fabric, very pretty.
    M x

  6. I have a ball winder which I got with a knitting machine from our local Charity Shop. It's invaluable and I use it all the time. Jacqui x

  7. Wow Hon, what a find the cross stitch bag is. I think I detect some pulled thread work on it as well. I had to learn that at school :0(
    My yarn winder arrived Wednesday but I haven't had a chance to play with it yet.

  8. I enjoyed seeing all the crafty things in this post, especially the lovely cross stitch bag you found, and the sewing notions. Your hb was very kind to buy you that lovely tin! The printing class sounds great. Hope you have a happy weekend.
    Helen x