Saturday, 21 September 2013

Now, what was in that bag?..........

Welcome back Everyone, how are you all.  Do come in and make yourself at home while I pop the kettle on and bring in some cakes for us all.  It is so lovely to see you again and I do hope you have had a wonderful day or night depending on where you are in our gorgeous world.    
After yesterday's excitement meeting the lovely Sophie Tilley I had a bit of a mundane day tiding the house, shopping and catching up with marking that needs to be done before Monday comes around again!  I meant to tell you all that I am the older one in the photograph with the red top and red glasses whilst the lovely lady next to me is Sophie. 

The weekend just flies doesn't it.  I adore a Friday evening when I have the whole of the weekend ahead of me and I am planning what I am going to do - sometimes, sadly, that does entail housework and shopping so not always a thrilling prospect.  I can't complain though as I had a wonderful Friday afternoon and evening.  I forgot to say yesterday that before calling in on Sophie we had stopped off for some lunch and I had time to nip into the charity shop in the town.  I found this little sweetie.  Although the box was a little tatty it was priced £1 which was amazing as all the kit was intact.  What I found a little sad when I unwrapped it was that the gift tag was still in it. I hope that I can now make the little doll and give it a good home.  What do you think Folks?
On our way home from Sophie's we stopped at Llandudno which is a seaside resort in North Wales.  We didn't realise it at the time but they were preparing to show the film Jaws on an outside screen on the prom which would have been interesting as it was quite windy and a bit on the chilly side!  We spotted a very famous lady whilst we were there and even had the pleasure of seeing her being dressed as well.  Wonder if you recognise her?  Apologies to all my lovely overseas Folk you may not know who she is - or was to be precise. 

Yes it is Queen Victoria herself paying a visit to the lovely Llandudno.  Love her dress, very grand.   Here she is with her lady-in-waiting which all honourable ladies had at that time. 

Although it was quite a chilly night I did go for a brisk walk along the beach front which was so exhilarating - I adore being by the sea lovely Folks and my dream home would be one overlooking the sea.  I think the seascape is just fabulous as it is always changing and vibrant - just like all of you.

Now the big question?  What was in my blue shopping bag?

Well I had to buy some goodies from Sophie didn't I?  There was so much to look at and buy lovely Folks I could have spent a fortune there as it was all so tempting.    First I had to get some more kits for my little sweeties as they will adore Sophie's dolls.  I have more in mind but don't want to overload my poor husband with all these requests.  However, he did go out today to buy more paints so that is a good sign.  Honestly I think he enjoyed doing it and he has lots of plans of how each doll is going to look which is exciting.

I also bought two beautiful books for the girls.  Sophie has a new book coming out very soon which would make a truly wonderful gift for any lucky little girl.  Her newest publication comes with a book, a tutu and a gorgeous little headdress - any little girl would be over the moon to have this as a gift.  It would be perfect for Christmas.

Sophie was kind enough to put some personal messages in for the girls which was so sweet - makes the books even more special.

I had to have these cute little badges, look at the super little label with Sophie's name on.  This was such a nice little touch.  I am going to use these with the girls as they will love them.  Badges are always perfect on bags and dresses for the little ones.

Sophie also kindly gave me this cute little card and envelope. Aren't these lovelies just adorable?  I think I am getting addicted to my Sophie dollies. 

Now my Lovelies I also bought these beautiful bobbins for a special reason.  In November my blog will be six months old.  I can't believe how much I have loved doing it and how many wonderful people are out there in Blogland.  The bobbins will form part of  special giveaways to say thank you to all of you out there who have supported and encouraged me throughout.  Sophie has agreed to pull out the two winners for us which will be so special.  My lovely husband has agreed to paint them for me so they will both become very individual and hopefully the winners will be pleased with them.  Keep watching my blog for more details, it won't be long to November.

The lovely Sophie kindly gave us a pot of paint as we were struggling to find this colour. 

Now lovely Folks I need to tell you about the disaster with my latest project.  Remember that I had bought this lovely Liberty Babycord fabric from Rachel in my sewing class for £5.  I also had some brown silky fabric which I had managed to buy as a remnant from the Treacle Fair for £1.  I used this when I was making the cushion and bag last week for the birthday gift if you remember.  Anyway I had cut out my dress using a clothkits dress which I used as a pattern.  It was all going swimmingly well or so I thought.  If you remember the last time I spoke about the dress I had said that I was going to leave the buttonholes until I went to my sewing class on Wednesday.
Well Everyone I got to class and sewed up the sides and put the pocket on which looked really sweet.

I had chosen these little buttons as I thought they were fun and went well with the pattern.  Onwards and upwards I thought.  Rachel gave me a little tutorial to refresh my memory about buttons and away I went after a practise run.

Well Folks I put the first one in - disaster it was all wrong.  Took it out and tried again and again and again.  I managed to get one done before the end of the class (which is 2 hours long!) and went home quite despondent.  Rachel suggested that I leave it until next week but did I   I went home and sat up until after 2am trying to get it right, again and again.  I finally gave up after trying to perfect the skill after the eighth try.  I was afraid that I was starting to degrade the fabric as I was having to unpick each one.  I finally admitted defeat and went to bed.

The following night I had one more go but it wasn't going to work for me so I had to revert to plan B.  I had found this vintage lace in my cupboard which I bought last year in Liverpool.  I just loved the look of it and am so glad I bought it.  I decided to put a lace collar on the dress as they are very in at the moment.
I also sewed the lace part way down the back panel and decided to add the buttons and use..........I hate to admit studs.  I didn't want to but I knew that if I carried on two things might happen.  Firstly I might give up the dress altogether which would be a shame or I would eventually end up ripping the fabric which would have been a disaster.  I would love to hear what you think lovely Folks.  I think sometimes we have to admit that something is not going to work and try something else.  I hope Rachel will understand, am sure she will as she is such a kind teacher.
Below is a photograph of the dress back - you can see the doomed buttonholes which I now need to unpick.  The lace has nicely hidden the mess I made on the fabric but hopefully it won't be so noticeable.

Here is the dress as it stands - I have to take up the hem, unpick the dreaded buttonholes and sew up the two lower back panels and it will be all done and dusted.  I have enough fabric and lining to make up a little shoulder bag which I intend to do.  I am just hoping that one of the girls will like it enough to want to wear it.  Any feedback or suggestions from you lovely Folks would be appreciated.  I think I have to practise more maybe just working on one buttonhole projects for a while to get my confidence up.


Well my Lovelies I have to leave you now as I have more work related stuff to do tonight before bed.  It has been so great to see you all.  Do leave a comment if you can and take care of yourselves.  I will keep you  up to date with the giveaways and hope you will all take part.  Have a fabulous day or night tomorrow and speak again very soon.  Lots of love as always, Dorothy :-)xxxxxxxxxxxxx








  1. Lots of news and beautiful projects on the go. I loved your visit to Sophies. My girls have one of her books and they love the illustrations. Thanks for dropping by as ever. Just wondering Which one are you in the shop photo I love a face to a name. jo x

  2. Hi Jo thank you for your lovely comments as always, you are a fabulous supporter. I am the older one with the red top on - the lovely lady by my side is Sophie.

  3. Hiya Dorothy - glad you identified yourself as I was wondering too.
    Lots of lovely buys in the blue bag and I'm sure the girls will be delighted with their gifts.
    Considering you've been having so much trouble with those buttonholes I'm sure Rachel would do the job for you in order to avoid a disaster - just once - just this time, please Rachel!! Other than that Dorothy, practice is the thing with buttonholes - scrap fabric, and just keep doing them until you've mastered it. I always find it a good exercise, especially as different fabrics can act differently, to do a practice run buttonhole (on the same fabric) before hitting on the garment, if you get my drift!
    Have a lovely Sunday and a great work week!
    Warm hugs, Joy x

  4. Hi Dorothy
    Loved your post. Photos reminded me of may happy holidays I had in Llandudno as a child. Can't wait to see the little doll made up. What a find. Don't worry about the buttonholes, the dress looks adorable anyway.
    Jacqui x

  5. Well now I hereby declare you Saint Dorothy on account of your incredible patience with the dreaded buttonholes. I think your dress looks gorgeous with the lace though - maybe that's what it was trying to tell you! Well done and I'm sure the girls will adore it x Jane

  6. It's been way too long since I dropped by. You, my dear, have been up to "good"! I love those Sophie dolls and that colorful felt doll looks so fun.

    How about those books, Dorothy, my oh my, would I have ever loved those as a youngster...or even now. :-)

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful creations, love and warmth!

  7. How I wish I could have walked along the sea front with you. A favourite pastime, it clears the mind and refreshes the body.
    I have just resurrected my sewing machine to attempt patchwork. Seeing your photo's I now know what one of the little thingies is for.
    You probably just need to practice button holes on scrap, not much help am I? ;0)

  8. Ooh the dress is gorgeous! You're so clever! xxx

  9. Hiya Hun
    I can't see what the problem is with your buttonholes? I struggle with them myself as my machine doesn't not want to do them and I'm not very good at doing it the ole fashioned way. I love the fabrics of the dress, I can imagine it on with a pair of lovely wooly tights!
    I am so envious of your trip to Sophie's place, I'll definitely be nattering in your giveaway :-) I struggle to find skin coloured fabric and am loathe to pay out for Tildas prices! Loving Sophie's badges, what an entrepreneur she is lol.

  10. Dorothy, your trip to Llandudno looks wonderful and seeing Queen Victoria in that very smart dress, oh my! I am so envious that you have gone to Sophie's shop and bought all those wonderful things. How special that she signed each of the books for your girls and also I think they will love those dolls. I was thinking of getting a couple for Christmas. Your dress looks amazing and I love the fact that you have added the lace, it works so well and I honestly can't see a problem with the buttons?! What went wrong? I think the idea of a sweet little bag will be so gorgeous. I know little Es would love to wear that dress, so I am sure it will get a great deal of use. Well done on yet another beautiful creation. Much love xoxo