Friday, 4 October 2013

Preparations for the Giveaway

Hello Everyone, I cannot believe that it is Friday again already - where has the week gone?  I had every intention to speaking with you all during this week but the best laid plans..........I am sure that you are all equally as busy too.  It is hard to fit in my blog (much as I love it) when I am not getting home until late most nights. I am usually in work by the latest 7.30 am each morning so not much time left over for my blog unfortunately.  I do hope you are all well and happy.  It is quite warm here at the moment which is a little unsettling as we usually expect the coolness of the autumn to be creeping in each morning.  Well enough about me, how are you doing, would love to hear all your news.  I'll just pop the kettle on and bring out the cake tin - let's see what's in here. 
I walk to work and back each day which takes around 30 minutes each way.  I particularly love the morning walk when it is quiet and there are not many people around.  It is my thinking and planning time when I am putting the world to rights and thinking about my plans.  This week I have been pondering over Christmas gifts for my friends - I think I told you that I usually knit gifts each year or when I can but I know that this time it is going to be difficult to do because of the added responsibilities I now have at work. I had to come to a decision about this and decided to try and spread the projects over the three main areas I am interested in - crochet, knitting and sewing.  I have also been thinking a lot about my forthcoming giveaway which I intend publish the names of the winners on the 1st November - this is almost 6 months since I started my blog so quite an achievement for me.
Right, firstly projects Folks.  What are you all up to making this Christmas?  I think the fabrics out at the moment really lend themselves to some fabulous festive projects and I would love to hear what you are all doing. I had recently bought an applique kit from Ebay and decided to use this on some bags for the sewing part of the Christmas challenge.
I have got loads of small pieces of fabric so will enjoy myself fiddling about with them, adding the beads and so on.  For me that is part of the fun.  I know that it will also make me practise my zips, something I do dread and shy away from but..............I must face them head on and with all of your help and support I will.
I made this one out of some scraps I had in sewing class and the lovely Rachel helped me with the zip - I know I have done one before but I am such a slow learner sometimes that I need showing over and over again.  I think it came out ok and I want to finish this one by the weekend and start cutting out the applique for the next one.
What do you think of it so far?  I am sorry about the quality of the photographs, I know I keep saying this but I usually take most of mine at night and they don't have the same crispness and clarity I see in all of yours - any tips would be very gratefully received.  I am hoping for a new camera for Christmas but who knows?
For the crochet I am going to firstly complete a  bag for myself and see how it turns out. If it is ok then I will make one for my friend who I knows love crochet of any sort but particularly bags and as we all know girls can never have too many bags can they!  I am using Nicky Trench's new book which I love, mind you I do enjoy all her books, just wish I lived near enough to go to one of her classes. 
More about this when I get the yarn to start my bag - I do have loads of wool but can't find any I really want to work with at the moment.  One thing lovely Folks I am trying hard to use up all the stuff I already have instead of rushing out to buy things - I am learning from my sewing class that you can make lots of lovely little things out of scraps of fabric and yarn so I am taking this message to heart.  I read all your wonderful blogs and always admire the fabulous things you make out of nothing sometimes.  No wonder I love all my dear friends in Blogland.
In the knitting area I am going to start some handkerchief bags - I have used the pattern by Debbie Bliss before and just love it.  I have given these as gifts to a few people but there are some I know  haven't had one.
I love knitting with beads so am going to get cracking on the first one this weekend - in between housework, shopping and marking that is!
As you can see I have chosen a lovely soft green for the first one, not sure if I will use pink, white or silver beads - I have loads of these beads so don't want to be sending off for any more just yet.
I will line the bags and then put a little hanky and lavender bag in each with maybe a tiny box of chocolates.  I will keep you posted as I progress with these.
Now to get down to the Giveaway!  My wonderful beloved as you probably have guessed is not in the best of health and we have our ups and downs and worries as everyone does.  It is a hard road for both of us but we try to keep going even though it can be so difficult at times.  He has been wonderful to me and been trying to get on with painting and restoring my lovely old cabinet but progress is so painfully slow but he is doing his best.  He has also been painting my Sophie Tilley spools for me and here is a photograph of the four beauties.
There will be two prizes - each prize will consist of one of these lovely ladies plus some ribbon plus..................I am getting a few things together at the moment so won't say any more.  The lovely Sophie Tilley has said that she will pull the names out of a hat for me (maybe over the email if we have to) but she will do it for me.  Sophie is the lovely lady with the brown top and red scarf.  She is delightful and so much fun.
All I would like to say is why you would like a Sophie Tilley dolly and what name you would give her.  I shall put all the names in a big hat and then Sophie can do the rest.  I shall do this on 1st November to give everyone a chance.  I know the two lovely Sophie spools will go to very good homes.
Now what about the other two I can hear you say - well one is already spoken for - it is going to a very special friend of mine who I love dearly.  We don't see each other much but I| think the world of her and she is one of the most talented people I have ever met.  What about the other one?  Well she is for me!  I have to own one don't I - she will be a little friend for my Sophie doll which I showed you a few weeks ago.
I meant to say that they are all not finished yet as they have some little touches to go on, plus their hats and of course, lots of lovely ribbon around them. 
I do hope you will all take part and wish everyone good luck.  Well lovely Friends I must love you and leave for a while as I have to go and cook tea.  I do hope you have a wonderful evening/day depending on where you are in our glorious world.  Do keep in touch and let's know how you are getting on, it makes my day to hear from you.  Lots of love and big hugs to you, Dorothy :-)xxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Hello dear Dorothy, The spools are lovely, but I am sorryto hear that your hubby is not in the best of health, how kind of him to help you with the painting of the spools....talking of which thy are adorable....Pop my name in the hat!
    On your advice I also bought a sophie Tilly doll , alas she is still in the box..but I love her and all the pretty packaging. I agree sophie Tilly is so talented... nice to pop by and chat see you soon
    Once again thank you for your comments on my blog, they touch my heart...x

  2. Hello lovely Dorothy. I am so sorry to hear that you hubby is unwell still and my heart and thoughts go out to you both. It puts so much strain on life and also on responsibilities and the relationship itself. I hope that you somehow you both find the strength to get through this. I am sending you a big hug dearest. Wow, pretty cushion that you are making and what sweet appliques you have made. I am so amazed that your hubby painted those beautiful Sophie Tilly dollie and they would look so lovely in my sewing room. I especially like the red one on the very far left of the picture and I would name her Tilly or Milly so somehow it honors the creator. I have so many beautiful pieces of lace I would love to wrap her in and welcome her into my world of creating. Sophie is so clever and such a talent. Do let me know before you go and see her again as I will be sending you a little list of wants. Sending you much love and wishes for a lovely weekend. xoxo

  3. Tried to edit the message before it went, but couldn't. Her name will be Matilda and not Tilly or Milly, but Matilda. Thank you for the chance to win this beauty! xoxo

  4. Sorry to hear hubby isn't well, it's so hard-going for both of you. Sending you hugs. No need to enter my name in the draw as I wouldn't make a very good job of a sewn dolly. :) Good luck to everyone else! xxx

  5. Hi Dorothy, She looks like a Betty to me, you know a bit betty boo with the black bob and cute lips. You have some great plans, try and chew a bit at a time or you will get blown away and we want you to stay happy. I must be the only person in the world who has not got a Nicki Trench Book. I am popping it on my Christmas list! great to hear from you with your creative mind. Thanks for always calling into my blog. Jo x

  6. Your cushion looks so lovely, beautiful choice if fabric and colours. Sorry to hear that your husband has not been so well, it sounds as if you are both a wonderful support to each other too. What a lovely giveaway...I would love to enter, thank you for the chance. My little girl would adore one of these dolls and we would call her Betty.
    Thank you for the lovely comments you leave on my blog, I really do appreciate them.
    Marianne x

  7. Hello Dorothy, gosh you've covered a lot in this post; you are doing a great job with your cushion and your zip looks A1 - well done! Lots of lovely creative ideas for Christmas - you just need time to make, make, make, and I am concerned that you are pushing your self a little too much again! I'm so sorry to hear it's your lovely husband who is suffering bad health and do wish you both well during this difficult time.
    Warm hug, Joy x

  8. Hi Dorothy, sorry to hear your husband's not well and hope things improve. You've been very busy with preparations for Christmas. I'm being like an ostrich, buring my head and hoping it will go away unitl a bit nearer the time but I'm sure your approach is better. Love the dolls and would like to be in the drawer. I would call her Alice, after my favourite storybook character. Jacqui x

  9. My dear Dorothy. You are such a bad influence on me. I went straight away and ordered the Nicki Trent book plus a different one that I spotted on ebay for 99p.
    I love the hanky purse, what a fab design, should I have looked for that book at the same time? I have never threaded beads onto yarn though. Sounds complicated ;0)
    Enjoy your weekend. Hugs x

  10. Hello Dorothy....Such a lovely post showing all your current makes and crafty plans...your cushion is looking lovely!
    I love your Sophie Tilley spools and your lovely hubby has done a wonderful job painting them. Would you pop my name into your hat please? I would love to have one in my work room to inspire me and I think she would be a 'Lulu'....they make me think of the silent movie star Louise Brooks!
    Hope everything improves for your hubby x
    Happy Weekend,
    Susan x
    P.S I'll add a link on my blog for you!

  11. Good morning Dorothy - you've been super busy over there but I must say extremely organised! I love the handkerchief bags - perfect present material! Your husband is obviously super duper talented too - so sorry to hear he is not well. As for the Sophie spools I would call one Coco - after Ms. Chanel - and she would sit on my desk next to the sewing machine encouraging me to make some lovely things. I hope you and your husband are enjoying some of the lovely sunshine we are having over here in Staffordshire. Hugs x Jane

  12. Hi just discovered your blog which was linked from another blog I was reading. Am sorry to hear about your other half and hope he is well soon. I would call the sophie tilly doll Aunt Sally as a reminder of the lovely Una Stubbs in Worzel Gummidge which my children used to enjoy watching - happy memory. Take care. Sue x

  13. Hi there Dorothy. I would call my Sophie doll (if I was lucky enough to win one) Amelie, I think she looks rather french and chic. I have enjoyed reading your blog which I came across today.

    1. forgot to say why I would like her...because she looks sweet and could keep me company from my dresser shelf whilst I sow. My cookery and sewing books will keep her company.

  14. I adore the faces that your lovely husband has painted on the ladies. They look very 1940's ish. So I am going for Grace and Ivy as names for these lovely girls.
    I would love to win one for the happy feeling she would bring me.

  15. They are so lovely, if I were lucky enough I'd call her Annabel, as the name just seems to suit.