Friday, 6 September 2013

A very rainy day

Hello Folks how are you all on this very rainy Friday evening.  This week has been very busy as always - I am sure that you have all been equally as busy.  I had to go out this afternoon from work to the North Wales coast on some business and on the way home I stopped off at the lovely Rhos-on-Sea.  If you remember I had visited there last Saturday and there was a lovely shop which I wanted to visit.  It was closed then but I really wanted to get back to it as soon as I could.  I was so glad that I did.  Do come in and make yourself at home and I'll pop the kettle on.
When I had visited Rhos-on-Sea last week I found a wonderfully old fashioned looking shop which was beautifully presented outside and inside.  It was closed then but there was lots of quality items in the windows and quite a few people were having a look in.  I was determined to come back to explore and went back today.  I would have taken some photographs outside but, unfortunately, the rain was torrential and it was impossible to get a good view.  I was going to take some on Saturday but there were quite a few people around so it was difficult.  Next time I visit I will take some pictures for you as it is so lovely and I'm sure you lovely People would love to see it.
This glamorous lady was just inside the shop and as you can see from the picture there are lots of lovely vintage things to look at.  When I stepped into the shop it really reminded me of Berties which I think I mentioned in another post.  This was the most gorgeous vintage dress shop I have ever been in - sadly Berties has now closed down but he is still operating online.  Anyway, I digress, back to this lovely place.  This shop is called Naturally and the address is 28 Colwyn Avenue, Rhos-on-Sea, LL28 4RB and it is packed with beautiful vintage clothes, handbags, cashmere sweaters, cashmere scarves, china, glass, in fact everything you could think of.   Even a rather lovely old cash register.
The shop has three beautiful rooms and out of one of these came a very glamorous owner who is from Russia.  Her name is Tanya and she is just such a lovely lady.  She explained that she had a great love of vintage and always wanted to rescue beautiful things.  She worked hard really collecting a wide range of goods which would appeal to many people, including me.  I had spied three rather lovely figures which I thought would look nice in our house.  I also loved the picture below and the vintage typewriter, I would love one of these but have nowhere to put it!  Have you spied anything you would like?
Below is a picture of the middle room - I apologise for the quality of the photographs, I am not happy with them and am seriously thinking about a new camera, I know I had some great advice from some of my lovely readers so am going to have a look at some.
There was so much to look at and these pictures don't do the shop justice.  However, what really made the shop special was Tanya as it was so obvious that she had a great love of vintage and really appreciated everything she had collected.
This was the third room and had lots of vintage clothes, handbags and linen and I was very tempted with a few pieces.  Tanya had some fantastic French table linen which was all in fabulous condition.
Aren't these gorgeous!
Tanya also had lots of beautiful jewellery and nick-nacks - I could have bought so much today Folks and am regretting not buying some of the linen, but, I will be returning again.
If you are ever over in North Wales and want to visit a wonderful vintage shop which is so well loved and cared for then do visit Tanya, I know that you will be given such a warm welcome and you will love browsing as I did today.  She has said that you can contact her on 01492 541726 if you wish to find out the times her shop is open, I know she will be delighted to see you.
Over the last few nights I have been trying to make room in my tiny sewing place and have found even more projects which are unfinished.  Remember I said that I would try and finish things this year lovely Folks.  I found this little bag which I had knitted from a Debbie Abraham's kit - I had bought this absolutely ages ago from Rowan Mills in Holmfirth.  As you can see it is lined in a Kaffe Fassett fabric and I had attached some handles. 
For some bizarre reason, only known to me, I had left off a few buttons and found them inside the bag waiting to be sewn on - how crazy is that!  I have no idea why I had left it unfinished considering how little needed to be done.  I feel ashamed of myself telling you all this.  The front has some really cute beads on - I am sure you know by now how much I adore beads.
This is the back part of the bag with some jolly stripes
Below is the bag all finished and ready to go, I am quite proud of it now and think it is quite nice.  I hope you all like it too.
To put me to even more shame Folks here is the label which I had sewn in..............look at the date on it.
Well, at least that is another unfinished project out of the way.  I have to move on now to finish the birthday cushion which has to be posted by Monday in order to reach her in good time.  I will post more photographs as I sew this.  My printmaking course starts on Tuesday evening and I am so excited but have not got a clue what I am letting myself in for.  Sewing classes also start on Wednesday evening so it looks as if it is going to be a full week ahead but it is exciting.
Well my lovely Readers, I will finish now as I want to prepare the fabrics for the cushion.  I also meant to say that I bought the paints today for my Sophie Tilley dolly and am excited that my husband is going to paint it for me - I know I should do it really but I am just hopeless and would hate to make a mess of it.
I do hope you all have a wonderful evening and day tomorrow - hope the weather is kinder to you than here.  I could hardly see to drive when I was coming home tonight but it seems to have eased off slightly now.  I had gotten used to the sunny days - hope they haven't gone forever now!  Speak soon, much love to you all as always, Dorothy :-)xxxxxxxxxxx


  1. What a fab shop Dorothy - did you finish up making any purchases, or not?
    That is a lovely colourful bag you've just finished!!! And don't you have another busy week ahead - how do you fit in so much - "slow down, you're going too fast - gotta make the morning last" goes the song, but in your case it's the whole day that needs to slow, I think!
    Take care of yourself and avoid driving in that heavy heavy rain if you can!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Love, Joy xo

  2. Oh hat shop Dorothy I will be I such trouble if I set foot in there. It's my kinda shop!! All those hats, I'm very much a hat gal and all those French table linens! I think I would buy them all the paintings are also rather lovely. Thanks for sharing this with us, I always enjoy seeing other places especially as fab as this. Now for you bag dearest, what a beautiful bag you made back in 2011, I am so impressed!!!! I absolutely love it and despite not finishing it till now (like so many of us do!) you should be super proud. It's certainly Wintery here and very wet. Wishing you a very happy weekend. Goodluck with that bag! Xoxo

  3. Such a wonderful shop Dorothy...I could spend hours looking around at all those treasures and I'm so happy to hear that you finally finished your project because your bag is beautiful!
    Happy Weekend,
    Susan x

  4. The bag looks wonderful. Doesn't it feel great when you finish a project?
    That shop is a real find.