Sunday, 20 October 2013

Having a creative break

Hi Everyone how are you all doing this Sunday?  I hope you are enjoying some rest and maybe some crafting, hope so.  We went to our Son's 40th surprise meal last night and really enjoyed ourselves - it was a welcome break from work. 
The cowl for my granddaughter was a success and she loved it so am about to make three more.  I found so much yarn stashed away from when I used to go the Rowan workshops up in Yorkshire in Holmfirth.  I was very much into knitting then and had a passion for it.  Often at the end of the workshops they would offer yarn at reduced prices so I would of course snap these up.  The only snag would be that they would usually be colours I wouldn't have chosen or else they would not be the weight of yarn I would usually knit it - but a bargain is a bargain, or is it?
Anyway this yarns has languished in the cupboard still all wrapped up waiting for a project and, if you wait long enough one is bound to come along and it has!  Do you like the colours - she loved them all so I will make the three as they are so easy to make.
I have been working really hard today on all the work I have to do for my day job but decided tonight that enough was enough and I badly needed to do come crafting.  I have some projects to catch up on in readiness for the grandchildren hopefully coming to say the week after next.  These are: the fox cushions to complete for my lovely daughter-in-law, the princess cushion for my granddaughter (have made one already) and I have to turn up the hem on the Liberty print dress I made for her as well.  I have cut out the fox cushions ready so will try to finish these tonight.
It is a busy week at work so I need to get my skates on, plus clean the house properly, buy lots of food for them and plan all the adventures we are going to have.  They have already asked for a Halloween party and want me to dress up as a vampire!!  This should be good fun.  So as you can see I have tons to do but I don't mind as I love to keep busy as all of you have. 
After making the little red bag in sewing class last week I have decided not to bother with the diary covers as I made such a mess of that one.  Instead I will make as many small Christmas bags as I can and put gifts in them.  I think they are quite cute and hopefully people will enjoy using them.  These are the colours I have picked out for the next one.
I shall use the Cath Kidston tea towel on the outside and use the Primark tea towel as the lining as I think it will look quite pretty with the reds.  What do you think?
I have also found a few new blogs which I have put on my blog list which look very interesting.  Do have a look and see what you think - Flossie Teacakes, I'm a ginger monkey, A cuppa and a catchup and Cluck Cluck Sew.  Do have a look at them as they are all interesting and very informative (for me anyway). 
Well lovely Folks this is really short and sweet for me tonight.  I have to get going on the sewing so will have to love you and leave you all.  Do leave some comments if you are able as I do love to hear from you all.  You are all the reason I keep going so a huge thank you to you all.  I am sorting out the giveaway this week and will be posting some pictures for you all to see.  I am looking forward to seeing who the lucky winners are.  Have a good week and I will speak to you very soon.  Big hugs to you all, Dorothy :-)xxxxxxxxxx


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog Dorothy and I'm glad you said hello!!! Have a great week!! -Allison

  2. there's nothing like a creative break for recharging your batteries! x

  3. Sounds like you made the very most of getting those creative juices flowing. You must be so excited for the kids coming to stay and the idea of dressing up as a vampire, that's just brilliant. I'm sorry I haven't emailed yet, but my little village stall will be on Friday the 29th of November from 7-10 but I completely understand if you can't make it as its not the best if times in the day. Also are you free to meet at this months treae which is next Sunday?? If not no need to worry as there are many more months ahead. Hope you're well and enjoy your creative makes. A very happy birthday to your son too xoxo

  4. I'm honestly in awe of how you manage to fit so much in!! Really love the little bags your making and such a good idea (might need to steal that idea ;-) )
    As usual lovely to hear. From you look forward to the next installment

  5. I follow Flossie Teacakes, she has some great sewing skills. I think the bags were great and they are a great way to wrap presents without buying paper. I don't think I could sleep at night if I thought there was unused Rowan in my cupboards! Glad the cowls were a success. Jo x

  6. A Happy 40th birthday to your son!
    I'm so pleased to hear your granddaughter was happy with the cowl, Dorothy, and now you have some more jobs to do and lovely yarn with which to do them, as well as finish off all those other bits and bobs - busy, busy, but you seem to thrive on it so well! It will be so nice for you to have the youngsters for a stay, and hallowe'en sounds like a lot of excitement too - enjoy it when it gets here.
    Warm hugs, Joy xo

  7. You're one busy lady! :) Belated happy birthday to your son too! Happy crafting Dorothy! xxx

  8. I like those yarns. The cowl must not take much yardage. What a blessing!

    Our local Maple Leaf Festival was Saturday. That always signals the beginning of the crafting and Christmas prep season for me! I'm going to be making some lists this week.
    Harvest Lane Cottage

  9. Your yarn looks beautiful Dorothy and I think it will all be perfect for cowls...they are great little projects to do and so practical too, aren't they?
    I love making Christmas bags for gifts and your tea towels are perfect for the job..they go perfectly together.
    Enjoy preparing for all those adventures with your dear'll have so much fun together at Halloween!
    Hope you're having a great week,
    Susan x

  10. Glad your granddaughter liked the cowl, and I think those yarns will be great for making more. Happy birthday to your son too!
    Marianne x

  11. Your yarn is lovely, very soft and pretty, and cowls do make lovely presents. I like making gift bags too, and your ideas are very sweet and festive. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Dorothy.
    Helen x