Friday, 18 October 2013

A Full Week

Hi Everyone do come in and make yourself at home.  How are you all doing?  I hope you are fit and well and enjoying life.  I was full of good meaning this week to write up another post but unfortunately, work got in the way.  This week has been exceptionally busy with very early mornings and very late nights - not good news for the craft Folks.  My lovely students are all getting ready to put their university applications in and we have been working hard on their statements and forms - it is a very stressful time for them all and I am like an old mother hen with them so try to give as much support as I can.  However, it is quite exhausting but we have a break the week after next so I will hopefully have some catch up time for my lovely husband and myself.  I am hoping to see our gorgeous grandchildren over the holiday, have missed them all so much. 
I have been trying to keep up with a little sewing/knitting this week so have not completely forgotten it all.  I don't tend to sleep very long so try to do something each night if I can, even if it is only for 20 minutes.
On the way home tonight I spotted this new magazine in the shop and had to buy it of course, although I am trying to cut down on the number of these which I buy.  It looks very colourful and has some nice projects in. 
I don't know about you but I love Jane Foster and have treated myself to her new book, just waiting for it to arrive any day now!  Do you like her work?  I always feel more cheerful when I look at her designs.
I loved these pillows, so gorgeous but I am not sure how many more cushions I can make.  However it would be a challenge for me to cut out all these pieces of fabric accurately!
I did manage to get to my sewing class this week and bought some fabric from Rachel, it is another of John Lewis's fabrics, not sure what they make with it.  Has anyone seen this in the store - probably made up into cushions.  Would love to hear if you have seen it sewn up.  Just liked the colours as it reminded me of autumn. I think I got a bargain here.
I had a go at making a cover for a diary as part of my hand made gift drive - you can't see the colours properly in the photograph but it is black on the top and I have used some of the fabric I had over from the bag I was making.  I am not that happy with it and was going to put some buttons on to tidy it up but am not sure.  I don't think it is good enough to give to anyone as a Christmas gift.
As you can see, not very professional inside either!  As usual I was rushing it along as I didn't have much time this week.  I have to slow down and take more time with everything.  I was reading the lovely Jo's blog of Three Stories High tonight and she was talking about making things in steps - she was talking about her crochet.  I really identified with her but I lack patience sometimes and try to cram everything in.  Something you know very well lovely Readers having read my previous posts.
I also started on the next set of  bags for my friends at work.  I had spotted this piece of fabric at sewing class and bought it off Rachel.  My lovely friend Sarah absolutely adores the colour green so I know that she will love this - have to take my time and get it right though.  I am getting better with the zips but still not that confident so I will waiting for sewing class before putting one in this one.  I am not sure what colour to line it with though - any ideas?  I have some lovely white satin or shall I look for some green or brown?  Any help warmly received lovely Readers.
Do you like the beading?  I am really going to put a lot of beads on this one to make it look very pretty.  Hope you like them.
I also made up this little 'Christmas' type bag which I thought I could fill with sweeties or such.  It is made from one tea towel from Primark - I think I got 4 in a set (all different designs but mostly red) for £3 which was a bargain.  I do love the red and white.

It was so easy to make so I must be getting more confident in my sewing - hopefully!
I also finished off the last of the three teapot bags for the lovely ladies in the café at work.  Do you like this one?  Rachel helped me with the zip and it looks ok. 
I will tell you about the book next to it in a mo.
I picked this up in a charity shop the other day and just love it.  You know how much I enjoy reading about the war years and how women coped with all the difficulties they had to overcome.  It also reinforces the knowledge that nothing under the sun is new in our craft world as it has all been done before.
Look at this little scarf below - so pretty.
The blanket and gloves are so in at the moment - would love to see them in colour.
This looks difficult - not sure that I could cope with turning up a hem like this?  What about you lovely Folks?
You would certainly need a steady hand to do this!
How about recovering that settee - remember they didn't have all the gadgets and fabrics we have now but they were so resourceful.
I love the kettle on the table and those applique designs are so familiar.
Finally I am busy finishing off the cowl for my eldest granddaughter but have hit a snag - have run out of yarn.  It says on the label that the one ball should be enough and I have checked my tension and it seems ok but I must be doing something wrong.  I have some yarn from years ago in the cupboard of similar weight so am going to try and find it.  I am meeting her tomorrow for a special meal for my lovely youngest Son who is 40 so I need to finish it tonight - have to get my skates on!
Well lovely Readers I have to love you and leave you tonight.  It is terribly stormy here and raining very heavily.  I do hope you are enjoying better weather.  I hope to catch up with you tomorrow or Sunday to give you an update on how the cowl went.  I have loads of projects to finish this week as I have deadlines to meet so I will have to be busy, busy, busy.  Have a wonderful evening/day wherever you are in the world, keep safe and be happy.  Big hugs to you, lots of love, Dorothy:-)xxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Hi Miss Dorothy,
    I do like the sprocket pillow. It reminds me of the olden days. I haven't turned up a hem like that, but it would be nice to have my hems straighter than they are!

    Harvest Lane Cottage

  2. What a fabulous find that Wartime Sewing Book was. Love the illustrations. I'm envious.... wish I'd seen it. Have a good weekend J x

  3. Hello lovely Dorothy! What a lovely post filled with some wonderful eye candy. I love the look of that book by Jane foster and interestingly enough I am busy tryin to assemble some very similar looking bunnies, yet I havent seen hers before, how interesting. Mine are a great deal fatter and nowhere near as beautiful mind you. I think you should use that lovely fabric as the middle bit of those beautiful looking cushions, look no further! Wow that wartime sewing book looks amazing, I would love to have a good read through that. I hope you have a really wonderful and related weekend and I love all your new creations, you are so talented my dear. Thanks for your sweet comments over at mine. Much love xoxo

  4. Hello Dorothy usual you take my breath away with your well as working full really are an amazing woman...The wartime book looks so interesting

    ....bestest weekend wishes to you and yours as ever
    Daisy x

  5. Hi Dorothy...I can't believe how much you have managed to achieve in such a busy week! I absolutely love your tea towel bag, what a fantastic idea, it looks really lovely. Also, your new quilting magazine looks great too, lots of nice looking projects in there, these magazines are vey hard to resist aren't they?! Wishing you a lovely weekend with some time to rest and craft of course!
    Marianne xx

  6. Hi Dorothy, my goodness, what would you produce in a quiet week?! The wartime book looks fascinating. I don't think I would ever be brave enough to turn up a hem while actually wearing it! Lesley x

  7. Wow Dorothy, that IS busy! How do you manage to do so much in a week, with work as well! Lovely post once again - I think that the lining for the bag should be a light shade, otherwise one can have difficulty finding what's in there. Yes? I don't think I am familiar with Jane Foster, but am very impressed with her book, thank you for showing it. I hope you managed to finish the cowl in time.
    Have a lovely Sunday dear, and I hope your Hubby is doing well.
    Warm hugs, Joy xo

  8. You have some lovely little projects all finished up Dororthy. I really like the stripy bag - so versatile. Jo x