Sunday, 13 October 2013

A rainy weekend

Hello Everyone do come in out of the rain - it has been pouring here most of the day and quite chilly.  I hope that you are enjoying a little better weather than we are here.  Have had a busy couple of days but managed to find a bit of time to have a day off yesterday.  Hope you have enjoyed a good weekend so far.  Do let me put the kettle on for a cup of tea and some cake maybe?  Please make yourself at home, it is so nice to see you again.
Yesterday I decided to go for a trip home to Liverpool where I was born.  I always drive to the other side of the River Mersey and catch the ferry across the river.  I love the feeling of being on the ferry as my lovely Dad worked on these for many years painting and restoring them each year so that they were always ready for their duties.

The ferries were involved in both world wars and came under enemy fire and were granted the Royal charter after their feats in the second world war.  They were then rebuilt back to their former glory and have continued ever since.  I love going on them as I feel close to my lovely Dad who is no longer with me.  It always brings tears to my eyes when I am on one of them and heading towards my home city. 

Of course I had to visit a lovely shop for a latte and my wasn't it all set up for Christmas!
Made me feel very Christmassy.
Had to buy a few things for the tree - I know, I know it is too early but I couldn't resist!
I just had to put this little birdie and his house on my tree at home (not a Christmas tree I must add!). I couldn't resist this little fellow with the red breast - again he is in my little cage at home - the door is always open so he can fly out at any time.
There seems to be a few little feathered friends in there now.  I also had to have this little sparkle sign, I am just drawn to my sparkly things - maybe it is my age and I will grow out of it.
I also spotted this lovely cushion - do you like it?  Foxes are all in this year.
They were rather pricey though.  More about this later.........
I popped into the haberdashery department and bought this book.  I have been looking at it on Amazon for ages and have been going back and to about buying it.  It was there and I had a good look at it and treated myself. 
There are a few nice little projects which I could use with all the hexagons I have found recently in my loft.
This is another nice little project.
Finally, before heading home I stepped into Cath Kidston and found these lovely tea towels which I couldn't resist.  They would be so nice as place mats or bags - what do you think lovely Folks, you know how much I love my tea towels so are probably not surprised I bought them.
Now to update you on what I have been doing craftwise.  On Friday evening I stitched some beads on to my bag for the lovely ladies in our café at work.  I am keen to get this one finished as this means that 3 gifts will have been completed and I can make a start on the rest.  The only problem is that I keep adding people to my list - I either have to give up work to have enough time to finish them all by Christmas or cut down the list or make smaller gifts - any advice?????
I have also made a start on a project I have had since last summer - this lovely loop scarf which I want to make for my eldest granddaughter who is in her final year of university and needs something warm when she is out and about on the campus. 
It is so easy to knit and I made a start on this last night after I had finished my sewing - it was so nice to sit back and relax with it.
Now finally to the cushion.  When I went to my sewing class last week the lovely Rachel always has bits and pieces of fabric in her box to sell.  I couldn't believe when I spotted these - only £6 for the large piece and £1 for the two smaller pieces.
What a bargain, what a find!
I know that my lovely daughter-in-law would love these.  I messaged her from Liverpool asking her if she liked the cushions and she said - yes please!  So last night I set about working on the fabric I had from Rachel - I think I will get 3 large cushions out of the piece and smaller ones from the rest of it - might even try and make a couple of little fabric boxes with the front of the fox on one and the back on the other.........Who knows

I used my wonderful Lilly Blossom pattern once again, I would be lost without this - it is so wonderfully easy to use.  It really didn't take long and I was so excited at the result.  The whole fox uses a bed pillow and is so comfy.  My daughter-in-law's reaction - It looks so professional.  Folks this is such a compliment to me as I know that I have a lot to learn but hopefully I am making progress.
Here it is - she would like three of them so two more to go.....................
Lovely Friends I want to say a huge thank you to all of you as you have helped me along my journey since starting my blog.  Without your support and comments I would have given up so a big hug to you one and all.  I am busy preparing my Sophie Tilley bobbins ready for the giveaway in a few weeks.  I hope you all have a fabulous week and enjoy yourselves.  Lots and lots of love to you all.  Dorothy :-)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. My dear Dorothy, I always look forward to reading your blog and catching up with all you are busy making.
    What a lucky find the fox fabric was and how well the pillow turned out.
    Of course the T-Towels are fab, you make me wish I did not give all my pristine picture ones to the Charity shop a few years ago. Still, they went to a good home I hope.
    The beading on the bag looks so lovely and a tad Asian.
    I have now ordered the Patchwork book, you are a bad influence on me ;0)
    Hugs x

  2. A lovely sentimental journey for you on the ferry Dorothy, and doesn't that shop look so lovely - but soooo early too! I know we are into prep for the season but personally I think it's nicer to see the shops suddenly all come alive much nearer to the date.
    I'm sure that lovely book will be inspirational for you with your hexes, and I love your foxy pillow, and at a bargain price compared to the shop one, as well as being filled with love for family as you construct it! Your grand-daughter will keep warm with her lovely scarf and will surely be thrilled with it.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely post once again Dorothy, have a great week and thanks for yours on mine.
    Hugs, Joy xo

  3. You've been very busy again this week. Thanks for sharing Jacqui x

  4. An action packed weekend - shopping, sewing, knitting, browsing books, I would say that is pretty perfect. The pillow looks brilliant dare I say 'foxy'. Love Jo x

  5. Hello lovely Dorothy and thank you for your very sweet comment over at mine. I am always so touched by your loveliness! I will email you the details of the fair, it really won't be anything big, but it will always be lovely to see you there! It looks like you had a lovely day out in Liverpool and I think it is lovely to start buying bits for the tree early, before everything goes. I only do it every three years or so, and I did mine last year, so this year I won't be spending on tree bits, but I have made some so there will be something new. I can't believe you found the exact same fabric, wow that was a stroke of luck! I think your cushion looks wonderful and I am going to have a look at the link you provided, thank you. I think it is really difficult to make Christmas presents for everyone and even though I always try I know that sometimes I will end up buying some handmade pressies instead of making it all myself, after all it is still handmade and that is what makes it special. I hope you have a good week dearest. Much love xoxo

  6. Hi Dorothy,
    I love a rainy day. It looks as though it might rain here soon, too. I really must start making my lists of things to make and get busy!

  7. Hello Dorothy your day in the city looks fun and it's nice to get some Christmas things ready early. Love those foxy cushions, well done! They make a wonderful gift. Knitting the cosy scarf is the perfect project for these rainy chilly autumn days.
    Wishing you a very happy week.
    Helen x

  8. Thank you for sharing your little trip to Liverpool So interesting to hear the stories of the ferry. I love that pillow, but my the price was eye watering!!!! How lucky you were to find the lovely fabric with the same print. The weather here has been miserable and rainy too. It rained so hard this evening I feared we might wash away! Love your little birds too, I am inspired now to find some for our tree as they are so sweet and cheery when the weather is grey. So glad to have found your lovely blog. Have a great week.

  9. the cushions are fab! I've never seen that fox fabric before. Think I just tried to leave you a message in the contact form! Ooops.