Sunday, 6 October 2013

Sunny Sunday

Hi Everyone do come in and have a cuppa, how are you?  I just thought I would do a quick post to have a chat with you all.  It is a lovely sunny October day here and I should be out doing some exercise but then I thought I would rather stay and talk to you. 

I realised from the lovely comments I had received from all of you that I had misled you on the last post and hadn't made myself clear - something I do all the time - it is clear in my head but I am that excited about something the explanation comes out all wrong!  I am using a pattern from Ebay for a cushion but decided to make some makeup/pen bags for my friends for Christmas - I am making them a big bigger than a make up bag so they can use them for all bits and pieces.  I don't know about you but I try to keep a fabric bag in my main handbag because if I don't I can't find anything!  Anyway that was my thinking - at the moment I have 9 people on my list, now whether I will meet the target who knows!  But on the way I will be able to practise the dreaded zips............

One bag is now finished - I struggled with the zip at the end and nearly threw the whole lot in the bin!  But I fiddled around and then put the magic iron on it and it seemed to be ok.

Had a chat to Rachel in my sewing class about finishing and she was saying that although we know where our mistakes are, other people don't notice them and just see the finished thing.

I struggle with this idea as you have probably guessed but I know she is right and have to try and live with it as I don't want it to spoil what I am doing now as I am enjoying it so much. 

Here is the front of the finished bag - it is for one of my lovely friends in our Lifestyle Bar at work who makes the most wonderful lattes for me every day - they are a fabulous team of three gorgeous ladies who brighten my days at work.  I thought that the teapot and cakes would be appropriate for them - what do you think Folks?

This is the back of the bag.

I was on a roll now so quickly started the second one - I cut out the shapes and ironed them on the front and back.  Found this fabric in Rachel's box and she kind sold it to me for a few pence so am delighted with it.  Browns and yellows have never been my colours but I do love these.  I must say that I am warming to these shades after reading all your wonderful blogs.  This is going to be the back of the second bag.

This is the front of it.  Has to be embellished with all my beads yet so I did a bit of work on it last night using an embroidery hoop which made it so much easier.  Will give you an update when it is nearly there.  Only one more to go then and the Lifestyle Ladies will be sorted for Christmas.  I thought I would put some chocs inside for them. 

Well lovely Folks I must leave you for a bit now and do hope you have the most fantastic day or evening depending on where you all are in the world.  Thank you for your wonderful comments which I really appreciate and take on board.  You are a gorgeous group of people and I am so happy to be here with you all in Blogland - I think we should take over the world!  Take care of yourselves and speak soon.  By the way the dolly giveaways are coming along nicely and I am just making some little scarves for their pretty heads.  Will keep you all updated on these and thanks for the names - they are all fab.  See you all soon, lots of love as always, Dorothy:-)xxxxxxxxxxxxxx




  1. Those are fab gifts Dorothy. I love the colours of all three if them and I'm sure your friends will love them. What a great idea!! Enjoy your Sunday. Much love xoxo

  2. Lovely lovely makes Dorothy, and your zip looks great too! I'm sure your friend's will be very happy to receive such lovely gifts.
    Hugs, Joy xo

  3. Love the bags. Will make wonderful presents. Jacqui x

  4. All the bags look great. The Zip finish is amazing, I can't spot a flaw, wish I knew how you managed it.
    The brown and orange material reminds me of a little pinafore dress that I bought for my cousin's daughter in the late '60's, fabby and cute.

  5. The bags look lovely, Dorothy, and you have chosen great fabrics. I love the zippered pouch and think the zip looks very good!! Love the bright dotty fabric very much. Wishing you a wonderful week!
    Helen x

  6. The bags are amazing. I love that teapot design! I am sure they will be appreciated. Lesley x