Thursday, 31 October 2013

A busy few days.....

Hi Everyone do come in and make yourself at  home.  How are you?  It is so lovely to see you all again.  I had meant to write a post earlier this week but have had some wonderful guests staying with us for a few days and we have had a fun time but not a minute to spare!  The weather hasn't been too kind unfortunately but we made the best of it doing some crafting, baking and having a Halloween party to finish, even went ghost hunting around the park but fortunately didn't meet any!
I am only writing a short post today Folks but am planning to write one tomorrow as well in preparation for the giveaways - just getting the bobbin dolls ready to be photographed for the prize draw tomorrow.
Remember this little dress which I made a while ago?  I was worried that a. she wouldn't like it and b. it might not fit.  Well the little lady in question did like it and it fitted, thank goodness. 

She posed in it for you all to see.  Forgive the socks, we were on our way out to the park and she refused to take them off.  She particularly loved her bag.

This is the back, not a good photograph as she was wriggling and wanting to go out for some fun.

I had bought some letters from Hobbycraft and some decopatch papers.  I have not used these before on a particular project, only lined drawers with them.  We didn't manage to finish the letters so they are awaiting some varnish and I will show you the completed project when this is done.  The girls did their own letters C and E, plus they made one for their brother who was away this weekend.  He hasn't seen it yet but I am hoping he will be pleased.
Little C busy with hers.

Such hard work!

Miss E very busy doing one for Mr D.  Hope he appreciates her hard work.  She doesn't want me to show you hers yet until it is finished.

A few of you lovely Folk had asked how I made the tea towel bags so I am preparing a short tutorial for you.  The expert sewers out there will have to avert their eyes as I am not a good sewer but they seem to turn out ok, not perfect but hopefully I am improving with each one.  I am going to use two tea towels from a pack I bought ages ago at IKEA, loved them as they were such pretty colours and designs.  I will use one as the lining and the other as the outer and will be putting Christmas gifts in them for my friends instead of using the usual Christmas wrapping paper.  This year my theme is going to be brown paper and red ribbon.   

I loved the combination of the two colours - reminded me of Tilda fabrics, do you like them?

Well lovely Folks I will have to love you and leave you as I have to go to work now.  The few days I have had off have been fabulous and the party went with a swing, sorry I didn't take many photographs as I like to give the children my full attention when I am with them.  I am hoping you have a wonderful day and enjoy Halloween tonight.  I will be back tomorrow with the giveaways and hopefully the tutorial in the next day or two.  Have fun and take care, lots of love to you all as always. Dorothy:-)xxxxxxxxxxxx








  1. Oh so lovely! :) Love how little lady wouldn't take her socks! Love your new fabric, very pretty! xxx

  2. What a sweet little dress and bag! Just gorgeous. I am very much looking forward to your tea towel bag tutorial! I will be popping in to ikea tomorrow so will pop into ikea for a couple of tea towels I think, in preparation!
    Marianne x

  3. The dress has turned out brilliantly hasn't it. What a cutie. Jox

  4. The little dress is so sweet on your grand daughter. I'm so glad you had a lovely time with your grandchildren, and I'm sure they loved being with you. The decoupage letters are a lovely idea for them to do. Have a happy weekend, Dorothy.
    Helen x

  5. As I am reading and writing my door bell is constantly ringing, thank goodness I am well stocked with treats.
    Cody carved me 2 pumpkins and I have my witches broom is by the front door to indicate that I will welcome the revellers.
    I adore the frock and especially the bag, it is just too cute. That fabric was a real find.
    I am looking forward to the T-Towel tutorial. The ones you have from IKEA are fab. I have only been in that store once and came over all un-necessesary. Perhaps I can persuade my daughter in law to choose me some on Friday ;0)

  6. Your Grandie looks so sweet in her lovely new dress, and how lucky she is to have a matching bag too. Wow! Well done Dorothy!
    Nice idea for them to do their letters, sounds like you've all had a great time together. Warm hugs, Joy xo

  7. The dress is very beautiful and I am so glad she liked it. I love those tea towels, I haven't been to IKEA in ages, it is about 120 miles from my house, but I really want to get there now!!! Have a lovely weekend. I hope the weather is kind to you.

  8. The dress looks so beautiful. Glad you are having a good time. x

  9. Somehow I missed this post, well actually that's just me being reading. Your granddaughter looks absolutely beautiful in that lovely dress Dorothy, you must have been so proud! Well done, I personally think its a great achievement. I think it is such fun to do decoupage with the kids and they really love it, looks like you had heaps of fun. Much love xoxo