Friday, 25 April 2014

Planning for the giveaway

Good morning Lovely Folks out there, how is life treating you all?  I hope that you are well, happy and safe.  Do come in and make yourself at home while I pop the kettle on for a drink.  I had a busy day yesterday and was away for most of it attending a conference but managed to stop off for a coffee and an icecream - yes an icecream (maybe summer is on it's way!) in one of my favourite places.  I am also getting a few ideas together for my giveaway in May to celebrate my first blog birthday - I find it hard to  believe that that a whole year has passed so quickly.  I just wanted to share a few photographs with you today before I set out to work again.
On my way home yesterday I managed to have a quick detour and spent about an hour in Ironbridge, if you remember we take the Little Peeps to Blists Hill the Victorian Town which is not far from here.  I love this part of Shropshire and it is one of my most favourite counties.  This is the wonderful view of the town taken from the famous Thomas Telford bridge which is just magnificent.  I took a couple more photographs but am not sure what happened as they are just not good enough to show you - what a disappointment, sorry!  As you can see from this photograph the sun is shining and it was really warm.  There are lots of lovely tea shops, many selling gorgeous calorie laden cakes but I was very good Folks, honestly but I was tempted.
This picture is still from the bridge but is of the river itself, it was so peaceful and pretty and I wished I could have stayed for longer.
Now then Folks, down to business.  I have had some ideas from you lovely Readers about giveaways and I have managed to buy some more lovely tea towels.  They are from a famous chain store which I frequent quite a lot and were new in this week.  I particularly loved the design which is very 1950s and hope you do too.  However, I wanted to keep to the upcycling and vintage feel so there will be a twist to them.  Please don't worry as you won't be getting any pinnies!
I have delved into my vintage stash and pulled out some possible pieces which I will work into the giveaways.  I am not sure about the finished design yet but that is the thrill for me as I like to work on the edge..........I am a great lover of the crinoline lady designs and am a sucker for these when I see them in the fairs I go to.  Some pieces are very expensive so I do have to watch my spending, however, over the years I have managed to buy some lovely little examples.  I have come to the stage now where it is important to start using these vintage fabrics rather than just storing them as it is all about enjoying them.  Well I think so anyway and hope you all do too.  The one below is a little sweetie.
This is a nice little piece and I was drawn to the colours in this one.  As you have probably guessed my favourite colour is red and I have to watch myself as I tend to go for this or pink all the time.
Now the next few photographs are of the main fabric and I do hope you like it.  I can remember dresses that my Mum wore in the 1950s using designs like this - oh how I would love to get my hands on them now!
The bits of fabric left over will be really good for fussy cutting and these pieces can then go onto other projects.
Looking at this I think you could actually put this into a frame and it would look super in the right place.
I adore this edging below, it is such fun.  When I bought these the ladies at the counter said that they hadn't even seen them in the shop and when I told them what I was going to do with them they asked me to bring them back when they were finished so they could have a look at them.
Well lovely Friends that is it for today as I have to get off to work now.  I hope you like the fabrics I have chosen so far - the vintage ones may be different as I am still looking at what I have.  I have two vintage fairs to go to this weekend which is very naughty but I have ideas in my head so am on a mission.  Do let's know what you think of them all and any other ideas would be warmly welcomed.  Anyone who puts in an idea will be put forward for the competition.  I do hope you all have a wonderful day/night wherever you are.  Remember to think about all the lovely things in life and smile - someone will always smile back at you.  I am sending you all my loves and hugs to each and every one of you.  Dorothy :-)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Good morning lovely Dorothy although by the time you get home from work and read this it will be evening. The fabrics you have bought are lovely those flowers and the colours are so pretty and your vintage embroidery pieces are fab too. I'm really excited to see what you make gorgeous your giveaway, how about a sewing kit/ pouch/roll? Not quite sure what to call it or how it would work but it would be a lovely idea to take your sewing kit to a club or similar.
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Hugs Jackie x

  2. Dearest Dorothy, that was such a pretty and satisfying detour you took, and thank you for sharing it! I love all your chosen fabrics, and as for the crinoline lady - well, the knitting/sewing bag I made at primary school had a lovely embroidered crinoline lady standing beside a fountain - I kept it for so many years but it seems to have disappeared now, sadly; I do remember it so clearly! Don't go too crazy with the spending at the vintage fairs, but do enjoy them - I wish I could go with you dear friend, we'd have such fun! Loads of love and warmest of hugs, Joy xoxo

  3. Hello Dorothy, what a lovely picture of Ironbridge. Shropshire sounds a lovely County so will have to visit sometime. I love to see your bags and the crinoline lady would be so pretty on one and maybe some sewing accessories, pincushion, scissor fob. You recommended recently Lilly Blossom pleated bag. It looked so lovely how you made it I bought the pattern and I went to Abakan and got some material and this will be my weekend project. I am so pleased I found your blog Dorothy. Have a nice weekend. Hilary x

  4. I distinctly remember being in Ironbridge way back in the early 70s when my dad took us to England for holidays (he's from Sheffield). I remember the name and a black arched-support bridge (hopefully that is right!). I think your linens are beautiful, and I too have a stash of vintage embroidered linens in my cupboard. Every so often I go through them and admire them and smell them (is it just me, or do linens smell really good when you bring them out?!). I'm looking forward to seeing what you are creating there, but it looks very sweet and pretty. My childhood pillow cases used to have the crinoline ladies on the edges of them (in pink and black I believe), and my sisters and I always coveted them. I've always loved those cabbage roses in fabrics too ... such an old-fashioned look. Glad you're enjoying your days Dorothy, and it's always such a pleasure to stop by ;) Wendy x

  5. My dad lives in Ironbridge, his house is nearly on your first photo. He lives just below the one that looks like a fairy tale castle on the far left! I love 1 mile away!!!! We should arrange to say Hi in the summer holidays. Jo x

  6. This little town looks lovely, I have never been over to this part of England. Your sewing looks lovely, such bright, happy colours. Often when I make a pouch for a friend I make it with a theme, for instance I may give it as a make up pouch with a tissue holder, sometimes I have given them with a needle book and pincushion as part of a sewing set. x