Saturday, 26 April 2014

Do you like the first giveaway?

Good morning Everyone, I hope you are fine and well.  I had big plans today to go to a vintage fair but sadly have had to put them on to the back burner as more psychology papers have come in for marking so it is back on the treadmill of life again!  However, I cannot moan as it keeps me busy, although I would rather be doing other things!  I got up very early this morning as I wanted to get going on the giveaway which I started yesterday morning.  I have finished it but, as always, much as I strive to perfect zips I am still not happy with it, however, I do hope the winner can live with this.  A lot of lovely Readers have suggested little sewing bags so I have gone with my usual style and will put some bits and bobs into the two prizes.  For those of you who have not commented yet perhaps you could say which types of sewing/knitting/crochet bits you think should  go into the bags.  Everyone who comments will have a chance of winning one, hope you can all take part and I only wish I could send you all a gift.
Well here is sewing/crochet/knitting bag number one and I hope you like it.  I tend to go OTT on the little finishing touches but hope you like them.  I am also hoping to add a little brooch to the front of it but haven't thought through the design of it yet.  There is more detail inside this one than outside as I thought the fabric was busy enough.
As you can see from the photograph below, the zip is ok but not lying completely flat so I am going wrong somewhere in my sewing up.  I cut off all the excess fabric to the bone and try to minimise the bulk but for some reason it doesn't come out to my liking.
I managed to use the whole of the crinoline lady tray cloth except for the bottom of the bag and added some of the outer fabric here.  I couldn't resist putting in some applique hearts and buttons to try to link in the main fabric to the lining.
This is the other side of the bag.  I need to buy a tiny iron so that I can get inside the bag to press it.  I find my usual iron is too big.  I line the inner section of the bag with stabiliser but this tends to crinkle up when I am putting it all together.  Any hints or suggestions on how to keep it wrinkle free glad accepted lovely Folks.
You can see more of the bottom of the bag in the picture below.
Well my Lovelies, short and sweet this morning but I had to plod on now with the marking in time for Monday.  I hope you have a wonderful day and keep happy and smiling.  I will cut out the second bag tonight if I have time as I am keen to get them finished and ready for the first birthday celebrations.  Do make a comment if you have time and wish to be entered for the competition as I always love to hear from every one of you.  Speak to you soon, sending you all my loves and hugs as always.  Dorothy:-)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. You've done a great job once again lovely Dorothy, and the fabric is beautiful, all worked out precisely, as we've come to expect from you! Three cheers for Dorothy! I'm sure any and all of us would be most happy to win this gorgeous bag!
    I'm sorry your weekend didn't work out as originally planned but there's a reason for everything - first things first - students' best interests and all that . . . . . and I do hope you have some nice surprises before the weekend is over! Much love coming your way my dear! Joy xoxo

  2. Morning Dorothy, I love this bag and I would be thrilled to win it. I would put a crochet hook in and maybe a few small balls of yarn and then I could carry it round with me for the odd moment of creative time.
    What a shame you are having to do marking today and can't go to the vintage fayre but as you say it keeps you busy
    Hugs Jackie x

  3. I love this cute bag and the details inside! I hope i'll be the winner if the giveaway is open for your far away friends of course! Χριστός Ανέστη!

  4. Dorothy, it is delightful and I am glad you are finding time to do a bit of sewing and enjoy yourself. Love to you all Jo x

  5. The bag looks really lovely. Great fabric design.
    I use a small travel iron but I think for this project you would need one of the small Clover Irons.
    Really sad that you did not manage to get to your Vintage fair. Have to save the pennies for next time.

  6. The little hearts are delightful, I would never have thought of decorating the inside like this. For a sewist how about adding fabric scraps and trims, for crochet maybe a crochet hook or something crocheted like a brooch or coasters, for a knitter maybe fill it with small balls of wool. x

  7. Just discovered your lovely blog and I'm now following and will be back to delve into your archives (now, there's a threat!!) X

  8. Hi there Dorothy, just catching up! It looks as though you have been very busy and doing some lovely things which I am so glad about for you. I know that you worry about your sewing, but I really mean it when I say that you seem to be producing some amazing pieces and they are all so creative and have a beautiful handmade touch which is delightful! (remember handmade is not the same as homemade in craft terms!) So lovely to catch up on your news and I look forward to seeing what else you make. Please don't enter me in your beautiful giveaway as I was so lucky to already receive something after your last one that it would be great for someone else to receive a beautiful something from you! I hope that you are having a good weekend. xx

  9. This bag is absolutely beautiful, Dorothy. Love the way you have incorporated the vintage piece inside. Please can I enter your giveaway. Jacqui xx

  10. Oh my goodness! This is so cute! I love that you made the inside just as cute as the outside. Dawn

  11. I can think of lots of ways to use this bag. Fingers crossed!! Xx

  12. Such a lovely Giveaway Dorothy....I love your little bag and the choice of fabric...some of my favourite colours here and I love how you always have a secret in your linings!...Could you pop my name in your hat please?
    Susan x