Monday, 21 April 2014

A bit of a disaster - back to the drawing board!

Hello Lovely Friends so come in and have a seat.  Would you like a drink or a cake?  It is wonderful to see you all again.  Today has been a bit of a disaster to say the least.  I got up very early this morning to finish it.  However, I quickly found that things went from bad to worse.  As usual I had not planned this apron but just went on my merry way.  The problem was that I wanted to change the design slightly but didn't factor this into my sewing plans.  I wouldn't have finished today had I not said that I would show you all on my post yesterday - it would have been put firmly at the back of the cupboard but - on the positive side it is complete now.
Whilst having a coffee early this morning I was checking emails and wandered (?) into Pinterest to see what other pictures I could see.  There were literally hundreds of ideas of how to upcycle shirts, some of them inspiring.  I found these lovely cushions on Country Living and think they are really sweet - using up favourite shirts which have out of favour would help make them even more special - maybe a youngster going away to university or moving into their first home.  Dear, dear I am so sentimental.
I also found this lovely picture from Pinterest (Etsy site) - I did have a look so that I could show you but it said that the Etsy shop didn't exist any more.  The apron is really cute, would be a good one for the males of the family.
One of the things I did like on the apron I sewed was the neckband which was fully versatile in that you could move the buttons up and down depending on the wearer - so simple but such a good design feature.
I wanted to line the bottom of the apron with the blue fabric but made the mistake of sewing it up in dark blue thread, goodness knows why.  I think I wanted to make it look a bit different but Rachel my sewing teacher always tells me to use a neutral thread until I get more confident with my sewing skills.  Do I ever listen?
The picture below is just peeking into one of the three pockets.
I made the strap from one of the sleeves, there is so much fabric in a large shirt - unbelievable.
I put a couple of spoons in to show you how the pockets work - there are three of them and they are quite roomy.
Now, finally, here it is............................
Now lovely Folks, I had intended to put a badge on the apron with my daughter-in-law's name and the title Master Cook - she is the most talented cook and baker I have ever known and I think she deserves the title.  However, I don't feel that the apron is good enough to give to her so have left the title off. My husband disagrees and says that he thinks she would like it - would appreciate your opinion Folks.  Not my best make at all but I have had a little talk to myself about planning stuff more effectively rather than rushing ahead.
I have one more day off work tomorrow so am going to try and get out and about if I can - life passes so quickly when  you are crafting Folks don't you think!  I hope you are all well and happy and are enjoying yourselves wherever you are in our special world.  Take care and I will see you all soon, please leave a comment it you wish and don't forget the two giveaways.  Lots of loves and hugs to you all.  Dorothy :-)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. I think it's just fab and I'm sure she would love it, especially knowing the thought and care you put into making it. Well done you!
    Enjoy your day off tomorrow too,

  2. I think it is fabulous, I love all the pockets. how useful! I have a shirt skirt tutorial which you could try for your little girls one day. I will post it up on my tutorials list sometime this week. Jo x

  3. Great job with the apron!! I think it looks really cute, and you should be proud to give it to your DIL. It would look great with a little personalized (appliqued?) badge. I like those cushion covers too ... blue & white stripes just look so fresh and crisp! Wendy x

  4. It's brilliant the pockets! S xo

  5. Fab work, would def put a badge or name on it xx

  6. I love the cushions, what a fab idea.
    So pleased that you managed the apron after the initial setback.
    Hugs x

  7. The apron looks great lovely Dorothy, I love those pockets, and I'm sure your DIL will appreciate it highly so what you waiting for - go on …….
    Thinking of you today, as always, and sending much love, Joy xoxo

  8. I think the apron is lovely and I'm sure that your DIL would love it, especially when it is made with thoughtfulness and lots of love, love the other ideas for reusing shirts too xx