Saturday, 19 April 2014

Blowing the cobwebs away

Hello Everyone how are you all doing?  Do come in and have a chat - maybe some coffee and cake?  It is so lovely to see you all again.  After the trauma of the past few weeks and with some still to come I decided that I had to get out and about today to blow away the cobwebs.  It was a gloriously sunny day here and I took a ride to one of my favourite places in North Wales.  It is a little town called Llanfairfechan which you have seen before.  It is only about just over an hour or so to get to by car so quite a reasonable distance to travel.  It was cold and breezy but the sun shone and I was able to get out for a long walk along the front.  The sound of the waves and the birds is so refreshing and energising, it breathes life into my old bones again.  Some of the photographs I have taken today are very similar to others I have taken there but I can never get enough of the blueness of the water and the expansive sky. 
The island you can see from the photograph below is called Puffin Island on Anglesey.  We have woven stories around this island with our little Peeps as they have always called it Muffin Island for some reason and they all believe that Captain Pugwash hides his treasure over there.  They think it is infested with rats to guard the treasure and we have spent many times looking out for ships to see if we can spy Captain Pugwash!  What delightful memories. 

As you can see the beach is deserted which is why I love this place so much, it is such a huge beach and not many people visit there, not sure why because I find it gorgeous.  The headland on the right of the photograph is the Great Orme of Llandudno which is a very famous seaside town in North Wales.  It is a very popular place for tourists and I enjoy going there but much prefer the quietness of Llanfairfechan.

There is also a lovely little lake there plus two parks for the children and an outside paddling pool so everyone is well catered for.  There are always plenty of ducks for the little peeps to watch.

Every year a section is marked off for two swans who take turn to sit on their eggs.  It is so wonderful to see the little chicks when they have hatched although we are always careful of allowing the Peeps near the chicks as the parents can be very protective.  Nature is so wonderful and it is such a pleasure to watch them in this protected environment in the park.

When I visit Llanfairfechan there is a special charity shop which I love to visit.  It collects for children's charities and I always seem to find bargains when I do.  If you remember yesterday I was searching for some men's shirts to have a go at making an apron.  I got the three together at the shop and was really pleased as I love the colours.  The blue one is a Ben Sherman but my favourite is the pink striped one - which one do you like?  I apologise that they are a little creased in the picture but they were in my rucksack and I wanted to get the photographs on my blog tonight so didn't have time to iron them.

I also got these three little dinky pieces, two are tray cloths and the other (my absolute favourite) is a handkerchief holder.  They all need to be washed and pressed but I love them.  What a complete bargain I got Folks as the shirts and cloths all come to £5 which is unbelievable.

Now if you remember that yesterday I was trying to find a pattern for a tunic.  I have searched everywhere online and cannot find the pattern I am looking for so I called in my favourite craft shop in Llanwrst and, as always, found something interesting.  I apologise for the quality of the two photographs below as the light was fading by the time I took these photographs.  I thought this little tunic looked just right for my level of sewing.  No buttonholes and no zips!  I am going to take it to sewing class next week and see what I can do with it.  Do you like the style?  What do you think?

As  you can see from the photograph below there are quite a few variations so, who knows, maybe I might branch out to a dress!  Watch this space.

Well my lovely Friends that is all for tonight.  I hope you are all enjoying some relaxation and you feel safe and happy.  I have noticed that some of the photographs from the early posts have gone missing somewhere so apologise for this.  I spoke to my wonderful friend Laurence and hopefully, between us, we can find them again and put them back - oh the wonders of technology, a complete mystery to me I am afraid.
Don't forget that my giveaways are open now so please leave a comment about the type of giveaways you like - don't be shy.  I cannot promise a new house or car but hopefully I will have enough ideas to come up with two nice little prizes.  Everyone who comments with ideas will be put forward for the competition.  Hopefully speak to you all very soon.  Enjoy your evening or day depending on where you are in our fabulous world.  Sending you all warm hugs and love.  Dorothy:-)xxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Hi lovely Dorothy. I'm glad you managed to get some time to spend at the beach...your photos are beautiful. What great finds that pink shirt especially and looking forward to seeing the apron you make. Great tunic pattern, I think it will come out great. Hope you have a lovely Easter.
    Marianne x

  2. We drove past there on Friday, on the way back from Angelesy. Will have to stop next time. Happy Easter, Dorothy x

  3. What a lovely day out, just the place for some quiet contemplation and relaxing you time. Watching and listening to the sea is always calming. Great finds in the charity shop, I like the pink one best. Your tunic pattern looks good too, something really nice for the summer. Had a great day xx

  4. Happy happy Easter Dorothy. I love your pictures of the sea side I was brought up by the sea and miss being able to visit often. That pattern for the tunic looks great and the things you found in the charity shop are great too. My favourite shirt is the pink striped one too, it will make a lovely apron, perhaps that's another idea for your giveaway.
    I hope you are having a nice relaxing day again today
    Take care,
    Hugs Jackie x

  5. Happy Easter, my friend. I hope you had a wonderful day, it looks beautiful. My Aunty, Uncle and cousins, live around that area but I've never been to that beach before. I'll have to find it next time we're up there. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Deb x

  6. A very lovely beach!!!!!!
    Your findings at the local charity shop are amazing!!!!
    Happy Easter, xxxxxx ale

  7. Such lovely pics of the beach dear Dorothy...I would love to take a walk along there with you!
    Ooh, more wonderful finds too...the handkerchief holder is wonderful and I love your pattern for the tunic. I used to make lots of clothes but haven't made anything for a long time now...I keep thinking I will start again when I have some quiet time...x
    Hope you're having a lovely Easter,
    Susan x

  8. Lovely images Dorothy and wonderful charity treasures.
    The tunic top is lovely and you are brave to try sleeves before zips!!
    cannot wait to see it...lots of love as ever daisy XX

  9. So pleased you had a lovely day. Great finds, looking forward to seeing the apron. Ben Sherman fabric was always so lovely and good quality.
    I agree with Daisy about sleeves before zips.

  10. What a rejuvenating day! So happy for you. I look forward to seeing your aprons. I have one in the works, but I haven't found time to pray. We're opening a new restaurant tomorrow morning! Even though it's Easter, I must go and bake some cinnamon rolls. If you'd like me to pray for you more specifically, you may e-mail me.
    lane dot family at yahoo dot com

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  11. I had missed this post lovely Dorothy and so am obviously still catching up - time seems to be going faster and faster these days! What a lovely beach visit you had - sheer tranquility, a beach devoid of people! So lovely to hear about 'Muffin Island' - sweet kiddies! I do like the pink shirt, and the tray cloth on the left with the stylish design - love that; your new pattern looks lovely and will make up very nicely, I'm sure, in a nice soft drapey fabric! I'm glad you managed to have some quiet time for you, dear friend - peace and solitude with a few treasures thrown in - that's a good day! Take care, lots of love, Joy xoxo