Monday, 7 April 2014

A funny old week

Hello my lovelies how are you all doing?  I do apologise for the delay in writing to you all.  I have missed you all so much and wanted to quickly catch up with everyone today.  Life is packed at the moment and not for all the best reasons but, I have to get on with life and keep going.  Work as always is very busy and keeps me on my toes and I have been trying hard to keep up my craft work - what a joy it is to have time to do something creative.  How are you all doing?  I have been working hard to get to read all your lovely news but please be patient with me as I will leave comments on all your wonderful posts.  It is amazing to think that we are heading towards Easter already, it only seems like five minutes ago when we were all talking about Christmas makes - the festive bunting I was working on seems a hundred years ago now.

I had high hopes to make some Easter things but this hasn't happened unfortunately but there have been other makes on my list.  If you remember from my last post I had made this gorgeous Lillyblossom design bag which I loved making up for my daughter-in-law.  The grandchildren are all going on a short holiday over the Easter holidays so I wanted to make a special 'holiday' bag for her and each of the girls.  By chance I spotted some Frozen transfers on Ebay and was able to request names on each of them.  The girls are absolutely besotted with this film and know every song and dance in it.  I had enough fabric over to make a smaller version of my daughter-in-law's bag so I am hoping the little Peeps will be pleased with when they see them.  Do you like them?

I couldn't seem to stop with the little extras and put some little touches inside the bags.  I just adore this part of the process when I am trying to make them as unique and special as I can.
Unfortunately I didn't have enough of the blue spotted fabric for the girls' bags so just made the handles from this and used a plain fabric inside.  I am hoping they will be delighted with them.  I am planning to put a new purse in each, plus a brush and some little extras such as postage stamps, pen and little writing book - hopefully everything a little Peep needs on holiday!
I also managed to finish a little dress for the baby of the family - I had to finish it quickly as it needed to be sent off sharply so I didn't have time to take many photographs.  This fabric is one I have had in my cupboard for a very long time.  It was only a small piece so I just about managed to get the dress and brooch out of what I had.  It is only a 2 year old size and I would have loved to make a couple of larger ones for the Peeps but I am wondering if they might have thought the fabric was a little too babyish?  Both girls have very definite ideas of what they like and just because I found it delightful doesn't mean to say that they would agree with me.  The ladies in my sewing class all fell in love with the fabric - do you like it?
This weekend I was away on a course in my lovely home city of Liverpool.  My gorgeous husband had urged me to book this weekend in the hope of cheering me up - he knows me very well and understands that keeping me busy really helps to lift my spirits.  He knows me so well.  I will tell you a little more about the weekend in the next post, hopefully tomorrow.  However, on my way to the venue I spotted this lovely church which really intrigued me.  I was in a part of the city I had not really explored before so had to take some photographs. 
Unfortunately I couldn't go in as it was locked but the church is a Nordic church.  Liverpool has always played host to so many people from all over the world - sailors and merchants who have arrived in our port from all quarters of the world.  This has continued throughout the two world wars and up to current times.  There are many statues honouring the many countries who had helped us during the world wars and Norway is especially honoured.
Just look what exciting events are taking place - my I would love to be part of this group would you? It seems impossible to think they provide a light lunch, drinks and yarn for £5 per session, what wonderful value for money.  I was thinking about the lovely Astri at as I stood outside the church - this time last year I didn't know any of you and realise that my life was a lot poorer then - how glad I am to have found all your wonderful bloggers.
Well my lovely friends I must leave you now.  I have not long got in from work.  Monday is a long day as we have a breakfast meeting around 7.45 am and then I finish teaching at 9pm and usually get home around 10pm. I have just finished supper and washed up and it is nearly midnight so I have to prepare things for tomorrow morning. I do hope you are all happy and well. Please pop over to the lovely Susan's blog on Mary Jane's Tearoom and have a look at her wonderful giveaway, it is stunning. 
I will speak to you all tomorrow and give you all my news about my weekend in Liverpool.  Sending you all my love and hugs. Dorothy:-)xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. I love your makes as usual and I love the little bird inside each bag! The dress fabric is really lovely. I do hope you have a wonderful week and I am so glad you started your wonderful blog. Take care, Louise

  2. Love the little dress fabric. She will look very cute. The bird motif in the bag is fabulous. Have a great time in Liverpool.
    Jacqui x

  3. Hi Lovely Dorothy, what a long day at work you have had! That is really long, you must be exhausted on a Monday. I have to say that the little dress you made is so incredibly sweet! I love it and the fabric is retro and different. Love the bags too, we really enjoyed Frozen too. Wishing you a lovey week with a bit more time to yourself to do the things you enjoy.
    Marianne x

  4. What beautiful things you make Dorothy and you can feel the love you put in them.Look forward to hearing about Liverpool. x

  5. The new bags are just as beautiful as the adult version. I'm sure your granddaughters will love them, and they'll make their holiday a special one. The baby's dress is gorgeous, and I just love that fabric. I agree that the older girls may not have fancied the fabric the same. You're a good grandma for appreciating their individual tastes ;) You sure have a long work day!! I'm surprised you have time for anything when you work such long hours. Nice to hear you're enjoying the creative times you do get though, and am looking forward to hearing about your Liverpool class. Wendy x

  6. Hi Dorothy it's lovely to catch up with your news, the bags for the peeps are delightful I'm sure they will be thrilled. As for the baby's dress it's lovely and that fabric is gorgeous I can see why the ladies in your sewing class fell in live with it. I'm looking forward to hearing about your weekend away
    Take care
    Jackie x

  7. Hello sweet friend, you have been busy indeed! Those bags are just fab, and that wee dress is simply adorable. Just keep breathing in & out, and have a happy week.
    Hugs xx

  8. Your bags and makes are beautiful, you really do have a talent for this work and for sewing in general. I hope that it is keeping your mind occupied and relaxed. xx

  9. Hello Dorothy your new makes are all lovely, and I adore the fabric you used for the little dress! What a long working day you had.....too long! I hope you have some more time to relax and craft over Easter and that things get easier for you soon.
    Helen xox

  10. Dear Dorothy...your girls are so must spread so much happiness with your gorgeous makes! (I love how your always add something special inside your bags too..x)
    The fabric for your little dress and the corsage is so pretty!
    Hope you're having an easier week and thank you so very much for entering and spreading the news of my Giveaway..x
    Susan x
    P.S How can it almost be Easter Dorothy?

  11. Hello my dear friend, you've been busy with lovely makes for your family again - I love the little dress and its so sweet fabric, and the bags! You are putting in so many hours at work Dorothy and I hope you have plenty of time off over Easter just to let you settle down and do a little bit of what you fancy for yourself! I'm trying to catch up with everyones posts too since being away - it's really pushing upstream isn't it regarding time, but so worth the effort to keep up with everyone and their lovely makes and news! You take care of yourself now,
    Lots of love from over the high seas,
    Joy xoxo