Monday, 14 April 2014

A funny old weekend

Hello all you lovelies, how are you all doing?  I hope you are fit and well and enjoying some good weather.  It was quite cold to start here but it has warmed up this afternoon, difficult to concentrate at work unfortunately so I have just arrived home and thought that I would write to you all before starting to make tea.  As you can see from the garden, the sun is shining and there is a lovely warmth making us all dream of long summery days. 
As you all know there have been many things going on in my life which are not very pleasant but I know that everyone of us faces many challenges throughout our lives.  The challenge I am going through at the moment started a very long time ago when I lost someone so dear to me, a brother I can never forget.  The way in which we lost him was shrouded in many mysteries and conflicting reports at the time and it is only now that the legal process is starting to unearth the truth about what happened on that awful day.  As part of the healing process I was invited, along with other families, to a special day last Saturday at Wembley Stadium in London.  We took some of our lovely family with us, sadly not everyone could go as there were only a limited number of tickets available but we were all treated to a seat each in the Royal Box and I can honestly say that we were treated like royalty during the whole time we were there.  I am not really a football fan but my husband was so excited as he got to watch his beloved Arsenal Football Team play in the semi-final of the FA Cup.  For me it was just really nice to be with so many caring people, many of them quite famous who took time to spend all day and evening with us.  I took many photographs of the family but the one I wanted to share with you was of my husband and I 'holding' the cup - it made my husband's night.  My dearest brother is always in my thoughts and prayers and hopefully he was there with us on Saturday along with all the others who were lost on that day.  It was a very emotional day and I did shed many tears but the day was made so special for all of us.  I hope you do not mind me sharing this with you, I have thought about it all weekend but I do feel that you are such lovely friends and hopefully you will like the photograph, even though it is not about craft (sorry!).  A really special touch was that my youngest grandson was able to come with us - usually children are not permitted in the Royal Box but he was granted a special ticket - he loved every minute of it and I was so proud of him.
We arrived back home yesterday and I wanted to make something quick and easy so my thoughts turned once again to zips!  I had recently bought two new Cath Kidston tea towels - one of which is a lovely patchwork design.  I thought I would match this up with one of the embroidered patches which you might remember me buying a little while ago.  I love this one as it is so cute and I know that it will appeal to you all.  I cut up some of the pieces left out of the tea towel into heart shapes and sewed them into the lining - I think that this might be getting a bit boring for you all as I tend to do the same things.
I do love the colours of this tea towel and it is edging me nearer to making my own patchwork quilt!
Below are the two views taken from when the bag has been finished.  I got up very early this morning to finish it but the light wasn't that good to take any photographs. 
As you can see there is still a fair bit of fabric left over so I could make another bag or ..............any ideas Folks?  You are always brimming with fabulous creative thoughts so it would be nice to hear from you.
I always try to leave on the original label - for some reason people really love these
It has turned out to be a neat little bag and has set me up with some ideas for a special one I have to make very soon...............Have to keep it a secret for the time being.
Now lovely Readers in May my blog is one year old so I am planning a couple of giveaways and would love to know what things you like to win - we all have our favourites and I have loads of ideas in my head at the moment but would love to hear your views.
Well Lovelies this was a quick post tonight as I have to go and make tea - I have a ton of psychology essays to mark as well so need to get a move on.  I hope you do not mind me sharing my personal news with you all - I hope it helps you to see why I am up and down at the moment. You have all kept me going through this dark passage which still has a long way to go yet but knowing you are all there means the world to me.  A huge thank you to all of you.  You are very special people.  Sending you loads of hugs and loves, hope to speak with you all very soon.  Take care and have lots of fun.  Dorothy:-)xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. What a lovely photo of you and your Husband, thank you for sharing your story.
    I love your idea of putting pieces inside your bags, I may have to borrow that idea.
    I am busy trying to catch up with my Christmas projects, yes I did say that word. At my sewing group we are making one project a month, exciting ;0)

  2. Hi Dorothy, thank you for sharing your story it helps to understand what you are going through even though there is no way I can really understand how awful it all must have been and continues to be for you. The picture of you and your husband with the cup is awesome he must have been thrilled and what a lovely idea for you all.
    Your bag is very pretty, I really like the patchwork tea towel, it's not something I've thought of using but have recently come across a few people in blogland using them to make things with.
    Take care Dorothy
    Sending you live and hugs
    Jackie x

  3. Ah Lovely Dorothy, you have been so brave throughout and I know you will keep holding up! That is such a lovely pic of you with your 'loved one', and how wonderful that he could come along and enjoy being spoiled! I'm loving all your craft work and that little quote so so appropriate, I really like it! You are a real 'go-er' my dear special friend - keep up the good work! Much love speeding over the miles to you, Joy xoxo

  4. I think it's really nice that you have shared this difficult topic on your blog. I'm so sorry you lost your brother, and I know very well how horrible it is to lose a loved one, but to have it drawn out makes it doubly hard. I hope you find some answers in the end that will satisfy you. The photo of you and your husband is so nice! I imagine it would be the same thrill if it were my husband holding the Stanley Cup here for hockey! I'm glad you were treated to a special event that was enjoyable for you all. Take care Dorothy :) Wendy xox PS...your latest bag is adorable, and I love the embellishments on the front!

  5. Thank you for sharing this very special moment in your life with us. You really are a very special person and seems unfair for you and your family to go through such a traumatic event.
    With regards to your zipped pouch you should be very proud of your work, its fab!
    Sending virtual hugs your way

  6. Thanks for sharing your moment with us, loving thoughts are winging your way from our house. I was a teenager at that time and remember it well, I just tried to explain to Heidi what that event was but it made me cry. Such sympathy for you Dorothy.

    I think the last piece of Cath would make a great padded tea cosy. I have some wadding left over from my quilts if you want me to send you a piece, it was the one made out of recycled plastic bottles.

  7. Thank you for sharing, I do hope that it has helped you, even in a little way to start to heal. It's a lovely photo of the two of you and it's lovely that your grandson was able to be with you to share the day, reflect whilst making new memories. Lots of hugs, light and love to you.
    ps love your crafting xx

  8. Hi lovely Dorothy, thank you for sharing your personal story with us, it must be very hard to do so. What a lovely photo of you and your husband and a very special memory to have.
    I have to say that I really love all the wonderful things that you do with your pretty tea towels. You are very creative.
    Hope you are managing to enjoy the sunshine this week.
    Marianne x

  9. Dorothy I think I need to adopt that motto! My partner says I'm always knitting (sewing, crocheting...) but I just don't see that as a problem :-)

    I'm sorry to hear about your brother, I'm guessing that he was on of the 96? I really do hope that you and your family finally get the answers you (and he) deserve after all this time, and I know it doesn't make it any easier but that people who should have been accountable then are held to account now.

    Much love to you xx

  10. So sad to read the story of your brother, Dorothy - and so good that at long last there may be more answers surrounding the events of that tragic day. You're in my thoughts. Glad also that you got to pay tribute to your brother by going along to Wembley too.
    On the crafty side - your makes are just fabulous as always! Hope you manage to get all your work stuff done and out of the way in time to enjoy a relaxing long weekend. Take care of you,
    hugs xx

  11. Sending you hugs and my thoughts are with you. Such a lovely photo of you and your husband.

  12. Dearest Dorothy, I'm am so sorry that I am late to read this post, I am so very sorry that you lost your brother in such awful circumstances, my heart and thoughts are with you x I hope your questions get the answers that they deserve. He would be so proud to have such a wonderful sister.

    Your bag is beautiful ..... as is everything you make.

    Wishing you and your family a very happy and peaceful Easter
    love Jooles x x x