Monday, 5 May 2014


Well Lovely Folks I am here to apologise to you.  After I had written the post yesterday I was busy getting on finishing the second giveaway but something was niggling in the back of my mind.  The thought kept on niggling me most of the night and then hit me - how silly of me!  When I had written up my post I had said that the flowers were Sweet Williams.  Now, Sweet Williams and Stocks are my two all time favourite flowers and I must admit I try to buy them together when I can.  I couldn't get any yesterday so just bought the Stocks instead.  So why did I call them Sweet William on the post - no idea, maybe there is some deep Freudian explanation which is beyond me.  All I can say is sorry for confusing everyone about this - the flowers were Stocks!  Apologies to all of you and of course to the flowers.............
I managed to finish the second giveaway last night and both of them shall be filled with goodies according to whoever wins them.  This is so I can send the winners gifts which hopefully they will be able to use.  I love the colours of this one and only wish I could send the flowers - which are Stocks in case you didn't know! - to everyone.  I have put some beading around the dresses and the necklines and on some of the ladies' heads.
This is one side of the bag in more depth so you can really see the beading.  I do hope you like it.
This is the inside of the bag which has a tray cloth from the 1930s as part of the lining. It wouldn't cover all of the inside of the bag so I have had to piece it using the main fabric.
Here is the second giveaway which you have already seen and it is another tea towel as is the first giveaway.  This one is new to Marks and Spencer so hopefully the winner will be on trend.
The interior of this one is very busy so I hope the winner approves!  I must admit that I do tend to go over and beyond with my sewing work.
Well Lovely Folks I cannot believe that a whole year has passed - what did I do with my spare time before blogging - heavens only knows.  The benefits for me are meeting so many talented and warm hearted people in all of you.  It has also made me progress with my sewing and other crafts as I have felt under pressure to make things to show you.  For me this is the best way to learn as it really makes me leave time to progress with what I love doing best - making something special.
I will pull the names out of the hat on Wednesday evening - if you have left a message on your own blog about my giveaways then please tell me and I will make sure that you have two votes. Good luck to everyone and have a lovely evening/morning depending on where you are.  Keep smiling and above all, be happy.  Sending you all lots of loves and hugs.  Dorothyxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Dearest Dorothy
    I just wanted to say how lovely you are and all your sweet and special comments have always been heart warming and I thank you so much for them. Sorry that I haven't been to visit you too often but I do hope to pop in now and again xox love and hugs, Penny xxx

  2. Sweet William or Stocks they are delightful just like you! Oh Dorothy you are such a talented seamstress, lovely lovely bags! Hope all is well and take care. xoxoxo

  3. You have made a super job of those pretty bags. Love to you this week.Jo x

  4. I did wonder about the flowers and thought they weren't sweet Williams but I wasn't sure enough to say anything. Your second purse is lovely but my favourite is the first one.
    Jackie x

  5. Dorothy I've posted about your giveaway on my blog, you can see it here

  6. Dorothy my dear, I love what you have done with both bags. You clever girl ;0)
    Happy Blog Day.
    With love and hugs x

  7. It doesn't matter whether they be stocks or sweet williams dear Dorothy, they're still ever so pretty, and I still love their jug/vase too! You've done a wonderful job with both bags my dear and I'm certain anyone, including myself, would be most happy to win either, in celebration of your blogging year of sharing yourself and your wonderful talents so beautifully with all of us! Talk soon, much love, Joy xoxo

  8. I didn't notice that you mixed the two flower names up - I was too busy looking at them thinking how pretty they looked. It is great to get to see them again though, so no complaints here!!! Your bags look beautiful, I love the beading on the dresses of the ladies, so pretty and dainty and just like you to think of all the little details. Hope that you have a good week. xx

  9. I love the way you have done the beading on the pouch, so pretty. It really does work perfectly with the flowers too.

  10. The bags are really so nice Dorothy! You've done wonderful work with them. I now have to confess that I can't remember if I asked to be entered in your giveaway, and I honestly thought you had a deadline set of Sunday(?), but if I'm still able, please could you put my name in the hat too? That is if you're accepting overseas entries. I think your flowers are beautiful, and since I don't know either of them, I wouldn't have known. We used to have wild flocks growing in our willow woods which lined a creek where I grew up! They were the same colours as yours (purple & white mixed), but they looked very different, and no scent. I wonder if the people who bought that place have enjoyed them these past few years ... it was one sight I always enjoyed there. Wendy x

  11. I like Sweet Williams & Stocks too & your bags are lovely, I love the fabric I've just stumbled across your blog & am having a further look.