Wednesday, 28 May 2014

A quick hello

Hi Lovelies how are  you all doing tonight?  I wanted to just do a quick hello and catch up with you all.  Last night I had quite a few fabulous ideas from people with regards to my bags and getting rid of those wrinkles!  The lovely Gilly suggested some wadding and a wonderful lady from Spain called Margaret emailed with details of some iron fusible wadding which I have sent for today from a great shop called Gone to Earth, do check it out for yourself. Margaret suggested using Vilene H640 fusible fleece on the outer fabric of the bags and the thinner Vilene H630 on the lining. This combination gives a nice firm bag that doesn't sag and definitely no bubbles - (Margaret's words).  Margaret's blog is called do check it out, she is such a lovely helpful lady. Thank you Gilly and Margaret and everyone else for your kind comments and encouragement with my shipping order.
I thought about Gilly's advice last night when I couldn't sleep last night so did a very naughty thing Folks, I got up to try out her idea with another bag - I cut everything out and did as much sewing as I could and then went back to bed in the early hours - my husband thinks I am a little off my trolley - and yes I am and proud of it. I didn't have to go into work until this afternoon so had a little snooze before starting.  I am tired tonight but did manage to finish the bag which is a little different to the others but, it worked so a huge thank you Gill.
I apologise for the quality of the photographs as they were taken in our hall and please don't think there is a ghostly set of eyes behind the bag - I have a small white bust on the table and forgot to remove it - just noticed the eyes!  Very spooky!  I wanted to get these photographs out to you this evening so it was a bit of a rush.
As you can see I put Cathie's name on the front in order to quilt the bag a little to stop the wadding from moving. It is a little restrained but it matches Cathie's personality to a tee as she is quite a quiet lady but lots of fun when she is off duty. I thought the lining would match the fun side of her personality.  The fabric is the new Marks and Spencer tea towel which I managed to get for £3.00 as they were on special offer in my local store.  I think they are pretty and so nice to sew with.
This is the other side of the bag - quite restrained for me................and not a wrinkle in sight, wonderful.
I didn't do much to the lining as it was so vibrant and colourful but I just added some buttons as headlights but couldn't really think of anything else to add.  Do you like this one?  My husband thinks it is my best one yet, what do you think?  The next few bags are very special ones for my lovely friends who are leaving us to retire and I have to wait for a few things to arrive before I can make these up.  I know I sound very mysterious but all will be revealed in good time.
I am so pleased to have made the five up to now just one more to go and then I have the six main bags plus four special ones still be to made. 

Well Lovelies I have to get ready for tomorrow - a bit nervous about it all but hopefully I will have some good news for you all tomorrow.  The weather here today has just been so awful with constant rain and really cold so I am hoping the sun will shine tomorrow. 

Have a lovely evening/day depending where you are in the world.  Thank you for your lovely comments from yesterday - the old dog is sitting opposite me at the table grinning but, I am grinning back so that has completely confused him!  Speak to you all very soon, take care and be happy. If you are able to please leave a comment as I love to hear from you.  Big hugs, Dorothyxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Another wonderful bag Dorothy- you obviously do some brilliant work in the middle of the night! I love the camper vans with their cute button headlights-you put in so many details. Useful info about linings-I will be checking that out. Sorry to hear you've had rain-I will send up some of today's Cornish sun shine -if it lasts! xx

  2. I love your bags! They are so pretty and beautifully made.

  3. I am so glad that you are pleased with this bag, and I hope that the advice and information that you have been given helps you and gives the results that you are looking for! It is great to get such good information from other people isn't it. I love the spots on this bag and the little button headlights that you have given the camper vans! xx

  4. Hi Dorothy this bag is lovely and well done on not having any wrinkles it looks brilliant. I love the lining fabric is that the tea towel? My daughter would love it so if it is a will be visiting M&S to buy her some so that our other daughter can take them when she goes to visit in a couple of weeks. Both our girls live outside the UK so we don't get to see them much.

    Hope today goes ok and you have good news to share later, I'm going to blog my lovely gifts next

    Big hugs
    Jackie x

  5. Hi Dorothy just letting you know I'm a different Gill, not gillymakes!

  6. What an adorable bag! I'm visiting from Wendy's and having such fun seeing what you are making. I got a new sewing machine one week ago and I'm looking for inspiration! You are SO talented and use such fun fabrics! Hugs, Diane