Sunday, 4 May 2014

A quick hello

Hi Everyone I hope you are all well and happy - do come in for a cuppa and a chat - maybe some cake?  It is, as always, so lovely to see you all.  This is just a quick chat today as I am very busy finishing my giveaways in time for my first blog birthday - if you are able to mention me on your blog then I will put in your name twice to give you a better chance of winning.

I do have a head like a sieve Lovelies as I showed you some photographs yesterday of some fabulous dishes I had picked up.  In my mind I knew that I had something else and after I had sent off the post and walked into the hall - there it was looking at me!  I love this little vase and today I bought some gorgeous Sweet Williams which are my favourite flowers as they smell so beautiful.  A lot of flowers now do not seem to have the fragrance which they had years ago but the house always smells delicious when I have Sweet Williams around.  I think they go perfectly in this little vase, do you like them?  I wish I could send you all a big bunch of them wherever you are in the world. 

Talking of the world I went out today to Abakhan to look for some fabric for my new Tilly top and I spotted this piece below.  I love it and want to make some new cushions with it. I have noticed similar ones in John Lewis and I am trying to update our living room as I am so fed up with the same things around me.  Do you get the urge to refresh and lighten everything up?  Our living rooms seems to have stood still for the past few years and needs a serious de-clutter so I have to be ruthless - any tips or ideas very welcome Lovely Readers.
Looking at the photograph below I cannot believe how tiny the UK looks compared with the rest of the world.  It puts life into perspective.

Abakhan also have the oilcloth to match it so I might buy some of this to put over the kitchen table, especially for when the Peeps come to stay - hopefully it will help them to see how large and wonderful our world is.  Now I need to put something bright into the lining of the cushions to pep them up - any ideas?

Now I have been busy with my crochet bag from the wonderful Lucy on Attic 24 although looking at her pattern I think mine is a tad bigger than hers - at this rate the local coal merchants will be lining up to buy them to store their coal in!  I have enough yarn for two of them so this will be my practise run and I will of course line it to make it more stable - watch this space Lovelies - crochet is not my number one skill!  I thought the pack from the Wool Warehouse for £15 was a good deal and it is lovely to work with.  Lucy's base measures 23 cms whilst mine is 28 cms!  Whoops - however I will carry on and see what happens............ 

I did have a job trying to find suitable fabric for the Tilly top as it needed to be a knit fabric without too much stretch and I had to search out a suitable piece.  A lovely lady was really helpful and I decided on the blue fabric below.  I must say that blue is not a favourite colour of mine as I go more for reds and pinks but I thought this was pretty and for £5 a metre it is not too pricey in case it all goes horribly wrong.  Rachel from my sewing class is going to guide me through it all next week so we shall see what happens.  I get inspired with your fabulous makes Folks and am always amazed at the quality of things you all do so I have to step up a notch.  One things that please me, well two really, is that there are no zips or buttonholes - whippee..........

My wonderful eldest Son gave me some money for Mother's Day on the strict understanding that I spend it on myself so I have treated myself to Tilly's new book which she is going to sign so I am excited about getting it through the post soon.
Well lovely Folks it was short and sweet today.  I am trying hard to get up to date with everyone's fabulous blogs and leave messages for you all, many apologies for the lateness in doing this.  I hope you all have a lovely evening/day and keep safe and happy.  Don't forget to leave a message on your blogs if you want a second chance of winning one of the giveaways.  I hope to speak to you all very soon.  Sending you all big hugs and kisses.  Dorothy :-)xxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Hi lovely Dorothy, how pretty are those flowers. I adore sweet Williams too and I agree they have the most beautiful scent. Love the look of your crochet bag and the fabric you have chosen for your coco top looks lovely... £5 a metre is pretty good!
    Marianne x

  2. Hi there! Lovely to see all that you have been doing. To my - very inexpert - eye your crochet looks great, very even stitches and it doesn't matter if it is a little larger, you can just carry more lovely things! The flowers look so pretty in your jug, you couldn't have got a better combo if you had tried. I look forward to seeing your top when you have made it, sounds like a nice thing to make. Most of all I am glad that you followed your sons orders and bought something for you to keep for you! Hope that you have a good bank holiday Monday tomorrow! xx

  3. Hi Dorothy, that fabric is great and I think something in bright pink would look lovely on the other side, maybe even a plain bright pink or in fact any other bright colour say yellow or turquoise.
    Your crochet bag looks great I just have the handles left to do on mine, they've needed doing for some weeks now ooops

  4. Mmm not sure what happened there the rest of my comment is missing.
    I was going to say that was a good price for your fabric and that blue is pretty.
    Have a good week Dorothy
    Hugs, Jackie x

  5. Wow Dorothy, you always say it's gonna be short but somehow you cram so much into your lovely posts - first off I love that beautiful jug with the sweet williams in, it's very classy! I also love your fabrics and think 'the world' is a great incentive to encourage the youngsters' learning - and your crochet bag is looking great. How lovely that you are awaiting the arrival of your new book too! You take good care of yourself and have a great week dear friend! Lots of love, Joy xoxo

  6. Love the crochet bag and the bunch of stocks. They smell so sweet!
    Mentioning you on my blog.
    Jacqui x

  7. My goodness Dorothy you have been so busy. Your crochet looks lovely and I keep seeing that Coco pattern pop up on peoples blog, so I'm very interested to find out how it comes together for you. I hope that you're having a lovely bank holiday weekend. S xo

  8. I really like the blue fabric and I am sure the top will look wonderful, all Tilly's things look good.
    I am really sorry but the Horticulturist in me has to mention that those lovely sweet smelling flowers look more like Stocks than Sweet Williams , please don't hit me ;0)
    I have seen the map fabric, in colour, at a local market. I think your one will make nicer cushions.
    Hugs x

  9. I'm catching up this morning Dorothy, as I've been away over the weekend. From your last post, I'm amazed that you found some dishes with the same pattern as your fabric! The dishes look great, and I love the little vase as well. I find it difficult to find scented flowers in the gardening centres these days. Your flowers look very sweet in the vase. The map fabric would look great with pink or that same shade as the ball of yarn in your photo here (with the bag). Your crocheted bag looks amazing. Lucy always has such colourful designs. Good luck with your new top. It looks like a fairly straight forward pattern. Have a great week Dorothy :) Wendy x

  10. I do like the map fabric, I live between two Abakhan stores so I think I will be off to take a look next week.