Wednesday, 27 November 2013

What a lovely surprise!

Hello Everyone do come in out of the cold, how are you all doing?  It is so lovely to see you again.  Well I had some absolutely fantastic news today - I won a prize from the lovely Gilly - how exciting and unexpected!  I am over the moon with it all.  I have been following Gilly for a little while now and she has the most interesting and exciting blog - please pop over to see her when you can, she is
such a genuine and sweet lady and you will love her.  Below is my prize - isn't it wonderful, can't wait to start sewing with it all.  A huge thank you Gillyxx
Now lovely Friends I must ask a favour of you all.  If I ever, ever mention that I am going to make some bunting will you all please shout a big NO!  I really wanted to make bunting a few months ago and was so excited when I started the Christmas project which I enjoyed doing but and it is a big but it began to bore me at the end.  My lovely Son asked me to make some for two children and I didn't feel that I could say no as they are lovely little dears so I quickly made up just one set of bunting with their names on - thankfully very short names!
I was speaking to Rachel in my sewing class - she is such an expert at bunting and makes them all the time to sell.  However she admitted that sometimes she also gets so fed up doing them - only this week a lady had rang her to ask her to make a huge amount of bunting with lots of names on them.  The lady wanted them in double quick time and although Rachel was loathe to turn down the order she said that she had so much to do that she couldn't face doing them.  I can understand this.  Do you love doing bunting lovely Friends?  There is a lady at my sewing class who makes them all the time and sells them at work and at fairs.  I asked her about it and she said that she found it so relaxing as she can do it standing on her head - so there you go, it takes all sorts.  As for me, I think my bunting projects are over for now...............
I also had a go at making an Advent Calendar - this was one I found on Ebay for a couple of pounds a few years ago.  It is made by Buttonbag and has £14 on the back of the box - I think I paid £5 so it was a bargain.  I have had to make it in a hurry and, looking at it, I can I could have done a better job with the pockets as some of the patters are too close together.  However, time is pressing and I need to get it posted tomorrow in time for the 1st December.  My Son is really pleased with it and it is ok but not my best.   I am trying to be a little more kind to myself and take on board some of the lovely supportive comments you have all been making - it means such a lot to me dear Friends, thank you all so much.  It is not quite ready yet and I am going to back it with some red fabric - see what you think
Finally, we have a full weekend coming up in a couple of days.  We are picking up our three little Peeps on Friday afternoon.  We are going to their lantern festival and then bringing them back here while their lovely Mum and Dad visit the Good Food Show in Birmingham.  Every year we have a little party and our dear Friend Chris, otherwise known as Santa comes for a surprise visit bearing lots of gifts for them.  We usually do it around the 18th but this year the little Peeps have that many things to do we have had to bring it forward.  So, over the past few days I have been trying to get the house in order ready for Christmas - seems strange at this early stage as I usually do it a little later.  This year sadly I am having to do most of it myself but it will be worth it.  I have bought the girls two sparkly party dresses and tights and my hairdresser is coming to curl their hair.  All exciting stuff. 
My lovely Dad adored Christmas and insisted on the house looking like a grotto and I must admit that I take after him.  Luckily for me my beloved is exactly the same so we have a lot of decorations up.  We have two trees, not sure why, inside and then a big one outside.  I haven't had time to go and buy the outside tree yet but have managed to put up the two inside trees.  This is the one in the lounge which I try to keep to a Scandinavian theme if possible.  I was working quickly last night so may re-arrange it slightly later on.
Below is the one in the sunroom which has everything on!  I do love the thrill of Christmas and will let you all know how the Santa visit goes.  The Peeps do not know he is coming but the eldest D is guessing already.  He is nearly 9 so may not believe for much longer.  However, little E and tiny C are full on believers!  Are you a believer?  Yes I am - truly...........wonder what he will bring me??? 
I have to leave lovely Friends to put up some more decorations - have work tomorrow and then food buying for the party.  Thank you all once again for the lovely comments and all the encouragement you give me - I don't know what I would do without you all - wish I could send you all something special.  Big hugs to you and lots of love, Dorothy :-)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Wow Dorothy, those trees are fit to bursting, you put me to shame. We always have a fresh tree so it does not go up before the weekend prior to Christmas. Now I have a Granddaughter things may have to change.
    Congratulations on your Prize, it is so exciting when things like that arrive.
    I really must get on and make my Advent, well maybe for next year now ;0)
    Hugs (and no more bunting)

  2. Congratulations on the win, that is a super parcel. I met Gilly at her home for the blog meet and she was one classy host and great to chat to. Great to see your post today and decorations?! you are so organised. The lights go on in our town this weekend so the children will be out getting excited like your little ones. Jo x

  3. Hello Dorothy - I'm not much of a seamstress so I would likely avoid making bunting, but I love looking at them. They are such a happy decoration. How fun to have your inside tree ready. It looks so festive...and I LOVE the Scandinavia theme! Have fun with your peeps! Oh and that hairdresser coming to the house sounds like a dream for the peeps. My oh my! Best wishes for a magical get together.

  4. Love your decorations, very festive! Licks you to win such a lovely gift. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Lovely Dorothy, I was so delighted to hear you'd won Gilly's beautiful giveaway - what a fantastic surprise for you, and to win out of that huge number of participants - WOW, you were meant to have this, so enjoy!
    Such a pity that you're 'over' the bunting making but you have been doing such a great job with it - are you sure you want a big resounding 'no' when you suggest making more?
    Your trees are looking so gorgeous, very artistically decorated - I can tell you really enjoy doing it; and your Advent calendar is looking very good too - give yourself more credit for a job well done my friend!
    I'm sure you'll enjoy the little peeps and the special occasion Dorothy, and as you still believe in Santa then, yes, you can expect him to pay you a visit and bring lovely surprises - but on the other hand, if you didn't believe in him then that would be another story . . . . . .
    Take good care of yourself lovely friend, and your beloved.
    Much love and warm hugs,
    Joy xoxo

  6. Congratulations on your win. Glad to see the spirit of Christmas is alive at your house. I love the magic too. Jacqui xx

  7. Thanks for your kind words, Dorothy and the link too :-) Hope your parcel arrives safe & sound with the Postie today and I look forward to seeing what you create. Love your pretty trees, am hoping to persuade my hubby that we should put ours up on Sunday, but it's a busy weekend so i may have to wait til next weekend - sigh! Your party for the little peeps sounds such fun, and how exciting that Santa will be there - I believe too :-)
    Happy Thursday,
    Hugs xx

  8. Congratulations on that fabulous win from Gilly I am sure you will put all those gorgeous fabrics to very good use. Your home is looking so beautiful and Christmassy and I am sure the little 'peeps' will love every minute of being there especially seeing that Santa will be there too. You have made such a lovely effort and like you I do always go a little over the top. This year however I feel very ill prepared!! I think you've done a wonderful job with that advent calendar and I am sure the kids will love it! That is definitely my job for next year. I hope you have a lovely weekend and that all the prep goes well and that there are lost of fun had by all. I suppose your having a little thanksgiving party, enjoy!!! Much love lovely Dorothy xoxo

  9. And what a deserving winner you really are! Looking forward to seeing what your going to make with your goodies.
    I think you have outdone yourself this year on the lead up to Christmas with all your home made gifts and lovin the trees, puts me to shame lol!
    Great news on the lantern festival, might see you there ;-)

  10. Congratulations on your win. I have just been enjoying reading through your blog because of it! So pleased to have found you. Suzanne XX

  11. Hello, I've just popped over from Ladybird Diaries. Congrats on your win. The hook and bar packet on your header made me recall seeing one my Mum's sewing kit from centuries ago, and nice to see it again.

    I am very torn about the whole bunting caper. I know I should love but I really can't 'get' it. We had to make some as part of my recent sewing class and I just cant find anywhere in the house for it to go. I loved the woolly ones I saw from the Yarndale bloggers but the material ones leave me oddly cold. Its crazy but as they are everywhere I feel like I am admitting to something shameful...!

  12. Congratulations on winning Gilly's gorgeous giveaway, Dorothy! You will enjoy using those lovely things I'm sure! Your home is looking very festive, and your Christmas trees look so bright and sparkly! Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.
    Helen x