Friday, 6 December 2013

Hello Again

Hello Everyone I do hope you are all well and happy.  We have had some dreadful weather but nothing as bad as people near the coastal areas so I hope that you are all safe and secure.  The morning of the big storm I stupidly decided to walk to work but about 10 minutes into the journey I was very nearly blown into a main road but was a big shaken up.  I managed to get back home and got the car.  There were a few big old trees blown down which was alarming to see but nothing like the damage and tragedy that other folks have endured.  My heart goes out to anyone who has suffered this last few days, I hope things improve for you very soon.  
Before I forget do pop over to Tilly and the Buttons Blog as she has the most fantastic giveaway on offer.  I love Tilly who you might remember was a contestant on the Sewing Bee which I loved.  She also has a book coming out very soon so keep your eyes open.  Do pop over to her blog and have a look, you won't be disappointed, please mention my blog if you remember. 
It has been such a busy time since I last spoke to you all and I haven't had the chance to get to my computer other than for work - unfortunately!  My crafting has taken a big tumble since last week - our weekend was just lovely with the little Peeps staying for a few nights with lots of things going on including a visit from a very special man in a red suit.  Yes Santa did arrive on Sunday much to the delight of all bearing lots of gifts for everyone. These times are so special and hopefully they will all have happy memories too when they are older. How are you all doing my lovely Friends? 
I am hoping that work will be a little less tense over the next few weeks as I badly want to catch up with what everyone is doing - far more than me I am sure.  I am nearly ready to post off my Christmas decoration (sorry I know it is late) on Monday and hope that Jilly, my Christmas Dec partner, will be pleased.  I also managed to finish the Advent Calendar and posted it off in such a hurry, completely forgetting to take a photograph of it!  My Son, who is going to deliver it has promised to send me a photo of it so I will post it then.

I have not long got in from work so this is a quick post tonight just to catch up with all you Lovelies.  The highlight of my week has been the delivery of my lovely prize from Gilly which I wanted to share with you tonight.   Please pop over to her wonderful blog, it is fabulous.  My prize arrived in a nice sturdy box and when I opened it what a lovely sight.  I loved the sparkly paper and the sticker - very much my ethos in life Gilly, thank you.

Inside was a lovely card from her and on the back of it was this happy motto - something I think all us bloggers agree with! 

What a sweet message from Gilly.

Lovelies there was so much to see and touch.  I was really overwhelmed by it all - I still have the box on the table in the lounge as I do not want to unpack it - just like Christmas.  I have been thinking about what I will make with all the beautiful fabrics and I am thinking of a small quilt.  It is something I have wanted to do for ages but am a little daunted by it.  However, Gilly's prize has given me the push to make this my New Year project and I have lots of ideas floating around my head.  I have been re-reading Helen Phillips wonderful book for inspiration.

Well lovely Folks I must say that I am a very lucky girl this year as this is the second giveaway I have won and I am so grateful to Daisy and to Gilly for my wonderful prizes.  You may remember that I won a fabulous bag from Daisy and still use it when I go to my sewing class and get lots of compliments about it so thank you Daisy.

I must say that Gilly has really got it right when it comes to the colours of everything - I just adore pastels and they will be perfect for the quilt I have in mind.

Tonight on my way home I took the long way around and popped into John Lewis in Chester for a coffee as it has been a long week.  It is not a large store but I had a quick peep around and spotted these cheery cushions below which I loved.  Since I have started crafting properly I am now always on the lookout for ideas and inspiration - if you remember I managed to get hold of some John Lewis fox fabric to make some cushions which I loved.  If I had more time before Christmas I would love to have a go at something similar to those below - maybe something similar for Easter or the summer......who knows.  Do you like them?

Well my Lovely Friends I am hoping to write a few more posts this month as I have really missed you all.  I have lots to finish including the knitted banner and my little bags for my friends in work - so much to do so little time.  I am sure that you are all feeling the same pressure as I am and probably coping much better than I am! 
Tomorrow I am having a day out Christmas shopping with my gorgeous eldest granddaughter in Birmingham.  They have a fabulous Christmas market there and I will take lots of photos to show you all tomorrow.  I do hope you are all enjoying a wonderful evening/day depending on where you are in our fabulous planet.  Keep safe and be happy Everyone and do leave a comment if you have time as I do love to hear from you all so much.  Big hugs to Everyone, lots of love, Dorothy xxxxxxxxxxx


  1. How lovely that you won the giveaway Dorothy! You have a heart of gold and deserve to win such pretty things. :) Thank you for your kind words on my blog tonight, love, Tina xxx

  2. I hope work calms down a little for you x
    Gosh lot's of lovely giveaway treats ..... you'll have lots of fun with those.
    Happy shopping!
    wishing you a clam and a happy weekend.
    love jooles xxx

  3. WOW what a prize. I won a giveaway this week too and was really thrilled. Glad to hear from you, and wish you the very best. Enjoy your trip to Birmingham. Jo x

  4. Congratulations on winning the prize. You'll have lots of fun using the contents of that box. Jacqui x

  5. Dearest Dorothy, as soon as I saw you had a new post I popped out and put the kettle on, any excuse for a cuppa really. Didn't have a biscuit though, I have been out to lunch 3 times this week and feel full to the brim.
    Love the cushions, like you I am always looking at things in a "crafting possibility" way now.
    What a prize, congrats. I love keeping things in the box to go back and investigate (probably gloat;0) ) over again. I always do that on Christmas Day as It is normally such a rush.
    I am going on a coach trip to Chester Christmas Market with my Mum tomorrow. I am wondering how we will manage with a wheelchair.
    Hugs x

  6. I'm so glad to hear you're safe. May you have a sweet Christmas with your loved ones.

  7. Hello lovely Dorothy. I am so sorry to hear that you were so badly affected by the storm and that you were personally caught in it. I am pleased that you at least turned around and got your car, very sensible! I am pleased to hear that you had fun with the little peeps and I am sure you did a wonderful job of entertaining them and yes isn't it just wonderful for us all to enjoy it again too. You were so lucky winning that wonderful giveaway and I am sure you will put it to very good use. I can't wait to see what you make with it. Loving those sweet cushions from JL and I am sure you can make some better than that! I have been meaning to email, but I am so behind with blog reading, so I figured I might as well ask for you to send me your postal address please. Sending you much love xoxo

  8. Such lovely goodies, Dorothy, and so well deserved! Love the cushions, and hearing about your happy tmes with your family. I hope work is calmer for you this week.
    Take care.
    helen x

  9. Hello dearest Dorothy - I'm here at last and if you would like to re-read our lovely Hannapat's message then you have read what I would like to say also! Sorry I am way behind with everything but will talk soon! Much love, Joy xo

  10. Congratulations on your gorgeous Giveaway prize Dorothy! Your cushions are gorgeous and festive too..
    The Christmas markets are wonderful, aren't they? Hope you had a wonderful day with your granddaughter,
    Susan x

  11. Dearest Dororthy, what a super prize you won, the pastel colours are so pretty.
    Thank you for your get well wishes. I am up and about feeling much better thank you! missing your posts....but I know you are busy...festive wishes to you dear bloggy friend!
    Daisy xx