Sunday, 17 November 2013

Hello - I am back - again!

Hello Everyone I do hope you are all fit and happy.  It has been another long week but hopefully I have broken the back of the current project I have been working on and can finally see some light at the end of the long tunnel.  I have missed you all and really wanted to write up some posts this week but it has been difficult to say the least. However, I am not going to dwell on that as I am just so glad to be back with you all lovely Folks.
Here in the UK Christmas is coming into it's own and everywhere you go the shops are now glistening with tinsel and fairy lights. It is hard not to get on board with this, Christmas fever is something which seems to creep up shortly after October comes in and then it is frenzy! 

I had popped into a few shops this week just browsing and was delighted to see that crafting is still on the market when it comes to gifts.

This is the Kirsty Alsopp range in Marks and Spencer and very pretty they are too.  I am a fan of Kirsty but I know some of my crafting friends are a little sniffy about her but I do enjoy her programmes very much.
I was working late most evenings last week but popped out for a coffee and bought myself the second edition of this magazine.  I am not really into quilting but would love to have a go at patchwork but I am really taken with the wonderful things you can make, some of the quilting blogs are fabulous - I would love to have a go but not sure if I could really stick at it - maybe something for the future when I have more time?  What do you think lovely Folks?
I did spot this little gadget though which I am going to have a look at for my sewing - it looks a handy little things.
I haven't been entirely idle this week Lovelies as I had to finish the bunting and some Christmas cushions for my lovely daughter-in-law.  We had a lovely surprise late in the week as they had to come up to our way for family visits and said that they would be coming for tea on Saturday.  I was so pleased as we both love to see them all - however it meant that I needed to press on and finish all the bunting and cushions.  I really wanted her to see everything and take it home.  It was a push but I did it.  I used the lovely LillyBlossom pattern which is just so easy for me and managed six cushions in two nights using the left over Christmas fabric which I had used for the bunting. 
The shiny red and green fabric was from John Lewis and only cost £8 per metre so I bought a half metre of each colour.  These really fit into the Highland theme which is so in this year.  They look almost plastic in this photograph but are much nicer to look at in the flesh!   I used a combination of all the fabrics for the fourth set of bunting - the first three had the children's names on and the last set was plain except for some applique which I sewed on.  Hope you like it.
Here are the other two sets, just realised that I didn't take a photograph of the third set, never mind.  I can't wait to see how it all comes together when she puts it up for Christmas.
Well my Lovelies, I must love you and leave you now as I have a ton of things to do.  I had a wonderful day yesterday with our little Peeps and family so must tidy up today and start catching up with my crafts and blogging. 
The gorgeous Marianne from Ladybird Diaries is doing a Christmas Decoration swop and I have been linked up with Jilley from Love to Craft - I am so excited to be doing this and have a few ideas about what to make for the swop. If you haven't been over to see these two fabulous blogs do go now.  They are both so interesting and make fantastic reading, I love them both. 

I do hope you have a fabulous Sunday with lots of fun and love.  Do take care and leave a comment if you have time, I really do love to hear from you all.  Hopefully catch up with you all very very soon.  Big hugs to Everyone wherever you are in the world.  Dorothy:-)xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. So lovely to see you back.
    The cushions are fab, I must order that pattern from Lilly Blossom.
    I have used you tutorial with the tea towels and made a couple of bags so far. I am really pleased with them.
    I am also a fan of Kirsty. She always comes across as genuine to me. I must check out this range.
    Hugs x

  2. Hello Dorothy, lovely to see you managed to get your post done and up and running - well done - and a lot better than I achieved this weekend! You've done very well finishing all your lovely cushions and bunting, and it's so nice that you had time to enjoy your little ones too. That ruler tape gadget thingy looks very interesting and could be of great benefit in lots of crafting ways, I think! I'll be interested to hear more on that. We had our third grandie for a sleep-over last night and he was here for a good part of today, and we did enjoy his lovely company - I still managed to get a couple of crafty things done too so all in all it's been a good weekend. As I type it's just 12.30 pm over there with you so you have a few hours left of Sunday yet - do enjoy them and do something nice for yourself lovely! Hugs and love, Joy xoxo

  3. Hi Dorothy, I am glad that you managed to fit some lovely things into your very busy week. Your cushions and buntings are lovely, really festive and cheery! I like Kirstie too and I enjoy watching her programmes, I am hoping that she will be doing a Christmas one again this year because I like those the best. Thank you for the blog love! And thank you so much once again for my lovely giveaway prize, I love it all so much.
    Marianne xx

  4. Hello, love your Christmas cushions, everything is getting very Christmassy isn't it, Beautiful bunting :) xx

  5. Hi Dorothy, great cushions. I think your Christmas decoration swap is staring right at you... What about some lovely bunting? Lots of Love Jo x

  6. Hi Dorothy, I just love that bunting, it is beautiful. Your pillows are amazing too, love that fabric. So lovely to see you back in this space. Wishing you a great week.
    Take care,

  7. Dear Dorothy, Just wanted to stop by again and say a huge THANK YOU for the lovely comments you just left on my blog, they have cheered me to no end and have made me smile. Thank you for your friendship.

  8. Dear Dorothy, Love the bunting. have a good week x

  9. Hello lovely lady!! Well as usual you have been pretty busy making some rather gorgeous things. I am loving those cushions and all that pretty Christmas bunting, You most certainly have been busy!! I am sure your family will all love it! That magazine looks wonderful. I would look into getting a special 1/4" seam foot for your machine instead of buying the tape, they are really amazing and make such a difference on getting the measurement just I hope this is a better week for you, I take things will be pretty manic for us all now until Christmas day, but hopefully we will have fun in the meantime getting ready for it all. Sending you much love xoxo

  10. Your cushions and buntings are really lovely, Dorothy. You did well to fit in some crafting while work is so busy. I am sure your family will be absolutely delighted with the lovely things you have made specially for them. I hope things are a bit easier this week. Keep cosy!
    Helen x