Saturday, 2 November 2013

A Blowy Day in Liverpool

Hello lovely Folks how are you all doing today?  It has certainly been wet and very windy when I went to Liverpool today.  I wanted a day out somewhere and there was a vintage show on the St George's Hall so of course I had to go!  More information on my finds tomorrow. 

This is a very quick post tonight to update you on everything - I got the ferry across and left the car on the other side of the river but honestly didn't think I was going to get on tonight as it was so choppy and absolutely freezing.  However we did to the recording of Gerry Marsden singing Ferry Across the Mersey!  Many years ago in he 1960s Gerry made a film called Ferry Across the Mersey (which must have died a death as I only saw it once), however they wanted extras so I was there in my best mini dress and Vida Sassoon styled hair waiting all day to see if I would get picked.  There was so many people there and sadly they took the first few so my days as a movie star never got off the ground!
When I went to my sewing class with Rachel this week I started some bunting which I have done before but wanted to put some names on for Christmas so I started this on Thursday evening and managed to cut out the flags and the letters for one name.  My gorgeous grandchildren have quite long names so I had to cut out 11 flags - 9 for the name and two extras for the finishing flag either end.  I did work hard on finishing it last night although I was tired and consequently didn't get to bed until well after 1am but I'm sure you all understand the feeling of really needing to finish something off.  I was pleased with the result and have another 4 or 5 to do so will just keep tinkering away at these as much as I can. 

I used the fabric from Aneela Hoey which I bought last January very cheap in a sale online, wish I had bought more now but it just lasted out for the 11 flags thank goodness.
The bunting came out quite well although I went off the line of stitching a couple of times you won't really notice it once it is up.  Onwards and upwards to the next one......

I popped into Marks and Spencer when I arrived early this morning - thankfully they open at 8am and I was sitting in their café enjoying a latter at 8.05 which was wonderful.  They were starting to put out their Christmas range so it was really nice to stroll around the store free of hoards of people and really have a good look around.  I am a real lover of Christmas and love all the decorations and glitter, what about you lovely Folks? 

I spotted their Christmas range for the kitchen and quite liked these tea towels - they also had cushions to match in the same fabric.  I am planning on making some Christmas cushions so am going to use this fabric as I quite liked it.  Do you like it?

As you can see below the tea towels were £4 each so I bought 3 and had 20% off today.  The cushions were £20 each - I am going to use the main fabric as the front and then have the back in red as I have tons of red fabric which I found when I was clearing out the cupboard.  Goodness only knows how long I have had it and where I got it from!  However it is really useful as I will use it on all the bunting plus have loads over the for the cushions.

When I finally arrived home tonight absolutely tired out a little parcel was waiting for me.  I am sure that I have mentioned Debbie Abrahams before in previous posts.  She is such a lovely designer and does lots of knits with beads.  I got back into knitting a few years ago when I went on a cushion knitting day with her.  I was absolutely bowled over by her work and my love for beads grew from her.  I have been to many of her workshops and hope to catch up with her very soon.  She was at the Knitting Show this year but I wasn't able to go but noticed on her website that she was selling this lovely kit for Christmas.  I thought it was perfect for a very sick friend of mine who lives abroad so I need to knit it up quickly to send it to her. 

As you can see it only takes two balls of yarn plus some beads so it something I can do whilst relaxing.  I will keep you up to date with my progress.  I know that the kits are so popular so check out her website if you are interested.
Now lovely Folks an update on my beautiful Sophie Tilley dolls.  If you remember when I went to visit the lovely Sophie I bought two more dolls for my granddaughters and my husband is currently painting these for them and I shall be sewing a pretty dress for each dolly.  We are not giving them the dolls just yet as the girls are only 5 and 3 so a bit young.  However, my husband was keen to make sure the dollies were completely decent and has painted on some knickers and a bra - what do you think Everyone - doesn't she look glam?

She is also getting high heels so I will show you when she is completely finished.  I am doing a pink dress for one and a purple for the other as these are the favourite colours of my girls.
Finally, the giveaways.  The dollies are having a little get together tonight as our two bobbin ladies will be leaving us soon and flying off to two new owners who I know will look after each one of them.  The giveaway closes tonight at midnight and Sophie has kindly said that she will choose the winners.  I want to thank you all for being so supportive and encouraging.  I only wish I could send you all a prize.  Do have a cosy evening/lovely day depending on where you are in the world and keep safe and happy.  Sending you big hugs from a very blustery part of my world - I can hear lots of fireworks going off outside and am hoping all the children are well wrapped up against the cold.  See you tomorrow.  Lots of love, Dorothy:-)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed your full and varied post lovely Dorothy - you have started my Sunday off so well for me, thank you! From 'Gerry' and Vidal Sassoon (sorry your acting career didn't get a kick-start), to your sewing class and gorgeous bunting with your Grandies' names (what a lovely idea); from the mention of Marks and Spencer (how I love those stores over there) and your peaceful coffee, and then wonderful tea towels (I am in love with that birdie tea towel), to the Debbie Abraham's parcel of Christmas kit.
    Now I see the wonderful work your lovely husband has put into Tilly - what a brilliant idea, the pants and bra, she looks fantastic! And I'm trying to jolt my memory - did I, or did I not, ask to be included in your wonderful giveaway for a beautiful bobbin lady? Anyway, I really would love to be in with a chance if that is okay Dorothy, thank you!
    I am totally astounded at the amount of crafting you manage to so delightfully fit into each week, along with your busy work life; you have a very giving nature and obviously enjoy contributing to others' happiness! I am feeling really inspired by you. Thank you!!! Warm hugs and blessings, Joy xoxo

  2. Hi Joy thank you for your lovely message, always positive and uplifting. Are you able to send me a message through my blog - it would be lovely if you couldxxxxx

  3. A busy but satisfying day. Love the bunting. J x

  4. That bunting is absolutely gorgeous. Often thought I'd do some for myself, but never got round to it - you've inspired me to have a go (when I finish my current projects) for my "Pink Room".
    I love that you can pick up something seemingly (to me anyway) boring as a Tea Towel and see so much more than pot drying! :-)
    And the Bra and Knickers on the doll... That made me lol; so delightful. Clever hubby. :-)
    And thanks for your comments on my blog. It's always lovely to hear from you. :-)

  5. Hello lovely Dorothy, your bunting is so pretty and turned out really lovely. You must be really proud. I do want to tell you off for staying up soo late!! Even though I completely understand the need and desire to finish things, I also know now that it can make you really ill, so do take care of yourself. I really love those teatowels you got from M&S so I might have to pop online after this message and have a little look!! Isn't it lovely to spend time browsing without people around you, I used to love it and like you I absolutely LOVE Christmas, it is such a special time of the year. Your tilly dolls are so gorgeous Dorothy and they are going to make two winners very very happy. I love what your hubby did with dressing your tilly doll, very cabaret!! Love it! Enjoy your Sunday, it is very wet and cold here. Much love xoxo

  6. Hello dear Dorothy, what a lovely busy post. The fabric to your bunting is glorious what a good buy! I too like to wander around an empty shop, but seem to do so much shopping on does not happen so much these days...maybe i will go with you next time!!
    bestest as ever dear bloggy friend daisy xx

  7. Oh gosh. How fab does your Tilly doll look in her bra and knickers. I would love knickers like that. One could do a twirl and show them off ;0)
    I never did get to go on the Ferry across the Mersey, we drove all the way round instead. I seem to remember visiting a beach called New Brighton???
    Those tea towels are wonderful. I now have the IKEA ones (courtesy of my DinL) and came on your blog to find out how to proceed.
    Hope you had a pleasant day today, windy but sunny here.