Sunday, 3 November 2013

Hello Poppets

Hello Everyone how are you all doing?  It has been a mixed day here weather wise with torrential rain followed by sunshine, however it has been on the rather chilly side.  I hope you have all enjoyed a good Sunday and have a special week ahead.  Do come in out of the cold and make yourself at home.

I am afraid  I do not have any news on the giveaways yet Folks as I am waiting for Sophie to pick out the winning numbers, I am hopeful it will be a little later this evening and then I will let everyone know.  The bobbin dollies are so excited as they are going to new homes somewhere, I shall miss them but know whoever wins will look after each one well.

I wanted to talk to you about my trip out yesterday to Liverpool.  I visited a vintage sale whilst I was there and picked up a few bits and pieces which you might like to see.  Today I have been working on work related things but managed to finish another set of bunting for my little peeps.  Only one more to go then the three will have their own personalised decorations for Christmas.

I really enjoyed doing these but I have to work to a system otherwise I get easily distracted.  I don't want to let this project slip through my fingers as I need to get them done and dusted well before December - have had quite a few requests from the family for these which is nice but obviously puts pressure on my time.  I am sure you will all keep me on track though Folks.
Now down to the vintage fair finds.  I have a favourite seller who always seems to have the things I like at a good price and yesterday was no different.  I spied this little cigar box when I went to their stall.  These were very popular in the `1950s and 1960s when smoking was very popular than it is now.  I had a few which I kept little treasures in - I can assure you that I didn't smoke the cigars!  The stall holder wanted £2 for it with the contents intact.

I had a peep inside and there were some bits and pieces but didn't have a close look until I arrived home.  Inside was my favourite book from my childhood.  I am sure you are all too young to remember the tales of Milly Molly Mandy.  I loved her so much and followed her stories in school.  I wanted to be Milly Molly Mandy.

I hadn't realised what year they had been written.  This part of history was another world to the one we have now.  Some things are better, other things we have lost forever.
I knew the map of Milly Molly Mandy's house like the back of my hand and would love to trace her adventures using the map. 
One of the illustrations shows Milly and her family - I presume that I am now the Grandma sitting in the corner with her knitting!  A far cry from the grandparents of today I think.  Do you agree?
There were a few other little things in the bottom of the box - some bias binding, always useful.

Some interesting little packages - interesting to see that most of the mending was centred around cigarette burns, something unheard of now.
At the bottom of the box there were also some packets of sewing machine needles, not sure if they will fit mine but nice to have these dinky packets.
I also spotted this little box - it attracted me because I could remember seeing the Christmas paper before when I was a child.  In those days the wrapping paper was rather limited so you generally saw the same or similar patterns, certainly not like today. 

The stall holder asked £3 for this and threw in some cotton reels as well.  I peeped inside and could see some embroidery.  There was another lady at the stall who was very interested in this box so I quickly paid for it before I missed it.  It is a table cloth and whoever has started the embroidery was very talented as you can see below.  Now I must tell you lovely Folks that the photograph below is the wrong side of the material, yes the wrong side.


Below is the correct side and you can see how well she/he has crafted the flowers, they are just lovely.
It was a strange feeling when I found the needle still in the fabric threaded ready to continue with work.  Do you think there is a message for me here?  I am always talking about doing it but never seem to get around to it.  Maybe this is a challenge for me - I would love to hear what you all think.

There were lots of lovely colours just waiting to be used in this project - no instructions but I guess it is fairly self explanatory.

Now I think my final find will be interesting to the lovely Jo from Three Stories who was recently discussing using older patterns and how much the sizes varied with our measurements today.  I picked up a plastic bag and the stall lady said I think you might like this - it was £4 but when I saw the date I thought this was a bargain.  Look at the postmark - 1966 - 47 years ago, a lot older than you lovely folks.  The postman/postwoman had even written a little note to say that the householder was out so it was being returned to her the following day.

It was a pre-cut dress from Woman's Weekly - there was not price on the package which was a shame but the postage was 1s.6d which is about 7p in new money today.   I certainly love the style and it is something I would wear now.  Do you like it?

The instructions are a little short but then everything has been cut out.

This particular dress is a 36 inch bust so a fairly good size for then and now.

All the clever sewers out there will recognize these instructions I am sure.

The fabric has to be dry cleaned and is very scratchy, I don't think I could wear this all day without a lining.  Below are the two arm holes, zip and binding.

The lady has done a bit of sewing on the bust and the darts as you can see.

I thought the way it has been cut out to be rather strange - in fact I thought it was ripped when I first took everything out.
So what do you think I should do with it Folks.  I cannot see me wearing it to the office next week if I am truthful but I would like to see what it looks like when it is completed.  I am thinking of taking it to sewing class next week and asking Rachel to help me put it together.  I would be grateful for any ideas about this - it would seem a shame to cut it up and to be honest I am not that taken with the fabric or the colour. 
Well my lovely People I must leave you once again to return to my work which I have to do in preparation for tomorrow.  Speaking with you is such a warm delight and I am hopeful that I will be able announce my giveaway winners very soon.  Have a fabulous day tomorrow Everyone, keep safe and sound until we next meet again.  Big hugs to you all, lots of love, Dorothy :-)xxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Good heavens Dorothy - where to start?! Fancy finding your favourite book - and yes I do remember her - wasn't her full name Millicent Margaret Amanda? It's always lovely to find things in these boxes - hidden treasure! And as for the dress (posted the year I was born!) I wonder why it was never finished? I think whoever it belonged to would have been thrilled to think you were finally going to give it another chance all these years later! The sight of that Christmas paper also takes me right back - even now I tend to favour the cheaper folded sheets in packs of 10 rather than the tastefully embellished rolls with matching tags - pure nostalgia. Thank you for such a lovely post x Jane

  2. Dear Dorothy - once again there's so much in this lovely post that I don't know where to start either! What's that - you start at the beginning? Okay - I'm glad to see you are getting through all that bunting making, it's so sweet; then there's the lovely cigar box with that gorgeous book inside - I love it although I don't remember it from school cause it was probably AFTER my time, although perhaps school books in Scotland were different to those in England? The illustrations are wonderful and certainly bring memories flooding back, as do the needles and other little packages you were fortunate enough to find on your adventure. And the cotton reels and unfinished embroidery which would surely love to be completed, as would the dress, but methinks after Christmas would be soon enough for it looks like you have more than enough on your plate and I'd hate to see you crumple when you finally sit down to enjoy the special season!
    Wonderful post, thanks so much Dorothy! Love and warm hugs, Joy xoxo

  3. Milly Molly Mandy !! now that takes me back. Have a great week.
    Jacqui xox

  4. Wow, what finds.
    I shall be very interested to see the finished garment. I totally agree that the dress needs to be lined, the material looks very scratchy. I wonder where Miss Foulkes is today?
    How beautifully professional is that embroidery, someone certainly took pains over it.
    Cally x

  5. Wow it most certainly looks like you had a field day finding all these wonderful treasures Dorothy. I am not familiar with this book, but I am going to look into it, seeing it is your favourite book, which by the way, what are the changes?! I love the pretty embroidery cloths and also the gorgeous old bobbins, my very favourite! Your bunting is looking so pretty and you must be feeling rather chuffed with it, well done! Hope you have a good day lovely Dorothy and thank you for bringing a little sun to a rather dull and grey day. Much love xoxo

  6. Hello Dorothy,
    Hope you are well. What fabulous vintage finds you have made. The prices are certainly much more reasonable up there than I am used to! Glad to see you are still enjoying your sewing.
    Love Hen xxx

  7. Super bunting. I see what you mean now! If the size is good for you I think you should line it and go for it. It was the size thing that was bugging me. It is such a cool shape, that is what I am a sucker for. Jo x

  8. I love your bunting and you made some great finds in Liverpool

    Jackie x

  9. I forgot to say I remember that Christmas paper and I loved Milly Molly Mandy and wanted to be her when I was a child
    Jackie x

  10. Good evening Dorothy!...Your bunting is fabulous and your little ones will be thrilled to have them personalised too.
    Such fabulous finds ...the embroidery is exquisite (how amazing that the needle and thread were still in place!) and I l just love the dress pattern and old bobbins...
    Hope you're having a great week,
    Susan x

  11. P.S Love your Milly-Molly-Mandy find too!...x

  12. Your bunting is just beautiful! You also have some fantastic finds! MIlly Molly Mandy...I adored those stories and my daughter enjoys them too. Thank you for your lovely comments at mine...I couldn't find a little link to email you, so sorry but if you point me in the right direction I am more than happy to email you. (I'm a bit of a techno phobe!)
    Marianne xx

  13. Gosh Dorothy - you don't half chuck the memories around.... I remember Milly Molly Mandy, although I was more into Enid Blyton boarding schools at the time. 1966. I was 8 and this post has taken me right back there. And other than the aches when I get out of bed these days, I'm still 8! LOL
    The bunting is gorgeous; I think I may need to make myself some of that! :-)
    Hope your week is good. Jude.x

  14. I loved seeing the Milly Molly Mandy book you found.....I have always loved the illustrations! Your bunting is so pretty, and nicely made. All your vintage finds have made me feel quite nostalgic, you did well to gather so much! Wishing you a happy week, Dorothy.
    Helen x