Thursday, 16 May 2013

Trying to get organised!

Hello everyone, thank you so much for calling in.  It is, as always so nice to you again.  I have had a busy day doing the usual work things and looking forward to having some 'craft' time this evening only to find the time drip through my fingers like water.  I did mention to you yesterday about my special craftsy friend, Jo and how organised she was with her projects.  She put me to shame when I saw her craft room as it was organised whereas my organisation appears to be mainly on my floor as I have to tip things out of boxes to find what I am looking for.  Am I the only one who does?  It is difficult to know when you don't have that many friends who are into craft so I always assume, from reading the blogs, that others are far more organised and tidier than I am.  I try not to beat myself up as I am new to this game and have only recently acquired a space of my own so I guess it will take time, like everything.

My friend Jo has all her projects listed very nicely in a computer programme but I, sadly have limited skills with the computer other than those I actually need, like word processing.  I have, though, for ages been looking at a lovely journal on Aneela Hoey's website and decided to send off for it.  It is just gorgeous as it has some of her beautiful embriodery on the front.

Isn't it just gorgeous - I just love the little red cape, don't you?  It came with a sweet message from Aneela herself which I will use as a book mark.

Now the journal is just great inside as it has nice quality blank paper plus squared sheets at the back for diagrams.  I don't know what is it about journals, the expectation of writing in them is tremendous but somehow you don't want to make a mistake, want everything perfect..........sounds like the story of my life!  I am going to use this now to chart out what has to be done and what is in the pipeline plus information of where patterns, projects and pictures are dear readers, let's hope it works.  I shall endeavour to keep you up to date with this, you are a real help as now that I have told you all about it I have to keep it going.

I have made a start on finishing the crochet cushion tonight but the bit I find boring is sewing in the ends - because I am quite new to crochet I haven't quite mastered the art of weaving the threads in as I am going.  There is so much information out there and some wonderful blogs so it a trick I will get to grips with eventually.

I am determined to get the cushion finished and start the cafetiere and the satchel for the lovely Jo - who, by the way, I am going to encourage to start her own blog as she is such a wonderful sewer, so watch this space for details lovely readers.  By the way, those of you who are interested in crochet do check out annabooshouse blog as she has put on instructions for the most darling little crochet scottie dog - it is adorable and would look so cute on a summer dress or coat.  I love it and it is on my to do list readers.  Also, for you knitters, Tina from the quiethome has a gorgeous doll to make which would make such a special present for a child or adult - guess what folks, on my to do list!

Well everyone, it is a short blog tonight as I have other work to do for tomorrow - I love working full time but it does get in the way of other things I really want to do in my life now.  It would be great to hear from your all to see how you all fit things into your lives.  So much to do and so little time.............

I have managed to get myself on to a course on Saturday so am taking myself off to a little town in Staffordshire called Leek.  The day is split into two classes so they are both quite short so I hope that I will be able to make the most of them.  I find that I am a slow worker when it comes to sewing or anything new so I usually avoid shortish courses like this but they sound interesting.  One session is about making a make up bag with a zip which I really want to learn and the second one is about machine embroidery which I can't wait to have a go at.  I can see that you are all shaking your heads in agreement after seeing my attempt to embroider Florence's face yesterday!  The lovely Tina named her for me and I think it is such a suitable name so Florence she is.  Thank you Tina.

Well everyone, I hope tomorrow brings you sunshine and happiness in some form.  I hope you can drop by to see me and leave a message.  I will be back very soon hopefully, have a great Friday and see you all very soon.  Lots of love, Dorothyxxxx


  1. Thank you for mentioning my knitting patterns, how kind of you! I love your new journal and I'll have to check out the website, what a lovely stitcher she is! I've only just become organised craft-wise, before that I had things all over the place in various carrier bags and boxes! Have a lovely time on Saturday!

    PS. How nice you liked the name Florence! :) xx

    1. Thank you Tina, love your pattern, can't wait to start it. Will post photos from the Saturday course.