Thursday, 2 May 2013

This is my first ever blog and boy am I nervous!  I love reading blogs and there are so many interesting and talented people out there in Blogland.  I have learned such a lot from all the talented people I have been lucky enough to find. 

I am coming to the creative field late in life but have a great desire to start learning as quickly as I can.  I have knitted for many years, mainly school sweaters when the boys were small.  They are all grown now and the world of knitting, crochet and sewing has changed, becoming so dynamic and interesting. 

I have started this blog so that I can create a record of my journey into the world of sewing, crochet and knitting.  I have been watching the Sewing Bee and have loved every minute of it, as I know many of you have.  My blog will hopefully encourage me to start to push the boat out and start making things on a regular basis rather than just reading the magazines and books, drooling over them and wishing I could do something similar.  I think as you get older it gets a little harder to experiment in case mistakes are made.  I know that I have lost sight of the fact that we learn through our mistakes as children do.  Someone told me many years ago when I was very busily pointing out all the mistakes I had made on a little sweater that I had knitted that only I knew they were there, to everyone else, the sweater was just lovely.  A big message to take from this, for me anyway.

I have reached an important milestone in my life when I know that it is time to look to other interests and pay attention to these.  The people I have met so far and all the wonderful blogs I have read have inspired me to make a start - now!

There may not be anyone out there reading this but I hope there are a few people who will drop in from time to time to keep me company.  I have had some real encouragement from some really lovely people including Henhouse (in my main photograph you can just see a pink pincushion made by her and my little vintage sewing box which she refurbished - such a talented lady, do visit her blog), also Lauren and Tilly from the Sewing Bee, Helen Phillips who you will read about later and last, but no means least, the lovely Tina from The Quiet Home  You are all more than welcome and thank you for visiting.

The First Blog

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  1. Yippee! So glad to see your new blog! :D xxx