Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Mollie Makes Doll

Hello Everyone, I do hope you are all well and happy. Last night we had so much rain here and it was soo cold, starting to think we have leap frogged into October.  Hope the weather has been a little kinder to you all.

I didn't have a good time with my last post and was unhappy with the layout.  I couldn't get the pink background back for some reason and consequently it remained white.  I had obviously done something to it but, not being a computer whizz I had to leave it as it was or delete it!  I have checked this post and it is pink again thank goodness.  I have made a commitment to my blog and really want to write new posts on a regular basis.

Last night I promised that I would give you details of the lovely lady who does the personalised patches for me.  She is called Suzanne and she has said it is ok to give out her email which is  Suzanne sells from EBay if you care to look.

I also thought about what I could make with my new craft pack and found a little project in the latest issue of Mollie Makes which is a particular favourite of mine - is anyone else out there addicted to magazines because I am - I think a therapy centre needs to be built.........The latest copy of Mollie Makes is as always full of great articles and things to make:

Mollie Makes Plus Buttons
Inside there was a particular little project I felt that I might manage in a short time in readiness for this post so I gathered my craft pack plus a few extras and made sure that I read everything twice over before forging ahead as I usually do.  The only fear I had was her face as I am not very good at embriodery - no I will rephrase that, I have no knowledge whatsoever of this craft much as I love it and it is on my 'to learn' list.  This list is growing by the day lovely readers - at this rate I will need another 100 years to learn everything I want to.

A Folk Doll

There we are - isn't she just so cute?  I just love her, particularly her dress and her hair.  I searched my cupboards high and low but couldn't find anything suitable for her hair so will have to get some in stock.  In my craft pack there were two little crochet flowers so I thought I would use one as a small lace cap for her.  After all she does look like a bit of a grandmama don't you think so funky hair may not suit her all the time.  I had enough of everything needed except for a little more fabric which I soon found in my stash.  I am making a conscious effort not to keep running out and buying new stock as I really have too much now, it is an effort though as I just fall in love with all the yarns, fabrics and trimmings on offer now.  Anyway, I digress.  I set out everything and then sorted out the pattern for her dress and pressed it all.

As you can see I had copied out the pattern for the doll on to tracing paper and transferred it to cardboard as I really hate cutting into my magazines.  It also means that I can keep the template for other times.  I found this really useful when making the beach huts from Helen Philipps book.  I also decided to add some rick rack to my apron and not sew it inside the fabric but on top so that I could tie it at the back like a real apron.  I liked the combination of the fabrics and am thinking that I might make a couple more for my lovely granddaughters for their room using some of their old dresses.

The pattern suggests cutting out front and back separately but I decided to put them together and pin them.  I then drew the outline of the doll straight onto the fabrics and machined around the whole lot leaving a gap for the stuffing.  My sewing machines skills are not the best so I used it for the straight pieces but hand sewed the more tricky areas such as her neck and head.  Once I had sewn it all up I then trimmed off all the edges and turned it inside out and pressed it.  You can just about see the outline for the doll on the photograph below.  I am not sure if this is the best method but it seemed to work for me.  It will be great to have your advice and tips lovely readers on my sewing techniques, goodness knows I need them!

I did the same for the two arms which were a little more tricky being much smaller so I must admit that I hand sewed these completely.  I also added a little flower to her chest and tackled her face.  It wasn't that successful I am sorry to say although I did try and took my time.  She certainly isn't as pretty as the Mollie Makes Folk Doll but she is mine and I love her.  I would certainly make more of these as it was fun to do but I need to get some serious practise on embriodery.  I do have lots of books but have to make time to read and practise the techniques, not just flicking through them drooling over the gorgeous images.

Well lovely readers would you like to see her?  Here she is, I am looking for a name, any ideas?  Something to recognise her grand status in the family she comes from...............

Finally lovely people, a new friend of mine who is a very talented sewer and crafter has asked me to make her a new cover for her iPad.  I am so delighted to be asked to do this for her as she does not knit or crochet and has been so kind to me.  I had a look around for some patterns and remembered that there was a very unusual one in another of my magazines - told you I needed therapy!!

Now my lovely new friend is very organised with her magazines and has documented all the different projects she is interested in, something I have to get to grips with as I spend half the time looking for a pattern I know is somewhere........but where?  I like this magazine as it has projects for all levels and covers a wide range of crafts.  I liked this project immediately I spotted it as it is a satchel - I have loved these for as long as I can remember, although I didn't have one at school as they were much too expensive for us.  They have made a real comeback due to some enterprising ladies and are the current 'must have' for all the stars.  I asked my friend to have a look at it in her magazine (she is like me folks, an addict!) and she loved it.  Have a look and see what you think

Don't you think this is so cute - my friend thinks it will look cool in dusky pink and I agree. I am going to knit the main part in pink with navy and maybe some green, not sure yet.  Would really welcome your thoughts on this.  I love felting as it is such a great way of providing structure and form to what could be quite a floppy bag.  This is important I think when it is for something as precious as an iPad or Kindle.  My friend just wants the small handle on the top and not the long handle so that is fine.  I think if I was doing the long handle I would push the boat out and buy a leather strap for it as this really finishes off a bag so well.

There was also a pattern for a larger bag which was very nice too and I was thinking of my eldest granddaughter who is 20 this year.  However, I am always careful to check with older people as it is difficult to say to someone you don't like what they have made for you - if it is something shop bought then you can take it back - not so with hand made.  What do other people think about this?  I am aware that I give a lot of hand made objects away to friends and family but am having second thoughts about this as it is unfair to them.  That is why it is so lovely for me to asked to make something for someone who will really appreciate it and use the bag.  Anyway folks keep tuned in here as I will keep you posted about the development of the iPad case - along with everything else.

Well folks it was so nice to see you all again, would be rather lonely here without you.  Please leave a comment or have a chat with me.  I really do value you your views and opinions.  I have learned such a lot from my favourite bloggers and love to hear what you have to say and what you are doing.  Have a wonderful day tomorrow.  See you soon.   Dorothyxxxxxx


  1. Sweet dolly, I would name her Florence. :)

    The satchel/bag is going to be gorgeous too! Look forward to seeing it! xx

  2. Florence sounds perfect really suits her, thank you Tinaxxxx

  3. I would like to join your magazine therapy group please! Lesley x

    1. I have enrolled you with me Lesley - that is two of us anyway, at least I am not on my own!
      Thanks for stopping by, so lovely to see you again.