Thursday, 19 December 2013

A weary day

Hello Everyone how are you all doing?  Counting down the sleeps to Christmas - not long now.  I must admit that today hasn't been my best as my dear friend's service was held today and it really bought home to me what is really important in life - not money, not possessions but the people we love and care about. I count all of your lovely Bloggers as my dear friends and it is a great comfort when I can share how I feel with you all.  My friend wouldn't have wanted anyone to be sad but we are, she would want everyone to carry on and enjoy Christmas but today it does seem hard to do this.
I had walked to work and back today and must admit that tonight it was more of a weary trudge than a walk.  But lovely Friends there was a special gift waiting for me - I say gift but when I opened the lovely package there were tons of gifts and I must thank the lovely Jille for the wonderful surprise from the decoration swop which was organised by our lovely Marianne for doing such a fantastic job when organising this.  I really drew the prize in the crown with Jille and she did me proud.  Even the parcel was wrapped in some lovely red Christmassy ribbon - it was so nice I didn't want to open it and mess up the gift.
Well what to open first?  You did me proud Jille thank you.
Just look at this stunning bauble - it is just so lovely and catches the light perfectly.  I cannot imagine how to go about making one of these - you must give us all a tutorial Jille as it is perfectly gorgeous.  My husband was amazed and said how talented you are.
Now then what about this adorable little fellow - isn't he the cutest thing you have ever seen?  I won't let my little peeps have this fellow as they will be wanting to take him home with him.  He sits so lovely on the tree - I just adore him.
I love owls and I love pink and red so what a choice Jille.  He has a little compartment for lip gloss but I won't be taking him in my bag for fear of breaking him.  He is staying home in a little safe place where he can look out of the window. I am wondering what to call him - any ideas or suggestions Lovelies?  I am sure you will all come up with some wonderful names for him.  He is definitely not going away with the Christmas decoration but staying firmly in our living room with our other little birds.  
And there is more.  I love this little brooch - again Jille you must be psychic as I wear a brooch every single day and love the simplicity of this one - it is perfect and will be on my cardigan tomorrow for work.  It is very versatile as it can be worn with other crochet/knitted flowers to give a different look over and over again - wonderful! 
And even more - can you believe it!  I love the dinky little Yankee candle which are just gorgeous to smell - I am saving this for our Christmas meal when I will have it on the table and we can all enjoy the wonderful smell. 
And finally, a lovely little banner, isn't this the cutest thing you ever saw.  Once again this will not be going upstairs with my Christmas things but will be staying downstairs on the wall as it is so pretty.  I love it, thank you again Jille you are so clever and talented and thoughtful - what a combination.
Well here they all are Folks - what a lucky girl I am - huge thanks to Jille for all the effort and time you put into my swop, it is really appreciated and I am over the moon with mine.  Folks I do feel very mean as my make is very minimal compared with Jille so I am very fortunate to have been given such a wonderful partner to swop with.  Happy Christmas Jille, hope you are better soon.
Well Everyone it has been quite a day but my coming home surprise has lifted me more than you can ever know.  If you haven't already do pop over to Jille's blog as she is so entertaining and interesting.  On another note there are so many wonderful blogs out there but the lovely Momwith5daughters - Alyssa has put on a wonderful little clip on how to make paper lanterns.  I looked at it last night and loved it.
Well my dearest Friends I have a ton of things to do as I am sure that you do.  I wish you all health, happiness and good fortune and hope to speak to you in a day or two.  Wherever you are in our wonderful world keep safe and be happy.  Sending you all lots of love and big Christmassy hugs.  Dorothy :-)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. I am delighted that you love my little makes. Dry felting is a new hobby for me as is crochet and it was a lovely opportunity to test my new skills! So pleased that little 'Ginge' will not be packed away when Christmas is over as I do believe that a Ginger is for life not just Christmas ;-) Glad that my gifts lifted your spirits, that's what friends are for, however new they may be. Take care Dorothy and thank you for being such a lovely swap partner. Jille xx

    1. Jille you too, feel as if I have made a lovely new friend and hopefully we will have more swops coming up. Have a fabulous time and see you soon.

  2. Gosh you had such lovely things - that is the sort of thing that warms your heart on a dreary day. Well done Jillie you have been really generous and skillful. Jo x

    1. Hi Jo I have been so lucky, Jille is such a talented lady, just like you.

  3. How lovely to receive your parcel on a day when your spirits needed lifted. You are so right about the important things in life. Sending you a big hug, xxx

  4. Jille's lovely gifts arrived at the perfect time to supply the lift you so badly needed on such a sad day my dear friend - and they are all gorgeous; a talented lady indeed!
    I will be away for a couple of days spending time with family in the 'big smoke' but will catch up soon lovely - in the meantime do take good care of yourself and keep smiling your beautiful smile!
    Warmest of Christmas hugs, and much love, Joy xoxo

  5. Sorry that you have had a sad day with your friends service, I am sure that you are right that she would not want you to be sad and to carry on, but I understand too how hard that is. The lovely things that you received from your swap partner are beautiful and so cherry, especially that little robin, he is enough to make anyone smile! I hope that tomorrow is a good day and that you have had lots of fun finding homes for your lovely swappy things. Take care. ((HUGS)). xx

  6. What lovely things to cheer your heart xx

  7. What a lovely lift to the end of a sad day.
    I have looked at both of the Blogs that you mentioned, wonderful.
    I must remember the lantern idea for when my little princess is old enough to have a go.
    Look after yourself.
    Big hugs

  8. Hi lovely Dorothy, I am so sorry that you had such a sad day today but I am very glad the Jilles lovely gifts were able to lift your spirits. Such lovely little things you received! I am so glad you enjoyed taking part in the swap. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a happy and peaceful new year.
    Marianne x

  9. After seeing the lovely gift you sent to Jille I had to come over to check out what she sent you. What an awesome package. I love that garland

  10. Such lovely bits Dorothy and I'm sure it put a massive smile on your fave after such a difficult few days. My heart goes out to you all as it's so hard to loose the people we love and the ones we are so very fond of. Sending you much love my dear xoxo

  11. So sorry you had a sad day, Dorothy. It is especially hard around Christmas time too. It is lovely though that you had such a lovely parcel filled with treats to enjoy from Jille! So many lovely gifts!
    I hope you have a peaceful and happy weekend.
    Helen x

  12. Sorry to hear you had such a sad day, but wonderful that through the power of blogland you had a lovely parcel to open, with so many beautiful things inside, just popping over from Jille's the decoration you made for her is really beautiful, I enjoyed so much taking part in this fab blog swap to. Merry Christmas
    Clare x

  13. Aw lovely Dorothy, so sorry you are feeling sad but how lovely to return home to these beautiful gifts. I've been running around all week entertaining our guests from SA and I'm soo behind on emails and blogging. I wrote you an email and then realised it was on your comment and no-reply blogger - so I'm so sorry for the delay in saying a huge thanks for the oh-so-beautiful gifts you sent me. I LOVE the fabric especially and can't wait to make something with it - I'll keep you informed :-) You are so sweet to have sent these lovely goodies to me. Sending you lots of love & hugs and wishing you & yours a merry and blessed Christmas. Love Gilly xxx

  14. Sorry to hear about your sad loss Dorothy. I popped in to say thank you for all your kind comments over at mine....I'm sorry it's taken this long for me to reply.
    I do hope you manage to have some happy times this Christmas.
    Jacquie xxx

  15. So sorry for your loss. I love your sweet ornaments. Have a lovely Christmas. Deb x