Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Counting down........

Hello Everyone I do hope you are all well and happy.  Some of your in other parts of the world will have already welcomed in 2014 by the time you read this - may the new year bring you everything you desire and more.
The coming of the New Year is not something I ever enjoy as I find that I look back and think of the people I have lost in my life, those who I still love and miss with all my heart.  I am afraid lovely Readers that the old black dog comes back and lies in front of my door at this time of the year and I find it hard to get it out of the house.  Writing this to all your wonderful Folks does help as I know that there are some of you in Blogland who know the old black dog extremely well and I can only hope that if he is residing in our home tonight then he won't be bothering any of you for a while.  I do try hard every year to keep busy and active and today I was home early from work so have set to making a little friend to herald in 2014, I only hope he is finished by this evening.
I have cut him out (I keep saying him, not sure why but maybe you can give him/her a name for me?)  Actually looking at her I think she has to be a girl as she is so pink!  Any suitable names will be gratefully received my lovely Friends.
My wonderful husband knows exactly how I am at this time of the year and had a little surprise for me.  When we had gone shopping at Waitrose the other day and I bought the pretty tea towels, he had also spied a little something which he knew would cheer me up.
I love little cheery cups and have loads of them but am always happy to receive a new one for my lattes.  I thought this one was so sweet but he had bought us one each and guess who the designer is:
I had a little giggle as he is not one to look out for such things as he looks the crockery to me, the woman of the house!!  I had to give him an extra special hug as he has had such a difficult year himself and never complains, something I am trying to perfect in my new resolutions list Folks.
Then Lovelies the door bell rang and the Postman passed a parcel to me - I wasn't expecting anything but what a fabulous surprise I had when I opened it.  It was some wonderful gifts from the dearest of ladies who has been so kind to me this year.  I must admit that I shed a tear or two but must show you what she had sent.  She is so talented and everything she sent had been made by her - how very special.
When I unwrapped the parcel the smell was just divine and even the little label had been hand made with some pretty Christmassy fabric, how cute and effective.  The soldier was just perfect for any time of the year and will be staying with me in my workroom.
Then there was a dinky little round pin cushion and the loveliest of hearts with the wonderful smell of lavender, my favourite.  Then there was even more!
The cutest little face cloth with some gorgeous hand made soap wrapped in vintage lace - something to take with me on my travels this year.
Plus two more lovely little fabric ornaments to hang in my workroom, so pretty and vintage looking, I love them!
And finally, but not least, the most beautiful tea towel which she had made herself.  It is the most wonderful quality fabric with exquisite red edging on - needless to say, I won't be cutting this one up Folks as it is too nice.  I am thinking of using it in my vintage cupboard which is nearly ready where it will be on show for everyone to see. 
A huge thank you to my lovely friend out there, I have messaged her already so she knows that I am thrilled with everything.
Lovely Friends, somehow the old black dog, although still there, doesn't seem as imposing as he did when I first got up this morning to go to work - he followed me all the way there and all the way back, settled in my workroom for the duration.  He is asleep now but somehow looks old and tired so I won't wake me up but will just sneak past him. 
I will hopefully be back a little later with my finished owl, fingers crossed.  Hope you are all enjoying some you time with your families and friends.  Big hugs until later.  Dorothy:-)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Sending big hugs dear Dorothy, and lots of ♥♥♥♥♥♥ to chase away the black dog. Wishing you and your lovely husband a blessed and happy new year and all sorts of wonderful things in 2014! Love and hugs, Tina xxx

  2. Hopefully the little black dog won't bother you to much, he seems to be at mine. Struggling this evening. You have had some lovely gifts. I love the little owl, I thought of Pink Powell the owl because it made me smile but then I am so easily amused. Take care Dorothy, Jille xxxxxxxxx

  3. Happy New Year to you Dorothy along with your lovely man. that owl is going to be super. Jo x

  4. I can't wait to see this owl!

    Happy New Year to you and your family. :-)

  5. I hope that your little owl keeps you safe and cheery as you see the new year come and that all is well and happy for you in 2014. Take care Dorothy. xx

  6. Do what I've decided to do with that Black Dog - wake him and throw him out, kicking and screaming if needs be... We've not had a good year either and I've been struggling, but I'm feeling really positive this morning and determined to get our life back on track. All the very best for 2014, dearest Dorothy.
    P.S. I'm loving the Owl - what a lovely end to 2013 for you. :-) x