Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Finishing Projects

Hi everyone, I do hope you are all fit, well and happy.  Another busy week since we last spoke, I am in awe of all the other lovely bloggers who seem to manage their lives much better than I do!  It has been exceptionally busy at work plus we have done a bit of baby sitting for our beloved grandchildren, which is never an issue.  I am sure all you grandparents out there will agree when I say that grandchildren have to be one of the biggest pluses as you are getting a little older and wiser.

At the end of last week I picked up my most loved magazine from the wonderful world of crochet.  It is my most favourite mag at the moment even though some of the patterns are a little beyond my reach at present.  I love to get home when I take possession of my magazines, make myself a latte (skinny of course) and settle down and read, read, read. 
I particularly liked this little crochet roll from Nicki Trench, so cute isn't it.  Nicki Trench has a special offer on over at her website offering discount if you book 2 courses.  I would love to go to her classes but sadly they are too far away from me and work has so many demands on my time.  If you live in the south, have a look and you may be able to snap up a real bargain.  Let's know how you get on.  I do fret that sometimes I struggle with classes due to the distance and the time they are being run.  Just wish there were more hours in the day.
The other little goodie I spied was the multi coloured crochet hooks which look fantastic.  How about these Folks, aren't they just adorable - I would love the pink one, what about you and they are not too expensive either, each one being handmade, can't be bad.

Another page showed some fabulous yarn from Susan Crawford who is one of my favourite designers as she is very much into vintage in a big way, the colours are just scrumptious!


I met her at the Woolfest last year and found her very nice to talk to.  I have a couple of her books and have tried knitting a few little gifts over the years which have been a success.  She is about to launch an e-book of Stitch in Time, volume 1 which might tempt you.  She also has a kit for the wartime farm pullover which would make a really super present for someone this Christmas.  The nice thing about this is that is fits many sizes so you can choose who might be the lucky recipient.  I am thinking of my eldest Son who has asked me a few times to knit him one of these so I might take the plunge and have a go. 
A few years ago I was lucky enough to spend three whole weeks in the Shetland Isles and a wonderful lady in Jamieson and Smith spent a lot of time with me showing me how to knit fairisle - the knitting needles were huge and I had to be careful as I kept stabbing my lovely husband as I was busy knitting away.  I managed to knit up a tiny little sweater for a baby - although there were no babies at the time in our family.  I made many mistakes but you couldn't see them once it had been completed.  It was called the Annie Jumper and you can actually see it knitted up on their Jamieson and Smith website.  I finished the sweater whilst on holiday and put it away at home.  Low and behold the following year a little boy was born into the family and he was able to wear it so I was obviously meant to knit it up. 
You will be pleased to know that I finally finished the crochet cushion which I started last month, feels like last year.  It came out well even though I had to burn the midnight oil again to finish it as my lovely daughter-in-law was visiting and I wanted to have it done and dusted for her, she has been so patient.
My confidence is growing a little with my crochet and I have my eye on a wonderful bag with pink straps which I might crochet for myself - or give it as a gift.  But, before I start that I must, must, must finish all the other jobs I have started.
Although it has been an incredibly busy week I did manage to finish one other project lovely Readers so haven't been entirely remiss with my work.  Last time we met I had started the little green Clothkits dress and was struggling with the buttonholes if you remember.  Now, in the past, I would have been completely disheartened and would have put it in the cupboard and forgotten all about it.  However, such is the power of the blogs I knew that I had to keep going.  I did have some encouragement from other people who urged me to take out the buttonhole I had made a mess of and try again.  So I did!  I took my time and completed it and then went on to take up the hem.  Now it wouldn't pass the Sewing Bee challenge in a million trillion years but it looked ok to me.
I didn't think it would fit my gorgeous granddaughter but when she came over at the weekend I just slipped it on quickly and low and behold it fitted - it won't last her long as children grow so quickly but I was so pleased.  When I spoke to her lovely Mum and showed her dress, what do you think Folks, she loved the colour and said she would have chosen that one..........it just goes to show that there is something out there for everyone.  Would you like to see it?  I didn't take any pictures of it on her but can show you what I have taken.




I was really proud of it and couldn't stop looking at it and touching - couldn't believe that I had actually finished it by myself with encouragement from you of course.
Well Folks I have to finish this evening as work beckons - sadly not the work I want but my professional work.  I hate leaving gaps between the posts but I am hopefully that I have now broken the back of work for a little while and will have time to devote more of my attention to all you of who have been so so patient.  Please leave a comment if you have time as I do love to hear from you all, it makes it all so worthwhile when you leave something for me to read and I do really appreciate.  I hope you all look after yourself and enjoy the days ahead filling them with love and laughter.  I will be back very soon for a chat and hope you will drop by.  Thanks for coming in today.  Lots of love, Dorothy :-)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 


  1. I'm sorry to hear that work is so busy for you Dorothy, I do hope that things will ease off soon. I absolutely love the look at this months simoly crochet, so I might have to do a little splurge! Yes those crodhet hook look rather wonderful. I love your cushion it turned out so lovely and I am sure you daughter in law will love love it!! The dress is too gorgeous for words, I love the colour and I feel slightly tempted by the idea of a cloth kit. Well done for getting so much done and also holding down a job. Wishing you a very lovely week lovely Dorothy xoxo

  2. You really are a very talented lady. I am envious of your skills with a cricket hook, you'll have to come down and give me some lessons as its one thing that I simple cant grasp! I'm looking forward to seeing the cloth kits dress on a certain little lady! I do love cloth kits stuff and have a few projects to attempt of my own but you're spurring me on :-)

    1. Hi Coddyette how lovely of you to leave a comment, thank you so much. I couldn't find your blog Coddyette and would love to follow you - can you let me know where it is. I don't feel very talented unfortunately, exactly the opposite but then I feel that a lot of people are there are like me! Would love to pass on the crochet skills - I learned most of it from Attic24 and Momof5daughters (who does wonderful Youtube flowers and I followed her instructions by the letter for these). Go on have a go if I can do it anyone can. Hope to hear from you soon
      Lots of love

  3. Hello again,

    I really like the colors you used for that cushion. When I worked outside my home, I often used breaks and lunchtimes to crochet, embroider, or cross-stitch. Believe it or not, I find less time to do that now that I'm at home!

    So many other things and people call for my time. ~smile~

    Have a lovely week,

  4. Wow! you have been busy. The dress is adorable, they are fun to make aren't they? I traced the pattern onto grease proof paper in case they want another one. The cushion looks lovely too, you must be really proud of yourself. it feels so good to get stuff completed and blogging helps I think. Love and laughter to you Jo x

  5. Your pillow turned out beautifully and the little dress is adorable. I bet the little boy looked lovely in the fair isle jumper our knitted. I admire your perseverance when things go wrong, I too would have stuffed the little dress in a cupboard when the button went wrong. So glad you tackled the wonky button hole!

  6. Hi Dorothy,
    I think your DIL will be very pleased with her cushion,it's lovely.
    I'm refusing to start any thing else at the moment until I've finished some of the already started stuff, then it will be time to make Christmas presents, so it will most likely be 2014 before I start a new project, LOL.