Monday, 22 July 2013

Finished bag - what next?

Hello everyone I do hope you all have a really wonderful weekend. It is a little cooler here today which brings a welcome relief to the oppressive heat which has been around since last week - sorry to all you sun worshippers.......It is so lovely to see you all, do come in and have a cuppa and some cake
We managed to have a couple of hours away on Saturday in our usual spot - Llanfairfechan as well as stopping in Llanwrst for something to eat.  I managed to pick up some little goodies in the charity shop there and was pleased with what I had found.  As you have probably guessed, I love tea towels and am always on the look out for unusual ones, especially those with calendars on them or from different places.  This one is brand new and comes from a place dear to my heart - Cornwall. 
As a child we holidayed there each year, always staying at the same farm in Wadebridge.  We always camped next to the Boy Scouts and had a whale of a time - the farm bred turkeys but was an arable farm mainly.  My Mum always said that I was a complete misery coming home.  When my own children were small we returned to the farm for camping hols so have very happy memories of our time down there. 

When I was little we always went to Rock every day and Dad would buy fresh fish from the fisherman and cook it over the camp stove, the little bakery sold fresh bread each morning so we had some good meals.  Rock is now a very posh and glamorous place and I often daydream about it wishing we had bought a house there - it would be worth a million or more now.   

Mum would cook a full meal each night including potatoes and vegetables, not much salad in those days in the early 1950s!  It didn't seem to matter that we didn't have all the home comforts that are available now and my lovely brother and I would spend hours on our own playing (and sometimes arguing!).  Happy days, I am sure all my lovely readers have similar memories from all over the world.  Would love to hear from you all. 
I also picked up this sweet little scarf in the charity shop with views on it - am going to use this as part of a cushion or bag - although the amount of bags I am making is getting absurd so I need to start thinking of something else.  I would love to make a small quilt but don't feel that my sewing skills are up to this as I am a little slap dash and finding the rotary cutting unbelievably stressful for some reason.  Would love to know if any of you suffer from the same condition as me - maybe we could start a support group.......

I just noticed this little crochet bag tucked behind the counter in the shop and thought it had been sold, but luckily for me it was still waiting for a new owner.  I need to wash it carefully just to freshen it up but it is so sweet and all hand sewn, what do you think Folks?


Finally, as I was making my way out of the shop I spied this tray cloth - it is obviously hand sewn and the embroidery is not expert in any way but I just loved it - not sure of the inscription, maybe you have seen it before.  Have you seen this poem before?

On Sunday (yesterday) I really had to set to on the house - I always underestimate the time it takes me to do housework - not helped by my decision to move some of the furniture around.  My lovely husband is very traditional and likes everything to remain the same - I am the opposite and love to change things around.  In order to please him I don't tend to move furniture as much as I would like but yesterday I did make a few changes.  I wouldn't say that he was happy but I think he can live with it for a while! 

I started early and didn't finish everything - also had a go at tidying the small patio area we have.  I have always a picture in my mind of what this place should look like but sadly have never been able to recreate it fully for some reason.  I was so fed up with it yesterday I went out and tried to tidy it up.
Now the one thing I can make is bunting and I have made quite a bit of it over the years for my gorgeous grandchildren who have it in their rooms.  I thought that this might look rather nice outside and hunted to see if I had any made up - I hadn't but didn't want to stop the housework yesterday and start fiddling around with bunting.  I found these flags from last year which are plastic but will do  fine until I make some really pretty ones.  Just hearing the news this morning that the royal baby is on the way people might think I am being very patriotic - not being a monarchist at all, the flags are not symbolic in any way Folks!  Apologies to the Royalists out there.

I didn't manage to finish all the chores yesterday so have more tidying to do today - mainly my sewing and knitting things.  However last night I was determined to finish the bag I had started last week at the lovely Lauren's shop with Vicki.  It was a bit fiddly trying to get the piping even and I didn't manage a perfect job but I was getting tired by this time and the bag is not a gift - only to myself - so I think it is passable.  The zip has come out well but I am sure that I couldn't do this again without help so will need to practise and practise until I get it right.



I forgot to show you the fabric I bought when I was in Lauren's shop - it is a beautiful seaside theme which I adore but I am toying with ideas of what to make - not another bag I hear you all cry.  Yes that had crossed my mind as I do love the fabric so much but what about some cushions????  I would love to hear your ideas Folks, as you have guessed I do get stuck on a theme and try to stay with what I am comfortable with.  I know that I have to get out of my comfort zone and try something else.  I also thought of a little lap quilt but am afraid of making a mess of the fabric and wasting money.  I am open to offers lovely Readers (within my capabilities remember!)

 The other thing I had a go at lovely Readers was making a necklace out of the Liberty prints I have.  Rachel from my sewing class was wearing a lovely blue one last week and she showed me how to make it using old beads.  I am pleased with the result and want to make some more, think they would make rather nice little Christmas gifts.  What do you think?


On Saturday I also treated myself to the copy of Nicki Trench/Debbie Bliss Crochet Living book which has lots of really delicious patterns in it.  I love Nicki's work and always try to follow her.  She is such a down to earth and highly talented lady who I very much admire.  


Isn't this garland so cute - I could just see it on our mantle piece here.

I just love the colours in this throw - would suit summer or winter. 

Before I finish today lovely Readers I wanted to ask your advice.  I follow a great blog called knitnrun4sanity and have now added it to my favourite lists.  Today's post talks about the problems of being possibly too diverse and I have been wrestling with this myself over the weeks.  I am so passionate about wanting to learn  new skills and techniques that I too feel that you must think this blog is just a mixed assortment of all things - although lately it has been just sewing.  I know that this is something I need to pay attention to.  The last thing I want is to lose anyone if they just get bored with the same old things.  I love diversity and new things but I am conscious that a lot of readers might want a main focus on a particular area.

As I am new to all of this I would welcome your thoughts and comments - blogging is a wonderful thing and I adore doing it.  But, I am conscious that sometimes I just don't have enough hours in the day to give it the attention it deserves.  Please leave some comments Folks as I really do love to hear from you all.

Have a most wonderfully happy day and I hope something special happens to each and every one of you out there.  See you very soon, lots of love, Dorothy :-)xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 


  1. I just cannot help remembering the first time I took a look at your blog. You mentioned not getting much done, or perhaps you commented on my blog. You outdo me in a major way!

    Now, I'm only half done with my housework, so I must get to it. ~smile~

    Harvest Lane Cottage

  2. Where to start, what a lovely post. I also love tea towels so I'm interested to see what you are going to make with yours Dorothy. I love all your lovely finds especially that crochet bag, wow!! I think your bag turned out so well Dorothy you should be really proud of yourself! The beach fabric is so sweet but personally I wouldn't make a cushion. Do you have any grandsons?? If so some pretty boys bunting or just a lovely washbag or drawstring bag or something similar. It could also make a pretty skirt if you have enough there. Now with regards to your blog, it's perfect just the way it is. You do so Manu wonderful things and if it is only sewing then that's great. Sometimes I wish had more to show on mine but you know it's your little space where there are no rules of what's right or wrong so just go with whatever feels right for you. You made me giggle about moving furniture around as I'm just the same and my hubby also completely against it all, which does drive me potty at times. Pleased you for some rejigging done. Loving your little outside space and I'm sure even if its not intended little Dorris will be delighted! Happy day to you lovely Dorothy and enjoy your class with sue this week xoxo

  3. Love your bag it was well worth it to bring it home and take your time. I think the necklace is genius and I am going to have a go at making those. I have a tin of old beads in different sizes. Thanks for the inspiration. Jo x

  4. Love your bag. You well done.