Tuesday, 30 July 2013

A few hours off........

Well hello everyone - twice in one day - maybe time for cocoa now before bedtime?  I do hope you all had a wonderful day or have a great day ahead of you depending on where you are in the world.  I just wanted to catch up with you about my lovely afternoon today.
I tend to get into work very early so sometimes have hours owed to me so decided to take a few hours this afternoon.  I live near a lovely part of the world - Shropshire, a county which has always been dear to my heart.  Those of you who live there or who have visited will, I'm sure, know what I mean.  It is a lush, green county with many very pretty little villages to explore.  I decided to do just that this afternoon and set off for Craven Arms. 
I wanted to visit a glorious shop I had found last year called Berties which sells the most beautiful vintage clothes and I am talking first class dresses here, not jumble.  The gentleman who runs it had arranged the shop in a gorgeous 1930s settings with old fashioned music playing in the background and the clothes set out all around the shop.  It was just a heavenly shopping experience.  I could only afford a few bits and pieces last year but saw many beautiful dresses and cardigans.  Bertie told me that he would only buy the best pieces and usually got these in London.  I had to go back so decided to do so today. 
I was so excited about going today but couldn't find the shop - it had been closed up so I asked at the Post Office only to be told that the shop had closed but the website was still running.  Do have a look at it lovely Readers as it will give you a little flavour of the shop - so sad to see it go.
If you are in Craven Arms do have a look at the museum there - it is so quirky and unusual and contains so much stuff from the past.  It is a bit of a jumble but great fun.  I didn't have time to visit again today but took a couple of pictures of the outside for you to see.  If you are around there it is worth a visit and there is a nice little tea shop nearby which sells snacks and drinks.
After enjoying a snack I carried on to Much Wenlock which is one of my most favourite places.  I just love going there.  There is a very nice little yarn shop there selling lots of unusual gifts - I was very good today lovely Readers as I was tempted but didn't buy any yarn.  I have that much here at home I knew that I dare not purchase any more. 
Much Wenlock is famously known as the place where the Olympic Games originated.  You can see more information about this below on the board which is just outside the museum.  It is worth a visit especially if you have children who are interested in the Olympic Games.
Much Wenlock is so so pretty as it has lots of lovely houses and many tea shops so a good place to spend a lazy afternoon.  There is an Abbey there as well as a very nice Church.  On a Friday they have a very good Farmer's Market in the market place and often at weekends there are special things going on in the town. 
Unfortunately I didn't see any haberdashery shops (might be just as well Folks) so that was a little disappointing.  There was however a most unusual shop - I couldn't take a photograph but if I tell you that I have never in my life seen so many old dishes in one shop in my life.  It was quite terrifying walking through as I was so afraid of knocking something over.  They were selling tiny little baby nightgowns dated 1917 and I was tempted - these were £7 each and so cute - soft white linen and so pretty.  However, I resisted but only just!
I took some photographs of the village to give you a flavour of what it is like.  It was very quiet there today save for a few Japanese tourists who were all walking around with their umbrellas to guard them from the sun.  They all seemed very happy and glad to be there which was nice to see.  Below is the market square - I had a lovely ice cream here and enjoyed sitting in the sun.
This is the old Police Station which is now a private house.  I think it is lovely, so much nicer that the modern stations today.
This is the Church near to the Abbey and well worth a visit.  It was so peaceful and quiet there and I had a little wander around thinking about life and how lucky I am.
Here is another part of the village - so picturesque.
This is the old Church House next to the Church - there are many old photographs of Much Wenlock and I would love to walk around the village with these identifying all the old places.  It is such a peaceful and friendly place, well worth a visit if you have time.
Tonight I wanted to finish my crinoline lady cushion but, after tidying the house and making tea I was quite tired.  I also wanted to line the small cabinet my husband had restored.  Not sure if you remember this Folks.
I started to line the drawers tonight but only managed one - the photograph isn't that good so apologies but I will show you them all when they are completed.  It will be another job done.
Well lovely Readers, time is moving on and I have some work to do for my day job before going to bed.  I do hope you sleep well or have a great day if you are just about to get up.  I hope to speak to you all very soon again.  Thank you for stopping by, it is, as always, so lovely to see you all, wouldn't be the same here without all of you.  Lots of love, Dorothy, :-)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Hi Dorothy! For me it's time for a coffee now! Such a lovely place, beautiful photos!!! Far from here unfortunately so i'll just go for a "walk" to Berties :) Love from Greece!

  2. Oh Dorothy if only I had known. I live in Broseley the next town to Much Wenlock. It was lovely to see a post with all the things I know so well. How did you go in Ippikin and not buy a button!! My girls love the button bowls in there. The antique shop is off limits for me with two girls aged 6, it all seems so precarious and totally frightening but we always look in the window. Email me next time you are over that way. I also use Foxy ladies to etiher buy or sell my clothes too. All so exciting to read about and to think I was just 3 miles away tidying the cupboard of doom in the dining room! Jo xx

  3. What a pretty village. Long time since I've been to that part of the world. Looks like it's time to put that right! :-) Jude.x

    1. Hi Jude lovely to hear from you, have been looking for your blog - do you have one? Would love to catch up with you. Thanks so much for visiting, it is very sweet of you.
      lots of love

    2. Hi Dorothy. I do have a blog; but I don't post very often... Friends will tell you I never shut up, but I don't seem to be able to keep up the chat with the blog. I'll try to post a link for you: http://judescraftnstuff.blogspot.co.uk/
      Well, it doesn't seem to be an actual link, but hope you can find it!? Jude.x