Monday, 14 July 2014

I have missed you all very much....................

Hello my lovely Friends, I hope you are still all there..........I feel as if I have been away an eternity but you have never been far from my thoughts.   Life has been a tad full of late and it seems to have taken it's toll on my blog time.  I had a good think about it over the last week or so and came to the conclusion that not writing my blog made me feel miserable and disconnected with all the wonderful people I have 'met' since I started blogging.  I have felt very guilty about not keeping up with all your fabulous posts and know that I have a lot of catching up to do.  I hope you will all forgive me and understand how life is at the moment and there is a lot more going on than I can discuss here, most of it quite time consuming.    

The students have now finished and are all on their way to university which was emotional, seeing them all off on another journey in their lives.  I find it a little hard to say goodbye to them as the journey we travel together is so intense and emotional at times so I have to make sure I have time to get them all out of my system.  Thankfully a lot of them keep in touch and I can follow their successes at university and beyond.  I have been teaching on this same programme now for 18 years and often wonder where all my lovely students have ended up.

Alongside this a good number of my very close colleagues have taken retirement or are moving on with their careers - the bags have all been given out and appear to have been a great success.  One of them ended up on a college trip to Paris - Rachel my lovely friend took this photograph of it in front of a very famous landmark!  She loved it and said that she carried every day of her trip - my first creation to ever go abroad.

I must admit that the time spent on making all my bags for my friends and colleagues has been so well spent as they were all so appreciative so making the hard work all worthwhile.  There is something special about making something for someone and seeing their appreciation - it is just food for the soul - much better than chocolate!

I have been working on my sewing/knitting so don't want you to think I have been slacking - this is my latest schoolhouse tunic - a pattern I just love.  It is so easy and the results are always good, for me anyway.  

If anyone had said to me a year ago that I would be able to make something at home independently and actually wear it in public, I would have laughed  so I feel that I have travelled a long way since then.

I mentioned in my last post that my eldest granddaughter reaches 21 in August and has also just completed her degree.  We are all so proud of her and she has asked me to hold a 1970s tea party (thank you to everyone for all the fabulous ideas).  She asked me to make her a blue bag, her favourite colour and I know that she loves caravans and flower power so I am hoping this bag fits the bill for her.

It was a joy to make although I did go a bit OTT on the decorations!  Looking at it now it would appear that possibly the creator of this was on an LSD trip when choosing the fabrics!

The inset is really very special and made by the fabulous Bobbie Oliver who has been fantastic in helping with other projects which I can't show you yet.  Bobbie is a true professional and really takes time with all her creations, making sure that they completely fit the bill.  I am so pleased that I have found her - a big thank  you to you Bobbie.  The colours are from Lauren's university which Bobbie found so I hope Lauren will be pleased with it.

I love the message inside and hopefully Lauren will keep this little bag for a good few years to remind her to a special time in her life.  I have a few projects on the go but they are secret at the moment - stuff for some special people which I cannot share as it would spoil the surprise.

Last weekend my eldest Son asked if I could 'rustle up' something for a special couple who he met on holiday.  They have just found out they are having their first baby - a bit of a surprise and he is going over to visit them in Ireland this coming weekend.  I must admit last week was especially busy and I didn't have time to go out and buy anything special so had a quick look in my sewing/yarn stash.  I would have liked to have knitted up a little cardigan or jacket but really didn't have the time to devote to it.  

I found the fabric below at the back of my cupboard.  It was one I bought a couple of years ago in IKEA at a time when I wasn't sewing at all.  I just loved it and thought how cute it was, I have the feeling that it was about £3 - 4 for a small roll.  I knew that one day it would come in handy.  I thought about a small pram throw and rather than quilting it in the usual way I just traced around some of the flowers and animals with some fancy stitching so that I could attach the lining.  It didn't take too long to do  and whilst it is not the most professional I hope they both like it. 

I found this cute little birdie in the Cath Kidston sewing book and thought it would be quite pretty in their nursery. I filled it with lavender and the smell is just divine - wish you could all smell it Folks, it is gorgeous.

I only had enough of this yarn and made up a pattern in my head - I found a little patch of a pram and this sits quite nicely on the cover.  Maybe not the usual baby colour but it is pretty - more of a silver grey as the photograph doesn't pick up the shade very well.

So here is the little package I have 'rustled up' and is on it's way to my Son's house ready for his trip to Ireland this weekend.  I do hope the couple are pleased with them.

I had to pop into Chester this morning to pick up some supplies for Lauren's party and spotted these lovely things in Liberty Bell's window.  As you know this is one of my most favourite shops in Chester and Sue, the gorgeous owner, has always been so patient and helpful with me.  I have been a quite a few of her workshops and am planning more this autumn.  She is such an inspiring lady and so talented.  I love this love cushion and of course had to go and buy a piece - not sure what to do with it yet but I love it!

I also love this cushion - it is so colourful and pretty.  I just adore appliqué - something you might have guessed by now.

Oh just look at this bag - although I don't really think I can give any more bags out now as people will be getting fed up with them.  Rachel, my sewing teacher says laughingly that I have to get over my 'bag period' and start making other things but I do enjoy them.  This little one is really cute - do you like it?

Well my Lovelies you don't know how good it is to be back with you all - and I must now catch up with all your fabulous news.  I hope you are all well and happy, enjoying a glorious day/evening wherever you are in the world.  One of my wonderful Sons is in Boston at the moment and it seems to strange to pick up the phone and speak to him from all those miles away - it is though he is in the next room.  I feel the same when I am blogging as I know that there are hopefully lots of people from around our globe who visit from time to time.  To all of you I send my love and best wishes, big hugs and loves.  Do leave a comment if you have time as I do love hearing from all of you.  Dorothyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. How lovely to see you back here with all your news Dorothy! I had been thinking that you were very busy with all the end of term work and farewells to your colleagues. You have also been very busy with your crafting-what wonderful makes! your son's friends will be delighted with the gorgeous bundle you have created for the baby, with so much thought. I love it that one of your bags is in one of my favourite places - La Tour Eiffel! Lovely projects and hope you can relax a little now Dorothy Love Alison xxxx

  2. Your unique baby items will be very welcome in Ireland as so much thought has gone into them. I can't believe you are new to sewing. Everything you make is beautiful.

  3. Great to have you back, Dorothy. Love all your makes, especially that fabulous hedgehog fabric quilt.
    Jacqui xx

  4. Hello!! Lovely to hear from you! Don't ever ever feel guilty about blogging or not or what you can or do say or don't say, everyone understands that sometimes you can and sometimes you can't!! Yes, I am that bossy, but only because I don't want you to feel bad!!!! Anyhow, I will stop that now. Your makes are all beautiful Dorothy, how great that your friend too her bag to Paris and that it had a photo shoot!! She must really love it which is so great. Your bag for your granddaughter is lovely too and just right for the 70's theme that she wants for her party. The other makes are all beautiful too, you really are such a creative person. No wonder you don't have time for blogging making all of these things and the making is far more important in any case! I hope that you have a great summer and enjoy the break before your next batch of students start all over again!! xxxx

  5. You have been busy with some lovely projects, I know the baby gifts will be adored, lots of thought and love goes into making things for babies. Hope you enjoy your break for the holidays xcx

  6. Hello lovely Dorothy ..... it sounds like you have had a very emotional time, it must be so hard saying goodbye after sharing so much with your students, they are all very lucky to have had such a caring teacher x
    What a beautiful bag for your granddaughter, its fabulous and so personal, you are clever, i just know she'll love it! I hope the party is fabulous!
    love all the baby bits too.
    love Jooles x x x

  7. I've been patiently waiting for a new post Dorothy !
    I'm glad your bags were well received - I loved them !
    Coincidentally I need to make a baby quilt for an Irish baby too !!

  8. Dorothy, I am in love with that birdie cushion. Pah! to over the top on the handbag it is fabulous. Thanks for stopping by my blog I know you are busy. Love Jo x

  9. Hello my dear, lovely to see you back. It made me smile when you mentioned "the bag period" I am going through the same period myself.
    Love the tunic and the pretty broach.

  10. Love all your makes, especially the caravan bag.

  11. Hi Dorothy sorry not to have visited until now but we have just had a few days holiday in Devon so I'm trying to catch up. I love all your makes and hope you can find more time for blogging soon as I love reading about all you get up to and all that you are busy making
    Take care
    Jackie x

  12. Dear's so lovely to be visiting you today (and I'm catching up too!)
    I can definitely imagine how difficult it must be to say goodbye to your students after such a journey together (and just how much you will be missed by them too! x)
    Your granddaughters caravan bag is so lovely in those pretty, happy colours...I'm sure she loved it and congratulations on her graduation!...My eldest daughter has graduated too and we had a wonderful day celebrating on Wednesday...
    Hope you have a good weekend,
    (It's raining in our corner Dorothy!)
    Susan x

  13. I adore the beautiful bag you made for your granddaughter for her graduation, what a delight. The baby made were also delightful. You are a very busy talented lady.