Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Giveaway!

Hello all my favourite Lovelies out there.  How are you all?  I hope you are all safe and sound after the wild weather we are experiencing.  On Wednesday a tornado hit us here in North Wales, yes a tornado, who could believe it!  I have the greatest respect for all the people in countries who have to suffer tornados, floods and freak storms as part of their natural weather pattern, you are all so brave in coping with such natural events of Mother Nature.  Thankfully our home is fairly ok and we didn't have any lasting damage, although a few bits and pieces seem to have flown away out of the back garden.  Yesterday very few students from my groups were in as they had been badly hit by the winds and a lot of schools had closed down.  I walked to work as I knew that many roads had been closed in order to remove the trees and debris.  Many people were without electricity for many many hours.  We are the lucky ones and our prayers continue with the poor souls down south where they are still really struggling with the awful conditions brought about by the flooding.  We take things so much for granted such as a safe environment but then when things happen we realise just how vulnerable and tiny we are in this beautiful world of ours.
Do come in out of the cold Everyone, it is wonderful to see you all again, make yourself at home and have a cup of tea and some chocolates?  After all it is St Valentine's Day - sending you all good wishes and hopes that you have enjoyed lots of happiness and smiles today.

I was very lucky and received two St Valentine's Day cards - one was from my gorgeous hubby, left on the doormat this morning as I was leaving for work, such a nice surprise.
My second card came from some of my lovely students from the Philippines who are such a delight to work with.  They are all about to enter university and are a joy in our classroom sessions.  It was a great surprise and made me smile as they obviously have taken note of my love of red and pink and glitter! 

Unfortunately it has been a really cold and rainy day, this photograph was taken just after I arrived home today.  It is very sleety now and the forecast is snow later tonight, so we shall wait and see.

My lovely Hubby surprised me with a crochet book for St Valentine's Day which was pretty amazing.  You could have knocked me down with a feather as it was the last thing I thought he would buy but after my amazing day with Lucy from Attic24 he obviously noticed that I had fallen in love with crochet.  It was such a great surprise and I felt happy setting off to work this morning.

I love these little titles and have the sewing and baking books from this series.  They are only small so you can pop them in your bag and are stuffed with information, very clear pictures and so really nice little projects to get you going.  Obviously anyone with a lot of experience in crochet would find them too easy but for novices like me they are perfect.
I haven't had time to really look at the book yet as I have only just got in from work but I am really looking forward to reading it later.  I have a quick flip through and liked this cover for a coffee maker, looks really classy.

After much waiting I also got my hands on some of Aneela Hoey's new fabric which is just delicious.  It is quite expensive so I just got a small piece and will use it for something for the little Peeps.  The whole range of Hello Petal is just divine so do have a look when you can.  It is freely available in the United States and should be available here in the UK now.

Now my gorgeous Friends - the St Valentine's Day Giveaway.  I have two prizes, both the same pattern but made with different tea towels.  I have enjoyed making these but hope the winners like them too, taking into account that I am new to sewing.  I have taken some photographs of the two of them to give you a little sneak preview of them.

They are both made with lots of love and affection.  I asked Rachel, my sewing teacher if she thought they were good enough to give as prizes as they were home made.   She laughed saying not homemade but handmade which is something totally different.

Although I have used two sets of tea towels, one from Sainsbury's and the other from John Lewis, I did put in some extra little bits and pieces.  The photograph below shows a small piece of vintage embroidery taken from an old tray cloth which was fraying quite badly but I loved the work on it.

As you can see one is a pink spotty one!  This is from Sainsbury's and the fabric was just so easy to sew.

The photograph below is the tea towel from John Lewis, again such great fabric to sew.

This tiny flower is fussy cut from the John Lewis set and it was so cute I couldn't resist using it.

I hope you like the patches, they are from a fat quarter I bought ages ago.  I love them and cannot for the life of me remember where I got them from.  The crochet flower is one of my new found skills in crochet - I am really proud of this.

Do you like the cute pattern? My new machine is perfect for all these little extras which I love using.

There we are Folks, some little glimpses of the two giveaways.  If  you like the look of them please send me a message telling me what your favourite love is in crafting.  I will put all the names in a hat next Friday and we will have two lovely winners. 
Well my Lovelies I have to go and prepare tea now and sort out the house.  I have an interview next week for a charity and am hoping that I will be able to start this soon.  I made a promise to myself in January that I would try and do some charity work with the elderly so am hopefully going to become a volunteer visitor for someone who lives on their own without any family.  I am really excited about this and know that it will be so rewarding for me and hopefully for my nominated person.  Wish me luck with my interview!  I will hopefully be chatting with you all very soon.  Do take care and look after yourselves and enjoy the rest of the day/night depending on where you are in our wonderful world. Sending you all lots of kisses and hugs, please leave a comment if you have time as I so love to hear from you all :-)xxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Hi Dorothy, it's blowing a gale here in the south east after a day of heavy rain, we are lucky though and don't have any flooding although the garden is water logged and starting to puddle in places. I hope you are able to enjoy a nice relaxing weekend with time for plenty of crafting, maybe some crochet so you can try out something from your new book.
    My favourite crafting mmmmmm hard to choose between my card making and sewing or there's my new found passion for crochet lol I just enjoy crafting and creating and my favourite changes from week to week lol
    Take care and stay safe warm and dry
    Jackie x

  2. My Dear Dorothy, I'm happy to hear you have not suffered any real damage from all the havoc going on over there - such a dreadful winter you're having and my heart goes out to those suffering so badly due to its effects!
    I'm also happy to know you had such lovely surprises on Valentine's Day - you deserve them; you continually give so open-heartedly to those around you, it's lovely for them to have opportunity to reciprocate!
    I love what you're doing with your tea towels and you and your new machine have obviously hit it off really well and are making the most of each other - and your little crochet flower is gorgeous with the most beautiful button!
    Ah that sort of volunteer work sounds ideal for you Dorothy, and I wish I could be one of those very fortunate folks you will be visiting - and I wish you all the best with your interview but you need have no concern, I'm sure of that!
    As you know my lovely friend, I don't seem to have a favourite craft for I spin (not literally) among crochet, knitting, little stitchies, and now appliqué and quilting - and this is really holding my interest right now.
    Have a wonderful weekend and try to keep warm and dry, and especially safe! Much love coming your way from over the seas, Joy xoxo

  3. I hope that you do get selected for the volunteer work Dorothy, as I am sure that you would be very well suited for it, and would get as much from it yourself as you give to the person that you will be visiting! What a wonderful and generous and kind thing to do. Your sewing teacher is right by the way, handmade, not homemade! Homemade is for cake, jam etc, handmade is for lovely things like those that you make!! My favourite craft is crochet, but it does change from time to time! My favourite thing to see on your blog is your sewing as you are so creative!! Happy Valentines Day, stay safe and warm and dry and I hope that you have a good weekend. xx

  4. What a lovely post, Dorothy. You are so talented. I love repurposing forgotten textiles, old lace and amking them into something else. Please could I enter your giveaway. Have a great weekend.
    Jacqui x

  5. Oh my word, a tornado! Happy to read that you are ok and hope this awful weather abates soon. I'm keeping a close watch on the trees in our garden and praying they will stay upright!
    You little sewn giveaways look so pretty - please do pop my name in the hat. At the moment my favourite thing is sewing (how many summer skirts can a gal have?!) - I'm just loving learning to make things that I can actually wear!
    Good luck with the interview, I know you will be fabulous. I've made some lovely friends through volunteering and it touches not only those you assist, but also your life in a most rewarding way. Have a happy weekend, lovely Dorothy.

  6. Hello my dearest Dorothy and happy valentines day to you too. What a gorgeous card and book from hubby and I'm so pleased the crochet bug has bitten does this mean I can brine you with some cake and tea for us to do a little hooking or sewing together?? How lovely to also get a card from your students, it's seems perfectly apt for such a special lady. I'm so sorry to read that you've all been so badly affected but really pleased that somehow you managed to escape the worste of it. What a blessing!! I'm going to cross everything for you getting the volunteer job , I can't see why you won't. You're going to love it, to be honest it's one of the things I really miss doing. I used to work with teenagers in a voluntary basis and also substance misusers and loved it. Good luck with it all my dear. Now gorbthevkuds giveaway, ooh these makes look so beautifully and there is no doubt the two lucky winners (gingers crossed) will be overjoyed with these delightful makes. Personally I think crochet is my fave, with sewing close second. Sending you much love and best of luck with the interview. You going to treacle in feb?? Xxxx

  7. Hello lovely Dorothy...Such a pretty Valentine's pic at the top of your page and what a dear husband and fabulous students you have too..x
    I love to see what you do with your tea towels and everything here looks beautiful....would you pop my name into your Giveaway hat please?..My favourite craft...well I would say knitting but I now love crochet anything to do with yarn is at the top!
    Good look with your interview Dorothy...someone is going to be very lucky!
    Happy Weekend to you and yours,
    Keep warm and safe,
    Susan x

  8. I am so pleased you survived the tornado with minimal destruction. I kept getting up during the night to look at the huge oak trees that are on the edge of my property, waiting for the next one to come down. Luckily, they survived. The wind is still gusting but the sun is out~~lovely.
    Hope the interview went well, I am sure it did.
    I can't name my favourite craft. I enjoy them all, but each in a different way (does that make sense?)
    What a lovely surprise, 2 cards and the great little book.
    Enjoy the weekend.
    Big hugs x

  9. Dear Dorothy,

    I do hope the weather starts to ease up soon, I have seen in the papers it has been quite terrible over on your side of the pond. Lets hope after such a horrible winter you have an amazing summer. We've had bundles of snow, but nothing serious.
    I would love to enter your little giveaway. It is hard to say which is me favorite craft, I love knitting, sewing and crochet. At the moment I would say crochet, but that may change tomorrow!
    Best of luck with your interview, so generous of you to want of spend your time helping others.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend,

  10. Hi Dorothy, so happy to read that you were one of Lucy's students last week. I'm sure it was a wonderfully inspiring day. I'm also glad to here you are surviving the terrible weather and enjoying some special treats for Valentines day, what a thoughtful Hubby you have.
    Thank you so much for all the super kind comments you leave on my posts.
    Jacquie x

  11. Wonderful Valentine's Day treats from your lovely husband, Dorothy! And so sweet of your students to make you a card too. Your giveaway gifts are lovely, please put my name in the draw. I have many favourite crafts and find it hard to pick just one....but for today it is quilting!
    Wishing you a happy weekend, and hope you keep dry and cosy.
    Helen xox