Thursday, 2 January 2014

A trip to Shrewsbury

Hello all you Lovelies out there.  I had a free day from work today (yippee) and went to Shrewsbury which is about an hour from where I live.  I don't visit there too often and always wonder why when I get there as there are so many lovely little shops to discover.  Unfortunately I was a little late getting back so didn't have time to call into the knitting shop so will have to return soon!
After a wonderful latte I came upon a large church which was so interesting as I had read up on a little of the history. 

There is an inscription by the front of the church about a stuntman called Robert Cadman who thought he could fly.  He climbed up to the top of the tower and jumped.  Sadly he is killed and this was in 1739 so no parachutes then.  He was only 28 years of age and it must have been such a terribly traumatic event with a very sad outcome for him and his family. 

Below is the inscription to him.  It seems so far removed from today, standing there in the cold sunshine with everyone bustling around shopping the sales and going for coffee.  What a different world it was then in 1739.

As I walked along the cobbled streets I chanced upon the most delicious shop called Maggie Mae's Vintage which had some lovely things in the two little windows.  How about these dresses all you girlies out there, what fun they would be to wear.  Sorry about the poor quality photographs but it was so sunny and I couldn't get a better view unfortunately.

The other window had so many things I would have loved to have bought, just gorgeous.  Unfortunately my lovely husband has a horror of anything old and is completely confused about why I love vintage stuff, he just doesn't understand it at all.  Does anyone else have a similar problem?

Inside the shop were lots of old cupboards filled with bits and bobs too numerous to mention.  My lovely hubby was running out of patience at this time so I didn't have much time to look around properly but do intend to go back on my own!

A 1950s larder cupboard, similar to mine - news on that one soon I promise.

A lovely lady to look at and some beautiful wartime shoes - on the top of the cupboard you can see a brand new pair of boy's shoes from 1941 in absolutely fabulous condition.

More cupboards - there were also loads of lovely dresses and coats but the shop was fairly packed so I couldn't take many photographs.  I must must go back soon Folks.

Some delectable handbags and a sweet little cardi - wouldn't that look sweet with a vintage tea dress for the spring.

This is the piece I would love but it is not for sale sadly.  It is a 1930s larder cupboard completely untouched and in fabulous condition.  I was just drooling now in the shop all over the floor - my husband said it was nice - but was very nervous that I was going to ask if we could buy it.  I saw him breathe a sigh of relief when the lovely Maggie said that it wasn't for sale!  Woe is me........I could visualise it full of beautiful fabrics, cottons, yarns, ribbons, the list is endless.  Do you like it Lovelies? 

Now down to projects - I have been wanting to make a hot water bottle cover for ages.  I still use my hot water bottle as I have a real fear of heated under blankets on the bed.  I know that I am old fashioned but I have visions of the bed exploding into flames so refuse to use one.  My old bottle has served me well for many years but the cover is now on it's last legs so I found a wonderful granny square hot water bottle cover pattern from Alexandra Mackenzie on Etsy.  Do check her site as she has some lovely patterns. 
As you know crochet is something I am just learning to do so this is a nice easy project for me to work on and consists of granny squares and some shaping so hopefully it will be easy and quick to do.  I made a start today...........
I hope you like them so far.  I will be back tomorrow to show you what I bought today, something I have been searching for and was so pleased to find it today.  I haven't had chance to unpack it yet so will show you all tomorrow.  Hopefully I will have made more progress on my hot water bottle cover.  I hope you all had a wonderful day/evening depending on where you are in our lovely world.  Do take care of yourselves and we will speak very soon.  Big hugs to everyone, all my love, Dorothy :-)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. I love Shrewsbury and try to visit every time that I go home. Thank you for sharing the photos. I'll be back tomorrow xxxx

  2. I love Shrewsbury too Dorothy and if you happen to be in the mood for the best fabric shop ever (!) you can have a look at this place I talked about here - a real treat! I bet that hot water bottle cover will be finished by tomorrow - well done x Jane

  3. I have never been to Shrewsbury, but it looks like a lovely place for a day out! Crochet is looking good Dorothy. I look forward to seeing more! xx

  4. I have been to Shrewsbury several times and love it there. I shall have to look out for that shop.

  5. Love the grannies so far. Great colors Dorothy,.